ICS to Jellybean

My last post ages ago, I just made the leap to ICS.

Now, with a little hand-me-down from the awesome big brother, I now have a "little" jellybean to play with :D while he plays with his new Samsung Note II.

I got the HTC One X.

And now I'm in love with HTC... yes, battery still goes down, but that's nothing new to me, from my old Iphone 3GS (see last blog post). It doesn't go down as fast, and it's nifty that the charge cable is the same with many other phones including the Note, Kindle, Blackberry and such.

Jumping from iPhone 3GS to HTC One X gives a superb feeling. My friend says her iPhone 5 is still superior, but so what.. this is from 3GS! XD

There's several things that happened since October.. but let's slowly update.. shall we? :D

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