There's no place like home...

Yessiree... I'm back at home :-D But I still have lots to do :-P

There's too many things to say, to write, but I'm too unbothered to write all details here... As I always am... Hahahaha

The trip from Home - KL Sentral - Port Klang took TWO hours

The trip from Port Klang - Batu Laut - Kuantan took EIGHT hours

I LOST the regatta, and to most of the girls, including all my rivals

My wish came TRUE: Perfect GPA for my fifth semester *So Happy and Thankful*

Zaid is BACK in KL!!!

Watched KING KONG - 3 hours :S

Bought new shoes - Skechers Sport... hahaha... I've been breaking a lot of my sports shoes lately, that I actually had to buy a new one, before i totally break my mom's sports shoes

Two new MANGAs!!! Fruits Basket Vol 8 & Shaman King Vol 7 (No, I didn't buy them all at once... just one day in between... xD)

Upcoming Events...
Christmas... So Merry Christmas to all :)

Selangor (State) Athlete's Camp, or whatever you call it... for three days starting Tuesday

Practical Training's Second Briefing... that keep changing dates... apparently now scheduled to be next Thursday, clashing with my camp... I guess I'll take some time off the camp :-p

Happy New Year 2006 *clap clap clap*

there patchi goes...

IELTS is over and done... and the only part I enjoyed, was the speaking component of the exam...

I did meet my junior from secondary school, Kenn Lee, sitting for the same examination, in the same hall... ;)

Anyhow, after the IELTS, I had to head straight for home and started packing... I'm due at Batu Laut for centralised training... for the state's sailors... xD I went there on Sunday morning anyways :p

Anyway, I came back home yesterday morning, and I learnt that my pet turtle Patchi, died :( Which was pretty sad, since we've been giving Patchi the antibiotics and such, as prescribed by the vet... and he seems to be more active lately, so I thought that he was on the road to recovery... except that he still didn't eat... Apparently the day I left for Batu Laut, my lil bro found him sprawled and seemingly lifeless... :( He's now buried next to Yoshi, my lil bro's hand picked turtle...

Other than that, nothimg much happened... Finally managed to contact my course tutor, who is also the practical training coordinator, regaring my internship starting in January... Unfortunately, she was on leave on that day, so I have to call her again tomorrow morning... :p

I'm also packing up my bags to go sailing in Kuantan... Will be back on the 22nd of December, so you can expect no posts from me on this blog till then... :p

Do Dah~ Do Dah~

Take Patchi to the Vet
Procrastinated again and again... till finally i woke up early this morning (very very early) to get first in line, for the vet opens at 8.30AM... It's a public vet, so it's pretty cheap... only cost me RM10... Just that it seems that today, there wasn't any line... So I could've slept in :p

Register for the MyKad (chip based IC)
That was another reason i woke up damn early this morning... My plan was, get the queue number, go to the vet, then go back to the registration department... But I backed this one out, after seeing the very very long queue... The office is at the 2nd floor, but the line stretched to the carpark... Oh well, I guess I'll have to pay the RM100 fine for doing it next year...

Study for IELTS
Another thing that I haven't been doing... And the sample kit i bought is still untouched :D And the exam is less than 48 hours... hahahaha

Called to SBB Mutual
Another thing that happened today... I planned to watch Narnia with tetrino, but i had to cancel that idea, because senior asked me to see him at his office.... (sounds like i'm about to be punished or something) hahaha...

Go to Elina's tea party
Had to cancel because called to SBB Mutual

Watch Narnia
-refer above- :p

Called to Great Eastern
Went for GE's interview on Monday... Had a surprise "test", when I had my english proficiency test by writing an essay, entitled My Life... other choices of titles include My Ambition and My Greatest Achievement in Life... Couldn't think of anything to write, but i guess i can call that practice for my IELTS :D
We (there were 10 ppl being interviewed for internship in GE) also had to present a topic on something to do with the number of unemplyed grads-who to blame? society/grads? We (my group) blamed the grads... While some of my group mates were writing the points on some mahjong paper-like paper :p Some of the initial spelling mistakes, made me almost burst into laughter in the meeting room...
Mistake #1: Globlalization
Mistake #2: Intership
Mistake #3: Attidude
The #3 had me in stitches...

Call Pn Rashidah
Well, I misplaced my cellphone since Monday, after the interview, and just found it lying on the back seat of my car yesterday... only then i could access Pn Rashidah's number, because I'm eager to work at Watson Wyatt, but WW's contact is with her... Tried calling her the whole day today, but I could never reach her :( *cry*

Apparently when my cellphone was MIA, my coaches and team manager tried to contact me... I've been summoned to train starting this Friday, for about 5 days, before heading to Pahang for more training, and a regatta... Wah... As much as I like sailing... I still need my internet :p But I'm an athlete, and I must go *heroic look* hahahaha... Of course, I'll be going AFTER my IELTS exam... but i still need my internet :( hehehe... i'm hopeless... but it does feel somewhat attached, since payment has begun... Two weeks without internet... but i'm having so much fun with Plushie Tycoon!!!! :K


Well, I guess I'll just blog only when something special happens... if not, it's the usual, me and my computer, especially when it's a holiday...

Okay, so yesterday was my 3rd and final day of my job giving out drink samples... and i've already almost spent all my earnings by today xD I bought Fruits Basket Volume 7... muahahaha... and treated myself to dinner at Chilis...

Haha... today was quite a day... in the morning, my Plushie Tycoon game went bankrupt... so i had to restart... :-p Then for lunch time, I went out with my dad to Midvalley, but the traffic was so bad, we went to KFC in TTDI instead... hahaha... then went back home... so nothing new there... But later, at 5.15 PM, i followed my brother to KLCC where the 3rd PC Fair is held... he needed to purchase a motherboard, since he just fried his current one, by soldering, yes, soldering a ti ny component off, and lost it... xD besides that, his friend also had a booth, which was selling some stuff like PC magazines, and was holding a Typing of The Dead competition...

So we picked up Wan Yee from Bangsar before heading to Merv's coffee shop in Jalan Dang Wangi... and from there, the six of us, (plus more of Rudy's friends) walked to the Dang Wangi LRT station to take the LRT to KLCC... the first train was too packed, that we had to wait for the second...

At the PC Fair, my attention was somehow diverted from the assortment of electronics and gadgets to the variety of petite pretty gals, promoting the products... basically their uniform... go figure...

I also took part in that Typing of the Dead competition... hahaha... even though i didn't do as well as i thought i could, i still beat Rudy at it... hahaha... maybe i'm more used to my notebook keyboard, instead of a desktop keyboard :p

For dinner, we ate at KLCC's Chilis... yummy... i couldn't even finish my meal (somehow expected) but I just ordered an appetizer... hahahaha... but the bottomless Ice Lemon Tea was good :D

From KLCC, we walked back to Jalan Dang Wangi... yes, we WALKED back... it was a pretty unique experience for me, as I've never walked the streets of KL at night before... Before leaving the building, we looked for the washroom, but found the premier one, where u have to pay RM2 to use it... No way!!! I passed Zouk for the first time... hahaha.. that's like so pathetic, but it's true... it's my first time seeing Zouk for real... We also passed Saloma Bistro... now that place I could identify, since i had my secondary school prom there...

When almost reaching the car, parked at the coffeeshop, it started to rain!!! HAHAHA... so we were caught in the rain, and went back home... End of day... :D


This time I got poked by Nads to post something in my blog... hahaha... i guess i'm too tired, or too lazy... :D

Went to watch Harry Potter 4 with Tetrino and Dad on Monday... It was good, but I did wish that they put more stuff from the book

Tuesday... can't really remember what i did on Tuesday

Yesterday I tried to apply for the new chip-based identity card which is still free, till the end of this year, due to the conversion from the old paper laminated one... naturally, it was already too late when i arrived at 11 AM, as all the waiting numbers are taken... Then we went to make a virtual credit card... *yay* Then to Setapak's Affin Bank... Then back home... Then out for dinner at midvalled... Then... Then.. Then..

Pening :p

So today I stayed home, and had this headache the whole day... and i still have it...

The End...

Hahha.. well, not quite...
Turned premium on Sunday... muahahaha... nobody can hide from me now... muahahaha... unless they're premiums themselves... :p

*Likes to bite ppl... Today, some ppl claimed to have stolen my teeth...
*New winter plot, somehow involving me... I feel like I'm reading a story about myself...

What am I talking about? Ah... who knows... ;)

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