Finals is done.

And that concludes my first year in UNSW!

two or three more semesters to go, idk :P

two more days till I fly home, and experience the hotness of Malaysia o_O

hooray for shopping malls that stays OPEN after FIVE PM

One more exam, Four more days to home

The feeling of uncertainty is so damn scary... and I guess that's basically the reason why everyone studies, work hard and such, to secure their future and rid of uncertainty. But uncertainty can't be avoided so easily... and I guess it's how we managed it

Haven't been posting much lately, I don't know why.. xD I guess I just don't really like my blog to be all sorts of words... and nothing else.. makes it looks boring to read

Then again, there hasn't been much happening... with just exams, and no more classes, thus, less outings.. there's that one bit when Wei Hon told me about him discovering some old stuff in his drawer from our school days xD Here's one of the pic:

Everyone says I look the same.. as usual :P while Wei Hon has changed a bit.. *pokes his blog* :P But anyways, those were good times, and I'm happy where I'm at, despite all the uncertainty. Bears in mind my dad's wise words "There are times when things do not go according to the way we plan. And when that happens, tough, no use worrying about it, and just move on." I miss him ^^ Can't wait to see him soon...

Funny thing, is that I don't recall taking this picture at all xD When he passed me a card in an envelope, my first thoughts were like, why the heck does this envelope have my handwriting on it? XD

Bleh, life goes on...

I can almost be positive that I failed my exam. Ah well, it is hard.

Thank goodness for my wacky housemates to count on to lighten up the mood. We has a very interesting conversation over dinner.

Started from a chocolate advert on TV called "fling". Then I was picking up a grape where Sheera exclaimed that there're seeds. Then Sindy, who didn't catch on, on what was said, connected "flings" with "seeds". And then... non-stop laughter over a lot of "my flings have seeds" talk :P

Another classic:
Hui Chien to Sheera: So how many flings have you had?
Me intercepting: Only 50...
(Sindy bursts out laughing)

Eh.. there were just so much funny stuff over dinner table, and I'm sure Sindy's blogging about that stuff which i said wrongly :P

So it begins

My first exam paper is in less than two hours from now

And my brain is forming a block.

Three More Days!!

Till my first exam for this semester.

I'm sooo feeling the stress :(

But I'm also thankful, great awesome friends who motivates and supports me to study.

Wacky housemates who share the same situation with me and comfort each other.

I am blessed, regardless of all that I'm going through :)

Anyhow, last night (since it's already passed midnight XD) had the weirdest dinner combination. I couldn't be bothered to cook a big meal... and leftovers weren't enough... so...

Instant Noodles + Leftovers!!

Instant Noodles = Fried one

Leftovers = Rice + Curry Chicken

The question in the end for me, is which do I eat first? xD I finished them all tho :D and I'm happily filled with food after that.

Drawing a Dark girl in MS Paint

Isn't this amazing?? xD

Happy Happy Days~!

Early start today, sent me to class earlier that it should. Class was supposed to be at 10, but Yoke wanted it to be earlier, so we had it at 9.

Anyways, since we finish at 11, gives me time to do all what I wanted to do today:
  • Pick up my actuarial assignment (I got 76.5%!! :D, so I'm more optimistic about passing this course now)
  • Pick up my tutorial journals for mgmt2725 (10/10! and 6.5/10 :P)
  • Pick up my plane tickets (28th June SYD-KUL, 22nd July KUL-SYD)
Got it all done, and I'm also happy with the results, which puts me in a good mood ^^

And among other things that happened as well =D

However, it's damn cold :K

Happy Birthday!


Lots and lots of love,

It's a Student's Life For Me~

It's now Sunday, and only about 10 more days to my hardest exam... The past few days, I've been somewhat studying, looking through all my lecture notes to grasp the concepts...

Except Yesterday

Woke up near noon, went out to eat, then chilled at a friend's place till about 5 PM, then went home and chilled again, just printing out some notes that are missing, then cooked dinner, then chilled again, then slept.

Yeah, barely any studying done, so today I have to study more :o

I wonder how =P

I just had to post this xD

You Are Not a Cook

You know cooking isn't for you, and you wouldn't even consider trying to make a homecooked meal.
And this is a very good thing. You've saved all your friends and family from unintentional food poisoning!


Love it! As always

Shrek the Third

Love everything about it =D

Another semester is done!

No more classes! (except for Mandarin)

Now it's exams! Moving on!

我爱你。 我要看你。。。



Random funnies that happened today.

It's the last class for macroeconomics tutorial... and our tutor came back after a two week absence since he went for a conference, and another tutor took his place.

In today's class, he asked

"How was the other tutor, Andrea? Is she harsh?"

Half of the class burst out laughing... Our class actually had more guys than girls... and our tutor is one who can't pronounce English well... (eg, Nazreen is pronounced as Naureen by him). Apparently, they thought he said:

"Is she hot?"

And one of the guys shouted out "Yeah, I think she's hot!"


When he mentioned where he was during the conferences, that is, Athens and Paris, someone asked:

"Who paid for it?"

"The uni"

"So that's where my money went!"


Another incident, was with a friend of mine.. she was telling me how bad Monday has been due to one embarrassing situation.. she was relaying it to me over lunch (noodles at the cafe), then she accidentally hit her chopsticks which was half in the soup, and if flew up, splashing a bit... I just couldn't stop laughing... And when she went to buy a drink after withdrawing some money (thus getting big notes and she needed to pay me back what I lent her over lunch), she took the change and totally forgot about the drink... until about 30 minutes later... xD

She still got the drink anyways =)

Diminishing Returns

An oh-so-familiar term in economics and in life itself. I've been busy doing my essay on career entry portfolio, which is basically on how I would apply for a job, the steps I'd take and such... It was quite hard trying to fit in so much content into 2500 words only.. I went over to 3000+ and had to shorten it.

Nads, thanks for the piccy ^^ You must've taken it when I'm not looking.. or I was avoiding your camera.. ehehehehe...On of my work piccy :o

There's still come confusions in life... what's real, what's not, and how I want to pursue my dreams and my goals.. on how things can work out in the end, given so much differences... But still, I want to continue believing, because it's happiness to me... and I like it.

Today's the last day of some of our classes... mgmt, econ... last week of lectures before one study break then finals. I hope to do my best for actl... I only exchanged contact details with one girl who's on an exchange here... So she's only here for a semester before she returns to the Nederlands.. Given the opportunity, I would definitely love to visit her there one day =) And many others as well... How I wish I have the means to do so right now.

Work work work

As I was writing up my cover letter and resume (for my 2500 words assignment due Monday :P), I searched for some stuff in my gmail account for my previous correspondence with the casual jobs that I did about two years ago.

This one brings back some memories xD

I worked giving out free samples of a drink to the general public, and this is a health drink.

I also remembered that a friend (guy) also was interested and so I inquired for him, and that's when I learnt that the job is for females only ;O

"so basically, image to portray is healthy la. :)
im nt very particular abt looks, but rather the image that is goin to be portrayed is very important."

also,uniform will be a green top with white tennis skirt.
as said, it will be slightly above knee length."
(my first job wearing a short skirt xD)

skirts are all standard size. only gt 1 size.
tops wise, only size 34 and 36.
if u rem who's Dawn, that's the maximum in terms of size we can go till.
she was able to donn on the size 36 top."
(here of course, I was given the smaller size :P)

"portraying a healthy image ... hmm... neat n tidy...to be in acceptable weight range ?
sth lidat.."
(could I possibly underweight? xD)

Anyway, I remember getting frantic when I learnt of the uniform.. xD I worked for them before, and that time, all I needed were Jeans and black t-shirts (thus the reason i have so many black shirts in my cupboard xD)

This time, it was a short white skirt and green t-shirt... I was quite conscious about how my legs looked... =P Now I remember.. it was this job that made me buy some basic makeup to look clean and healthy.. rofl!

We were given two pairs of the uniform that we were allowed to keep after performing the job too... I remember when trying out the uniform... the skirt is quite short in my opinion =P and it was wrap around my waist.. really looked like a tennis skirt... and also, i had to use a pin to keep it up... XD

I wore sports shoes too.. and if i recall correctly, that was the last time I wore my old sport shoes, as i totally ruined them

Hehe, and there were lots more that happened then, but I shall not continue rambling and goes back to working on my essay =P


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