Attachment begins

And it feels really weird to be away from your office, but in the same building. I reckon I'm still trying to adjust to work culture in general. Seems like school again, the introvert-ness in me is sticking out a bit.

I often wish I'm back in my dept. I miss the times I head to the gym in the morning with April. Breakfast, lunch, at HQ as well as training centre. Right now, I miss a lot of things...

MR, I wanna MR

No, I don't 'wanna Mister'.

I wanna Match Race.

Just went for a course in match racing in Putrajaya. Despite the heat and the weirdness of the accommodation being so far and stuff, I wished the course was much longer. Though that would not be good, given that I have an 'exam' this Friday on central banking stuff.

Nevertheless I'm so thankful to be given the opportunity to participate, with many many thanks to Asian Yachting. I was even mentioned in the papers :D

No doubt there are still plenty of obstacles ahead, but I will do my best no matter what.


The Routine of Life

Hm. What's new? Nothing really. I'd like to think my life is rather routine-ic. Yet uncertainties remain plenty. One thing remains the same tho: busy.

Of course, there are the human needs that would certainly require time.

Staying at the training centre helps a lot, as I have lots to worry less. But that does not mean I have more time. I quite enjoy spending some time after work doing some sort of physical activity with my friends here such as squash, badminton and swimming. And after that, or more specifically, after dinner, I wind down while watching tv, or just staying in my room by myself. Just spending time with myself was starting to be difficult, so I'm definitely pleased to be able to do that here.

Over the weekend, I also bought some books using the discount given to us. I've started reading one, but am yet to go far. It's not even a thick book, but yeah, issue of time is still a factor.

Now, time for my quick lunch nap :D

Turning "PR" at HCDC

Haha @ me only posting once last month. Where on earth did July go?

Yet the joys of the month will still linger long... If only time goes much slower when you're having fun.

If only I can make everything in life fun. Actually, I can.

Looking for: more time!

Now that August is here, I've moved to staying at the training centre for many reasons:
  • Food
  • Hot Water
  • Friends
  • No transportation hassle

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