Kereta Kecil Warna Merah

Bolehku bawa ke sekolah~

Yesterday, involved in the second accident this year. This time with my kelisa. End result:
This happened after my interview, as I was heading off from the bank. No, I wasn't driving :P

Now I'm car-less while it takes 3 days to fit in a new door and fix a bit of the body and repaint. At least, in this accident, the car need not be towed away, and I'm not stranded on the highway for 3 hours. The door is still somewhat functional, able to open and close, but the window can't go all the way down (who needs that anyway), and it does not shut tightly, thus, if I park in an open area, rainwater may flow in. We decided that it's probably best to get it replaced now, while Anuar is on school break, thus, we have an extra car to move about.

The interview was alright, not as nerve wrecking as I thought it would be, rather, pleasant, despite my lack of knowledge on anything.

Technical Blues

It's still the first quarter of 2009, and again, my computer decided to be naughty. This time, the C: drive did not like the idea of being a good harddisk, thus becoming corrupt. My attempts to correct it was in vain and so I turned to the computer expert of the family. Together, we tried to fix the errors, but it only became worse, and ultimately, it crashed under pressure and refused to function properly anymore.

Reformat :P

Reinstall windows :K

Reinstall everything else T_T

Slowly now :P

Thank goodness I've backed up everything.

Stupid computers :K

Oh, today the bunch of us went to Tanjung Tuan for this Raptor watching event. We hiked up to the lighthouse there in an attempt to get a better view of migrating birds from Sumatra towards Thailand, until its final destination in Siberia.

There wasn't much luck, but as we descended back to the event area, there were lots of 'em hovering above us. Thank goodness there were no droppings :D

Btw, Tanjung Tuan is near PD. And apparently it's in Melaka o.o (wasn't aware that PD is that close to Melaka already)

That was today's trip. Now gotta focus for tomorrow's placement interview.. wish me luck!

Improvement and Challenge

Our sailing as a team has improved, our handling our own jobs more efficient and such. :D

And I still miss dinghy sailing.

At least, I'm still sailing on the bow position, quite fun, but I still need my strength back. Someone please make me go to the gym x)

Mandarin classes have commenced last week, and it's going fast. Now I have to brush up my vocab and stuff again. Ppl, try talk to me in hanyu plz. xD

Placement interview next monday, yikes.

Wedding Photos Uploaded

Standing: Ryan & Me, Sitting from Left: Sheera, Jan Nee, Amy, Hui Chien

After slacking a bit, I've finally took some time to get the photos up on facebook.

Random: I noticed that in the previous year I blogged less, and three years before that XD Like a pattern, so I guess this year can expect me to be blogging lots.. xD Even tho I've missed blogging much on the first two months of 2009 already.

Random Change

Being as random as always, on the spur of the moment I decided to change my blog skin, since my previous one seemed to have some weird problems of making my posts disappear. Not sure where to start, I looked up the page of skins for the previous layout, and also the other designs for Sheera's and Bal's blog ;D

I came on this, and decided to use this. For now ^_^

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