I'm now in Aarschot, Belgium. A couple of days ago I was in London. Slightly more than a couple of days ahead, I'll be in Germany. Visiting friends are so much fun.

The plane ride, not so much fun. I hate long plane rides xD But.. it was worth it :D

I've been trying to be careful with my arm, it seems to not hurt as often at night as it used to. Specifically at night when I sleep. Hopefully the ligament makes full recovery by Christmas, then I can start strength training it.

Lots of interesting stuff talked about and discussed. And happened, like coming here, being in a station where I could not understand anything I read xP

Oh, it's cold. really cold. :P

First Ever Physio

is painful :P
not damn painful, but painful enough :P

anyways, couldn't resist, this is soo cute:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Pains, Injuries and Results.. oh and Melb

After exams were over, things remained as hectic as ever. Didn't even realise it's been over a month since I last blogged o.O omg.

Anyway, sailing fun has given me some unexpected (srsly unexpected ;p) injuries and stuff. The last being a rope burn around my neck and a ligament tear on my right elbow. That happened on the 14th of Nov, and right now, the rope burn is healing well while my arm.. still can't be straighten. I fear that I'd be forced to fish out a lot of cash (80++ per visit) for physio.. x.x

Cash.. cash.. Strapped for cash at the moment.. Due to some circumstances, I had overpaid my tuition fees and is waiting the refund.. The refund is taking ages.

So many things happening.. I'm gonna go travelling with Amy soon. Gonna be awesome ^^ Just two weeks ago I was in Melbourne. Pics on facebook (as usual). I reckon my facebook tends to be more updated than my blog.. Guess 'cause it's a lot easier to update. xP

Exams exams.. Exams ended and results were announced last week. I'm gonna graduate! ^_^ Finally, lol =p

Oh, and it's summer now. DAMN HOT. :K

The Pressure is Onnnn

One study week, One week of exams, One dance competition maybe?


Starting from the first day of the women's summer squad training at CYCA is fun. Last week the wind was really strong, everyone got sprayed with water. This week the wind was light, enabling me to learn to be the bow properly. Tho I still suck =p

Now I'm not really looking forward to the dance.. o.o it's gonna take a big chunk outta my study time, and it's something I don't think I can afford to do at the moment, being my last semester. I have to do all I can to pass and excel. (Just pass for actl). I'm really inclined to pull out.. I just gotta figure out how to tell my partner...

Have I ever mentioned how beautiful it is to sail in Sydney? =D

more animals


Why do I have a blog? :P

Just a random thought as Sindy and I talk about blogs and people in my room :D

(Oh please don't look back at my old old posts on this blog xD)

Happy 21st, Hui Chien ^_^

We celebrated our housemate Hui Chien's birthday last Monday during our mid-term break at Waterfront, Circular Quay, together with Mei Chia as well. Pictures on facebook as usual =p

For MC, we compiled a collage of photos on a board, while for HC we compiled notes written from various friends into an album.

Here's a poem I wrote for my note to her, just to fill up such a huge paper xP (tho it was only A4). Note that there are a lot of inside jokes/details, so there will be bits that seem like, 'err what?'

Just over two decades ago,
Hui Chien's adventure began,
Time flew and here she is now,
Grown yet still a growing woman.

By chance we met, and from there
the past recurring through our thoughts
Blaming each other, everywhere
to the eyes of others, we always fought

From the time we lived together
Our fondness and 'hatred' grew
Pitting our wits against each other
We exercised our passion to argue

Yet fun times remain plenty
Leeching cooking skills are rewarding ;)
Shopping trips made our purses empty
Yet those times are amazing :)

There were good times and bad times
And I am honoured to share them with you
Throught time, I've learned your signs
To be happy, my *pods* you chew

Nothing in life is a smooth sailing,
Many trying times will occur,
Yet you remain strong and smiling,
Inspiring others to persevere.

In your twenty one years,
You achieved such great heights,
Yet your journey is far from over,
No doubt you'll go much much further.

Truly I am grateful,
to be your housemate, and friend,
No other being is like you,
No other person can really spend. xD

From this auspicious occasion onward
Continue blessing those around you
With your presence, your warmth, so pure
Always be optimistic, always stay true

Wishing you a very happy 21st
From the one you love to hate
May our friendship ever last
May your beauty never fade


No, it does not totally rhyme. I didn't really care =p Time was short, and there was much to be done.

Here I am now in the Computer Lab during a public holiday working on assignments T_T

Mid-semester break

is finally here.

But in a way, there is no break T_T

My shin got bruised from sailing today, but it was worth it.

Random: if i said i'll hurt myself physically to make myself happy, would that be ok?

S.A.D. is not Sad

Eh, but I can be sad anyway. lol, now I sound emo too.

Anyway, S.A.D., initially meant to be Single, Available, Desperate...

It then was adjusted to Single, Available, Desireable (just to not sound desperate)

Anyways, since then, all sorts of variations came up to suit different situations or statuses of people. For example, for those 'not single', they go by Super/Sexy/Smart, whatever...

Usually it's positive. But today I just thought of a negative of that. Stupid, Absent-minded, Dreadful. I actually thought of different er.. adjectives? for A and D, but I forgot them. But they work. Now that I put more thought into it, there's so many ways to use S.A.D. as an acronym.

"I don't care enough"

Hehe, I'm a very confused person now...

On the plus side, CYCA's Australian Youth Match Racing Regatta is done, and I experienced a lot helping out the race committee. Despite coming home really tired, sore and burnt, no regrets there... Especially with all the new opportunities present. Should be awesome.

Now, back to work.

Resigned to some facts

It's been really tiring, the past few weeks, including this one. I've done my best, and is still trying. Just some things, seems too late to mend, so I'll just do what I can...

Some obstacles turn out good, but at the expense of almost failures in others. I try anyways.

So there are some things, which I don't think I can better in time, and neither will I overdo myself to the point it becomes hazardous to my health =p So yeah, I just do what I can..

Now, let's be s.a.d.~

I'm joking, haha, after dinner, we came out with s.a.d. as abbreviations to something.. but lemme see your guesses first ^_^ I'll write out what we meant sometime in the next blog post or so...

Happy Ramadan ^_^

Finally spring! (idc if it's official or not or anything, but it will get warmer!)

I managed to get all my puasa ganti in time before Ramadan 2008. This year I'm gonna see if I can puasa for the full month or not :P It can happen.

Anyway, I'd like to wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa ^_^

In other news, I passed my first class test for actuarial o_o I'm very happy with that.

For the next three weeks, university is a nightmare o_o

My Head Hurts...

Most people around me knows how often I get headaches, and not migraines, but tension headaches T.T

Anyway, I always wondered what causes mine. It mainly attributes to stress, but sometimes even when I'm not *too* stressed, I get them. Well, usually when I wake up or so. With the doctor's advice, I try to relax more and exercise (which I'm failing the exercise bit atm), and dad tells me not to worry so much all the time. (ilu dad ^^) Doctor also tells me to watch my posture, sleep on a firm pillow and all that. I love my pillow. (Even if it's hard for some people).

From thinking that my posture might be the root of the problem, I adjusted my desk chair to make sure it's on a better level relative to my computer. But the headaches persist. Then it was only recently I realised that my sleeping posture does not seem right. While I have nice pillows and all that, with one that is shaped like those contour pillow things, I noticed that I tend to curl up sideways in my sleep. So that was keeping my head facing downwards, rather than facing sideways.

So yeah.. uhh... o.o *is trying not to curl up when sleeping now*

Ps. winter please go away and let spring come!

Frustrations :P - Continued

Realization - one of the possible reasons we easily get those little frustrations:


On another note, I wanna take part in some sail training this summer o_o Can I stay in Australia a bit longer?

Frustrations :P

Things are often hectic and busy. This semester I know will be one of my busiest, if not the most. Usually in general, we are able to deal with tiny frustrations in various ways, whether it be getting angry, or venting, or ranting, or eating, etc. :P

I think these past few days I kinda bottled up some of my frustrations that it kinda reached the boiling point. I'm not really sure what I can do to release 'em, but sometimes it helps to talk :)

However I've learnt, that you just can't talk to anybody, and I mean it towards people who are close to me, or I thought was close. I thought/think we are, but often it doesn't seem so.

In fact, sometimes the people who are close to you are the ones that give you frustrations. And I don't mean the kind that deliberately back stab or hurt you, it's just the kind that sometimes takes you for granted or do things that feels like they're disrespecting you but do it anyway thinking that it's alright since we're 'tight'.

Maybe, like I was telling someone, is that when someone or friends are so close to you, that you expect more out of them, like more empathy and understanding, at the very least, to appreciate your efforts and such.

On the other hand, there was this feeling I had, that sometimes in the initial stages of friendship, the wanting to keep the friendship makes me more tolerant to others, yet after a longer while, some stuff starts to feel irritating to a certain extent, and things start to go wrong.

So anyway, just pieces of stuff from my mind at the moment :P

Tomorrow I'm gonna try swing dancing :o and I just bought tickets to Phantom of the Opera. I keep hearing soo much about it, finally got a chance to witness it for myself.

And current song in my mind:
Song: A New Day Has Come
Artist: Celine Dion

I love the dances to the song (sytycd), and the lyrics too.

I Luv Cats

I think I've mentioned this many times. I've always wanted to keep a cat.

I wanted to elaborate more on this, but I think I'm too tired and sleepy to do so xP

Short story, I wanted to keep one, but haven't had the chance yet.

OMG I have a teddy bear!

Don't know...

I've passed the point where I'm just feeling like giving up. Part if me is unsure what to do, the other part of me just wants to end it now.

I don't know if I can continue like this anymore, I don't think I can.

Maybe it's time to start letting go many things...

End of Week One!

Nuff said, basically uni has started. Final semester, hopefully :o RAH!

This literally made me lol:

more cat pictures

Gold Coast Revisited


From the 13th - 19th, I was away at Gold Coast with a few friends- Hui Chien (hc), Amy, Mei Chia (mc), Thiam Foo (tf) and Justin.

Was my first informal outing with just friends, had a blast :D Kinda ;D

Before anything, I gotta post that my wallet is found and is safe in Wei Hon's hands. Everything is intact, except the money is missing. Would be awesome if it was still there, but I didn't hope too much, just glad that I will be getting my Malaysian IDs back soon.

Wet 'n' Wild

Since it was a long holiday there, and me being lazy to post day to day happenings, basically the things we did is:

Movieworld, Wet 'n' Wild, Harbourtown (shopping), Surfers Paradise (a few times), Brisbane - DFO and Visiting my Uncle and Aunt

This time round, I spent more time on the beach, which is awesome, cuz i barely stepped onto the sands last time I was there. We swam, we played frisbee, and tf and I even took one of the surfing classes there. The waves was sooo big and scary! xD

Altogether we have about 700 pics taken from three cameras :P As usual they'll be going up on facebook. *hint hint* ;)

Now one more week till Semester 2 starts, and possibly my last semester. I'm working on extending my visa already since it was supposed to expire next month xD eep

Crap T.T Canberra~

Last Thu-Fri, we made a trip to Canberra. Damn it's a lot colder there than in Sydney. Next week I'm gonna head up north to the Gold Coast again. yay :P

Canberra was okay, certainly not a place I'd wanna stay long-term, but in its own way it has lots of nice scenery and stuff. But where are the people? :P The moment the bus 'entered' Canberra, I wondered that, as there are not many people/cars/traffic, as compared to Sydney of course. Then again, I've been brought up in the KL/PJ area and even in Shah Alam during my Diploma studies, there's always a lot of people roaming around :P

Another thing that I noticed, is that most, if not all, the buildings are relatively short (like PKNS), spaced out, and in some sort of brown shade. Not many colours xP It reminded me of the old universities somehow x)

Overall it was a pretty okay trip, since it was planned at the very last minute (literally, as we discussed where to visit over lunch upon arrival), the only bad thing that happened is losing my wallet there T.T Seriously, crap. I've had that wallet since I was 14 or so, and even though it's falling apart, I still happily use it, till I'm gifted another. :P (It was a birthday present from Farah, one of my old school buddies, and prior to that wallet, I was also using a Garfield wallet that I got for my 11th or 12th birthday). Now, I have to get a new one ...

That's not much of a problem tho, what I'm more concerned about is all my IDs and such T.T My bankcards/credit cards have been cancelled, I've got my student id replaced, tomorrow going to get my australian photo id. That's really not too bad, in a way, just more outflow of cash, but things could've been worse I reckon. I'm so glad I went for the photo ID, rather than carrying my passport around and risk losing it. It seems that I can also get my malaysian driving license for RM20 replaced, however, I have to be back in Malaysia it seems o.o And same case for my Malaysian IC, except that it's way more expensive. :K *shrugs* I've no info yet on how to get it replaced or anything while I'm still in Australia. And considering that I'm gonna extend my visa really soon for the next semester, I'm just glad to have my passport with me.

Current Song: Stand By Me
Artist: Oasis

Over the last week, I've been hanging out more with some friends, and over that week I learnt a lot about tennis :P And thus I became one of them whom stayed up all night watching the Wimbledon finals. It sucks to see the person I was rooting for lost. However, seeing sports makes me wanna tune up the activeness in it again o.o Sailing, chess? scrabble? I have to go to the gym tho :P

I'm not a perfect person

Lately, I when I listen to music, I'm beginning to listen to the lyrics and the meaning behind them. Some reflect lives, some portray dreams, while some also inspire me to go on and such.

Anyhow, not being a person who used to listen to music or even have a radio when I was a kid, I couldn't appreciate music and their ability to 'touch our hearts'. While there's still a lot I don't know about the music entertainment, there's some that I listen to lately and have it stuck in my head for awhile :D So now when I blog, I'm gonna post the song that's stuck in my head for some reason (inspiring/reflection/etc.)

Current song: The Reason
Artist: Hoobastank

Outside of that, now that exams are over, results coming out next week *yikes* there's still so much to do, and even now it feels like this short winter break is gonna pass by really fast. Damn it, it's not enough! xD At least, I'm enjoying it =) Even with a few shortcomings here and there, that can really put a damper onto things, but yeah, so much to do, so little time x) But it's best to go for it :D No idea when I'd have the opportunity later on anyways, once this semester is done, another crazy semester ahead, then into the workforce o.o

Many things in the future still remain in doubt... So I'm kinda unsure what's going to happen, so now I'm just letting time and nature takes it course.. whatever happens happens.

Just now a bunch of us went to watch KungFu Panda, while I did laugh a lot, I don't find it a spectacular show, but it is still a good watch :D It's like one of those shows that you'd watch once in the cinemas, at least for me xD But there's one good quote from the movie I like:

'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why it's called the present'

In Dreams


more cat pictures

badgerbadgerbadger :D


My laptop is already fixed :D and working fine ^^

And thankfully, it was fixed and ready a day earlier :D Yay!

Update, and YAY SELANGOR Sailors!


So much to dooooooooo, so yea :P Busy, less updates till exams are over :P

Anyhow, been keeping up with news on the Malaysian Games right now (for sailing only, of course)

I wanna congratulate them! They did awesome! :D 4 golds and stuff :D i think, i'm typing this from the top of my head, so i might not be accurate xP

Anyway, well done!

K, next time :D

Still laptop blues :P

Now, it's worse! xD

And yes, the laptop is with me at the moment, and I'm using it right now.

However, the time it's down is longer and more frequent.. last night it quit on me, and won't start even after numerous tries for 2 hours, when i gave up and slept. In the morning it wouldn't start either, for another 30 minutes.

It's with me at the moment, since they needed to order the motherboard (they're gonna replace the whole thing), and that it would take time to arrive, so I'd take it back meantime and endure with the problems, since I really need to work on my assignments and essays and all. Library computers are pretty back these days.

Btw, it's sooo cold now D:

Video Blog 1 - Wacky Housemates

OMG, yes, here we are, embarassing ourselves xP

Dying laptop?

So suddenly, I've been having issues with my laptop, starting last night, when it just hung, with a funny screen. Funny, meaning this:
Naturally when computers hang, I attempted to restart it, but every time I restarted my laptop, that 'black/white screen of death' appears, and I'm unable to do anything. (Except to turn it off). So I let my computer shut down and leave it a while.. Pondering my options if indeed my laptop broke, and what to do.

Since it happened around midnight, I then went to sleep, hoping it would be okay in the morning. However this morning, I was still greeted by that 'friendly' screen. I was extremely worried and unsure, especially when I have major assignments due within three days, and all my research data and stuff, was scattered around the desktop on the computer.

Another thing it kept doing is restarting itself, while that screen is up. It does go black again when it restarts, then it shows that ugly scene again. While hijacking Sindy's laptop for awhile, in hopes of finding out service centres or call centre for support, I was advise to do something, that left me having my laptop on for a slightly longer period, where it continuously restarted itself.

However suddenly at one point, it restarted and started up normally o_o I was so relieved. First thing I did was back up all my research stuff x) And today, spent the day working on one of the essays due Tuesday.

Then barely 30 minutes ago, it happened again. And this time I managed to get a picture of it...

I still don't know what's wrong.. is it my laptop? Windows Vista? *shrugs*

One Week Done, Another Mad Week to Go

Now within one week,

Three major essays,

Incl. 2 group essay,

1 individual essay,

+ Negotiation planning D:

*hugs* ty for the well wishes ^^ gratz for finishing, Nads :D ganbatte!

Bah, uni

Two weeks.

Five Essays.

One Exam.


SYTYCD Australia Finale Group Dance

I can't stop watching this o_o one of the best ever openings

May 3rd

May 3rd

Twenty-one years passed
A miracle, on this day
Came shining through birth

You appear in many forms,
Kind, awesome, amazing,
Is just a few of them
as the beauty you radiate
is impossible to embody within words

Just to let you stop kicking me
My focus of writing will change
I hope you don't really mind me
Attempting something that may seem lame

I can't remember when I first met you
I can only recall searching you for answers
That moment I knew
That you are different, unique and special

Nevertheless, weird things brought us closer
Undeniably some were unpleasant experience
But you had faith in me, trusted me forever
Words cannot explain how grateful I am

Did I ever mention
how often envied you?
So I followed you, to many places,
Not wanting to lose you
Wanting to learn from you
Not wanting to lose you
For where else can I find a friend
ever so talented, a friend
whom gives me such inspiration

On the third of May, 1987
Every third of May, I am grateful
For this day, a wonderful event
the birth of one of my BFF!

Happy 21st Birthday, Nannerz <3
Best wishes,

ps. Zaid, pls spare me any critisms for now D:

MS Wedding

Hehe, remember how myuu would post stuff about his WoW gaming? Here I am posting about my Mapling xD

Wedding happened this morning, about Sunday for most people =)

Here are all the screenshots I took from the wedding:


"MS is a trap!" ~numerous people of IDB

Two mid-sessions are coming up, and even tho I'm not studying as much as I intended to, I started earlier than I would've so I'm kinda content with the amount of materials I've covered so far.

In between studying, I go on maple :D hehe

Here's a screenshot of the wedding invitation one of the IDB-ers got in the game ^^

Eek, it's a little fuzzy but yea, our characters are getting married xD Thanks to Francis for the screenshot and congratulations to him also for his upcoming marriage on MS with Nannerz xD Fun to have back to back weddings xD That heart on the lower right corner was something I added on my own because I was playing with the photobucket spiffey new image editing stuff xD

Now back to studying D: (damn, it's such a good day at 25 C and I'm stuck at home studying x.x)

What he says! :P

Hehe a funny MSN Conversation with some online friends. We used to chat like this a lot, then we somewhat started doing our own things.

So anyway, this is sclazzy (Thomas) xD saying something about studying law (which is what he's doing) and it's half similar to what my dad sometimes say xD

Sclazzy says (9:45 PM):
law is for ppl who arent smart enough to study anything else xD
*unicef Bram<< says (9:45 PM):
Bram<< says (9:45 PM):
yeah people always tell me
*unicef Bram<< says (9:45 PM):
*unicef Sclazzy says (9:45 PM):
like fail in math? fail in lit.? fail in physics,bio, chem? go study law xD
*unicef Bram<< says (9:46 PM):
Sclazzy says (9:46 PM):
and the best thing is you are seen as someone important when you are a lawyer xD
*unicef Sclazzy says (9:46 PM):
and there are tons of hot girls you can make job interviews for the secretary position ;)
*unicef Bram<< says (9:47 PM):

Cuteness, cats, kittens are always cute!

humorous pictures

Mew! I'm still yet to be able to keep a kitten/cat again, since I was 10 years old. That time of course, I wasn't responsible enough to keep one, even tho I did, but I'm really hoping to keep cats again ^_^

Workload this semester is still overwhelming. Even though I have only one assignment due next week, but there's so many coming together the weeks after, that I know that if i don't start now, I'll totally stress out myself. I'm glad I've talked to my mgmt2101 groupmates to start doing our group assignment soon. I have a good feeling about this subject.

On the other hand, there's still another essay to work on for mgmt2106. Having done badly in the presentation last week puts us under pressure to do better.. Well for me at least, I hope this time our group really gets together...

This week I even missed sailing and jazz. Just to try and squeeze more time for uni work. The assignment due next week is extremely tricky tho. An intergrative negotiation or distributive? It seems more like mixed motive to me, but where do I draw the line? What's my target?

Then there's two assessments to fit in somewhere.. somewhere... I'm hoping to do one now, before I totally get overloaded.

So cold D: For awhile I had no long pants to wear at night, since I was at the gym so often I didn't have anymore to wear... So yesterday I bought myself a pair of pyjamas :D yay!

With You - Chris Brown Cover - Justin singing

Thanks Sheera for sharing! :D

So cuuute! XD

One of the most tiring weeks ever D:

Had a presentation at 6 pm, but group has only met up once, and I don't really know that morning either what we'll be presenting (basically which part). Meet up with one group mate at 12 noon, then another at 2 pm, then another at 2.45 pm, then the other one at 5 pm (there's 5 of us in the group) and only around 5.30 pm did we finally get all the slides compiled (yes, 30 mins before presentation).

Working with people can be so hard at times T_T

Then because we didn't prepare a summary of the presentation, I was passed the task to provide it to the tutor that night before midnight, even though I have dance class right after that tutorial which ended at 7.30 pm. Dance ended at 8.45 pm. Was a really tiring day, managed to get the summary and bibliography done and e-mailed at 11.45 pm.

Was supposed to send a hard copy of the summary, but after all the stress the night before I was too tired to do anything. Luckily one of my group mates helped out with that. Even tho the both of us missed our 9 am lecture. I knew I'd be too tired to go.

Of course, Tuesdays are my long days.. I went to my 11 am lecture, which I often find interesting, then a 2 hr workshop at 1 pm. (Instant noodles for lunch! hehe). Then another 1 hr break before another tutorial at 4 pm o_o and the double lectures was right after that class.

Apparently the double lecture was moved to next week because the lecture hall was booked after the first lecture (haha, and i didn't know this because i left early :P srsly i can't sit still, plus i don't think he's time efficient.. oh, and i was really really hungry too :P)

Slept in! Well for a tiny bit, since I have class at 11 am. I had the afternoon free, so I just sorted out my notes and all that stuff and ms a bit, since i'm expecting a trade from someone who never showed up T_T. Then I went to the gym, before cooking spaghetti for the whole house for dinner ^_^ Yum!

As I've made plans with MC, we went out to Coogee for another coastal walk. It was a good day, thankfully, and I'm really putting in a bit of effort to be outdoors more. I kinda like doing physical activity, sports, gym, sailing, dancing.. =)
The bus to Coogee beach was really late tho T_T we waited like 30-40 minutes before one actually came (was 10 mins interval). Then we completed the walk in just over an hour :D (First time took me 2 hours, second time 2.5 hrs since I was with mum, thired time 1.5 hrs). Ended that part with a tiny bit of shopping in Bondi Jn before arriving home. Then I was so sleepy, i napped till about 1 hr before my jazz dance at the gym xD
Happily dinner was prepared once I was back from gym =) Thanks hc & sindy!

Friday friday friday.
Well I stayed up pretty late, so I knew I'll be skipping pilates the next morning xD So I slept in a bit, but I had to be up by 11 am and make lunch right away, pack up and head to sailing. It takes me about 1 hr to get there, and we have to be there at 1 pm. I was a bit late again. But I was put into the last boat which was cool, and all of us have sailed before. So I got the opportunity to helm a bit more, and I steered upwind towards Rose Bay =) With the pleasant weather, it felt nice ^^
I reached home about 5 pm, wondering why the ride on the bus feel soooo long xD I tried reading the book that mum sent me while Anuar was here, but I got dizzy on the bus x.x
Again, spent a bit of time online, I can't remember doing what exactly, but I think it was fb-ing and youtubing (oh yeah, youtubing ANTM 10 xD), then showered then watched Cheaper By The Dozen on TV while having dinner :D It's ok movie, but I kinda expected something else...

Saturday is now here. And I gotta study for my mid-term X_x this morning was spent grocery shopping. Man, my skin is so dry lately =/ and my headaches still about. I think I took meds about 3 times this week. *wants a good massage...* *hugs Van* I do visit, I just don't know what to say =/ All I can do is apologize I guess =(

Time flies, but i guess no use thinking about it. In life, I want to move forward and forward, and hopefully I'll be able to pursue my dreams one day =)

12 Weeks is just not enough T_T

Basically UNSW has shifted from a 14-week to a 12-week semester, and now everything that is usually taught in 14 weeks are cramped into 12 weeks x__x

So much workload, it's really stressing me a bit. I'm already discontinuing Mandarin classes (until about July) and not taking ballroom this semester. But I've been going to the gym often and there's sailing.

I wonder if this worrying is what provoking my almost daily headaches now :(

Nothing much to write at the moment, but..

Sailing has started again, I hope it'll get more interesting.

Much photos taken while Anuar was here has been posted on facebook... Didn't tag everything to, too much and can't be bothered to

It's getting colder and colder in Sydney, ahhhh, 18 C as I type this.

I've signed up for Latin Dancing again, even tho it's on mondays right after my class... oh well.. but I don't think I'll be doing ballroom anymore...

I've also discontinued Mandarin classes for now..

I'm still going to the gym at least once a week for jazz, and hopefully for anything else I can, like pilates and such.

I'm a tad worried of uni work, especially with only 12 weeks and so much to cover... I can't believe there's double lecture next week x.x making my tuesdays 9 hrs of lecture/classes, grrr

Kisserness ;*

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics


Finally today, just three days before mid-session break is over.. I started on my work xD

Negotiations really seem so complicated o.o


penat, penat, penat... penat fikir

nanti sikit-sikit cerita sikit, gambar dah banyak kat fb

Lil Bro's Visit! ^^

Anuar has arrived here today :D:D:D

Time to go jalan2 around hooray! :D

And maplestory server is down for patching/maintainence

So much work in uni already blaaaaaaaaaaaaa

And I'm sleepy o.o

Dear dearest

Sometimes, ever so often,
I'm afraid of giving so much,
Scared that in the end,
I'm left with nothing but air to touch.

Yet life is not a smooth ocean,
At times it can be really rough,
Good and bad things take their turn,
But always do hang in tough.

Trust yourself, like I do of you,
Open up your mind, your heart and embrace,
The feelings that you hold true,
Going through any obstacles that you face.

People's greatest enemy, is often themselves,
Their desires, blinds them against simple happiness,
It's not easy, it never is,
But never run away your test.

I believe in you, all of you,
I believe, nobody is without fault,
What matters to me, is what you do,
What you strive, and not stop.


Week Zero

Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

I'm a sucker for cute sappy lolcats :P

Anyhow, it's been Week Zero, first time ever in UNSW.. more like a new term for "O-Week" which is still pretty much the same anyway.

So this week, lots of things are happening so fast, that sometimes I can't even remember what I did this week.

Let's see..
Monday~ lunch with Unc Norman to catch up with things.. Sindy also came back to Unit 29. I also got my gym passes today o_o here we go~

Tuesday~ House-sat wh's house for a bit since the Telstra ppl was gonna be there.. then rushed to mandarin class o_o tiredness has just begun

Wednesday~ morning gym (pilates) ouch ouch, i can still feel it today x) then volunteering at the ASOC stall till eve ^_^ Cooked dinner that night, just to fill in happy ^_^

This morning was also at the ASOC stall later I have gym again... This semester is gonna be really interesting..

Other than the mundanes of everyday chores, I've also learnt new things but not surprising. I've also lost control a bit here and there D: sorry gals x)

Neo is starting to sux more and more.. trying out maple story now :D it's just a cute game, 2D version of WoW x)

"You win some, you lose some"

This week in a nutshell & injured ;o

Yesterday was the last day of summer officially, but man it's already cold!

I was freezing at sea o_o and I bled.. twice. My knee hit hard the side of the coach's boat where there were little bolts, and bled. Now it's swollen.

Also during sailing, during one of the tacks, one of the sailors elbowed me right at my mouth.. xD Ouchies.. it bled a bit, but it's alright. I could just taste the blood for awhile ;p

During the weekdays, pretty much I just went jalan-jalan a bit.. But the highlight was Thursday, where I went to the DFO in Homebush with Pann Pann...

Man.. I splurged o_o I shopped.
Backpacks, clothes, dresses.... omg, hahahaha dresses xD

Anuar, don't click this, else, you'll see your birthday present:



Yet Still, Time Flies~

It's almost the end of Saturday now, and my body is still aching all over a lot.. haha

Things I have to work on: my fitness, and my confidence

New things this week:
- Inquired about a job, I'm hoping to get it =)
- I got a tan.. hahahaha, maybe getting a tan is not new to me, but it's new this week so yea :P
- New shoes xDDDD black flats with laces from RipCurl (spontaneous purchase xD)

Things did this week:
- Go to the beach 3 times (Monday/Bondi with Lachie, Wednesday/Coogee with Audrey, Friday/Bondi with Pann Pann)
- Sailing~! I love it :D Won 2/3 of the match races.. Quite a good helm on that day :o

Basshunter - Dota

ROFL Sweeet!

Life Goes On...

I brushed against those freckles that I hated so,
Life goes on and I heave a little sigh for you.
It's heavy, the love that I would share for you,
But it dissolves like it was just a sugarcube.
Now the little pain sitting in my heart
Has shrunk in a bit, but it really does hurt me now.
Those silly horoscopes, I
Guess I can't trust them after all.

If we could get further away,
I wonder what it would be like... ?
I'd be so happy
Inside my heart.

All the memories I have are beautiful in my mind,
But they don't feed the hunger deep inside my soul.
And tonight I thought,
I'd be just sitting in my sorrow.
And now I must wonder wonder why.
What did it really mean to you?
I just can't see it anymore!
I just can't see it anymore......


Freckles - Rurouni Kenshin

Sailing in Sydney and Bumming on the Beach

So last Friday, I made my way to CYCA's girls summer squad training ^^ This is how the place looks like:

And this is the view at the park right next to the club. Lovely, eh? ^^
Finally I can now say I've sailed in Sydney :D And I'm so looking forward to be in the water again. I just have to work on getting to know all the other girls as well.. It felt quite awkward x) But I hope it'll improve...

Today I met up again with Lachie, and watched Jumper. Interesting movie ^^ But that's about it.

No pics taken but one tho, since he won't allow me to take photos at all. But pretty much we just went to the beach, i spread out my beach towel, and slept on it. Now THAT, was cool ^^ on the beach, with the breeze, and the blue sky and sunny day. After waking up about like, an hour later, I just look around the beach, and later Lachie started piling sand on my legs :K

The longer I'm here, the more I'm loving Sydney =) Of course, nothing replaces home, especially the food and everything =) But I always do believe that there's ups and downs of every place ^^


Dedicated to Steven and Rudy, whom I always see/hear this word from :P

Humorous Pictures
moar humorous pics

Something Inspirational, for those, wanting to make a difference


Humorous Pictures
moar funny pictures

Just Another Day

As the day for me to leave for Australia comes.. it feels like routine by now. Just another day coming by. Another flight. Spending more days in Australia... until goodness knows when.

Audrey was home to greet me ^_^ I hope I didn't wake her up tho.. flight arrived at about 7 am Sydney time... that's like 4 am :K

Anyhow, funny things that happened:

Checking in, everything was fine, my bag weighed about 21 kg.. still good.. everything seems well, till he passed me my passport + boarding pass, send my luggage off, and i walked away. Barely five steps away, I stopped and stared at the boarding pass. It had an almost identical surname on it, and a totally different first name. Basically, it wasn't me XP Took them awhile to fix things up, luckily that person whose name was on *my* boarding pass was also checking in the same time... Imagine if i didn't notice it at all till I attempt to go through immigration.

And today =) Just feels like another day... for me at least ;)


Exploring your roots and the people related to you can be pretty fun. Last night we had a family reunion in a restaurant near the Prima 16 home. At least 20 of us were there, not much, but it's quite a gathering still ^^

Highlight of the reunion was meeting an uncle I've never met before, and also a cousin I don't remember, but seems he remembered me long long ago (at least 12 years ago).

Now the uncle is residing in Brisbane, and has a son in Melbourne. He's been living there since I was about 4 yrs old, but regardless of not meeting him before, he greeted us pretty warmly and friendly =) It was great ^^

Today I dropped by at RSYC, half-thinking of sailing. I wasn't really feeling like it tho, thus the reason I just stayed in bed and woke up late :D Anyhow, I still went, met up with Rashidee, Tom (who is now married too ;o) and some others.. including this person Raffee whom I tried hard trying to recall if I've met him before or not or was he a fellow sailor.. I think he is, but I don't know why I can't remember him o_o

Other than that, I've been filling my time with FUSHIGI YUUGI~!!!

I looove that anime ^^ Too bad I don't have the manga to read, but Nannerz said the anime is quite loyal enough to the manga, so I'm content for now ^^ But I do have to watch the OVAs next tho. Been watching it while I have no internet connection at Surian. Hopefully I can finish it up before leaving to Aussie this week.. Time flies :)


funny pictures
moar funny pictures


i ish not hyper xD

i ish just uncomfortable xD

about two more weeks left in malaysia, and i'll be back in sydney :o

just came back from cousin's son's wedding and his wife is quite pretty :o A Sabah-an girl, whom converted to Islam just to marry him. So it was my first time witnessing the 'akad nikah' ceremony :P and the bridegroom, (somewhat my nephew and he's my age! xP) seemed pretty nervous before entering the house, hehe ^^

but boooy, the weather in malaysia is just so hot. so humid. so sweaty. i used to avoid going to weddings, i hated going to weddings :P weddings usually bore me, and it's especially true when you hardly know anyone.. not even the bride/groom. but when you do know the bride or groom, now that's certainly a must go.

there's sooo many customs tho, so many traditions to follow, etc, for malay weddings. it's much different from chinese weddings. even the food served is way different. at chinese weddings, you use chopsticks. at malay weddings, you use your hands to eat :P (unless they provide cutlery)

but i'm not gonna look/update the post of things to do before i go xP too lazy. nowadays, i'm pretty much back and forth between my mum and dad's house, cleaning, settling in, etc.. i need to buy a desk for my room in dad's house xP

weekends are still pretty much occupied.. sighs.. i wanna go sailing xP

oh, and congratulations on your marriage, syahman & marissa ^_^

oh oh, and also, since it's a bit of time since my last post, i also wanna say happy birthday to:

Aida, ichaya, Miraz, Max, Lachie, MakTam, Zaid, Balqis, and anyone I accidentally missed as I can't think well in the heat xP

and r.i.p. Heath Ledger :(

New Shoes :D

Dance shoes, dance shoes!

If only I can purchase a dance partner too.. :P

For those of you who're looking for dance shoes, you can go to :

San Lee Shoes
No. 11 Jalan Midah 5,
Taman Midah, Batu 5,
Jln Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 91303236

Things to do...

in Malaysia while I'm still here.
  1. Pick up my shoes xP
  2. Apply for YHA membership
  3. Meet up with fellow sailors Went there once, but didn't sail.. next time must sail!
  4. Meet up with old unimates Rabu tak jadi.. grr @ headaches.. *sighs* *tries to relax*
  5. Exercise, maybe o.o
  6. Meet up with schoolmates Done once so far
  7. Watch as many movies as I can x) Done: AVP2, I am Legend, Stardust, Game Plan
  8. Clean up the kitchen
  9. Stay in my own room Tonight, and gotta measure for cupboards.. Managed to do it that night :D and cupboards arriving tomorrow, yea!
  10. Go sailing *missed the regatta that is happening right now*
  11. Shop a bit
  12. Help adik with job/uni applications He has applied for a job in The Curve =) *is proud of him* he's starting work on the 21st of this month
  13. Attend weddings o.o 12/13 Jan - Hafiz (cousin) | 27 Jan - Syahman (my nephew/cousin's son xP) Attended Hafiz's wedding in Raub, met a lot of relatives there.. ^^
  14. Take diving lessons Just inquired today, pricey and bad timing.. so probably in Australia :K
  15. Buy plane ticket to go back to Australia Done.. going back early Feb
  16. Get broadband for dad's place Seems like he got it himself already :P

*stares at the stuff I'm doing/done/gotta do...* Really gotta get a job when I go back to Aussie o.o


Can I give up yet?

I'm tired. I don't know what to do. I don't know anymore. I try, but it doesn't work. I tried and I failed. I try and I fail. Should I just give up? Can I? Please?

Why, why.. why did I agree to sacrifice my summer holidays for this? Why am I still struggling to feel homely in my own 'home'...

Maybe it's time. But whatever, I'll just stay put. I'm tired anyway, I've got nowhere to go.

...*sighs*... I'm just that hopeless.

On a lighter note, after braving the roads and traffic of KL, just to get to Cheras, well, I'm always intimidated to drive to the other side of town, where the roads are not maintained (like here as well) but the drivers are scarier. Saw a motorcycle almost getting knocked by a big car, we've arrived to the shop we were looking for.. a shoe shop. Not just any shoe shop tho, they make custom dance shoes. My current pair of shoes that I use to dance in, is not actually built for dancing. Besides, it cost me like 100 aud but it is pretty comfy. However, in this shop, I could get a custom made pair of actual dancing shoes at around 130 ringgit.

Firstly you just look at all the assortment of designs on display on the shelves. Then you pick the colours/glitter you want, and also what kind of strap you'd like. Seriously it's so much easier to wear this pair than my old pair. I wasn't an expert in choosing/buying shoes, so I just went along with what looks cute and chose to have it in black + black glitter. The display was silver + silver glitter. Then, they measure your feet. In a week's time, the shoes are ready to be picked up. Once I collect it, I'll take a pic of it.

I'm wasting time

Staying at home pretty much during summer break

At least tetrino's room has been cleared, not fully, but decently...

I guess I'll start on the kitchen today



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