Gone are the days~!

Where I'd sit in the office and loaf all day... hahaha... It's a good thing, actually, which is why I've barely the time to update this blog, like I used to... Anyhow, things have a smoother pace for me (as an intern anyway) because I'm not overloaded like before... Well, it's not like i'm not supposed to be overloaded, but i guess it takes some time for things to sink into my head afterall... Even tho I used to think i'm a fast learner... heh.

Thanks for commenting my new blog skin... Special thanks to sclazunami (Scla) for showing me the website where I got my blog skin from... although they're in a different language, i like the layouts and such, and there different anime skins there... was having trouble picking, so I settled for this Yukito/Yue skin~

Last week's internship was okay, since I've not much to do, but that doesn't mean I was doing absolutely nothing in the office... I started working on my Final Report for this internship, while submitting and looking for scholarship applications...

I think I've posted this earlier, (oh well) got an offer to study in MQ... need... to... look... for... accomodation... can't decide which college looks good... Robert Menzies College or Dunmore Lang College. Something tells me I should apply for both... and perhaps the university apartments there as well... and whatever there is there... looks nice and quaint... If I get the offer from UNSW, I'll have a hard time picking... UNLESS, the offer me a scholarship =D (cross fingers)


Finally I managed to clear up most of my tasks... all of them, actually... that is client/company-related...

Now I'm focusing on my reports for UiTM and such, scholarship applications, etc, before the client stuff comes back to keep me busy...

Today, I also received my official offer to study at Maquarie University... YAY!

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