So sick of being sick

Pretty much self-explanatory. I'm so tired, so exhausted. Yet I can't even rest decently.

Losing You. Slowly but surely.

Warning: emo post

I've watched you from afar. As you go further away. Your surroundings have changed. But I am no longer there.

What has happened?

The language you speak, is now foreign.
The radio channel you're listening to, is different.
There's somebody else in my seat.

I feel like I've lost you.

I tried to reach out, but your hand's not there.
I cried out, but you didn't hear me.
I teared, but you didn't notice.

My voice is gone.

Dear Diary,

It seems unbelievable. I left for an 18 day trip. It felt like I was away for a month.

It was a lovely trip, every single moment was spent to its best. Aside from a longer stay, I felt like nothing could be better. :) There was a good feeling of satisfaction there.

I then attended a course after two days back at work. But beginning of that course, I started to become sick. That gave me another two days of medical leave as I was suspected of dengue. Thankfully, it was negative, but I was nevertheless punctured twice to get blood out of me :P

On the road to recovery, the fasting month has arrived. I'm not 100% recovered yet, so all these raya goodies are off limits ;_; Can't wait till I can savour them :D yummmm

This week was actually the first full week back in office. And I'm glaaaad that's over!

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