The Pressure is Onnnn

One study week, One week of exams, One dance competition maybe?


Starting from the first day of the women's summer squad training at CYCA is fun. Last week the wind was really strong, everyone got sprayed with water. This week the wind was light, enabling me to learn to be the bow properly. Tho I still suck =p

Now I'm not really looking forward to the dance.. o.o it's gonna take a big chunk outta my study time, and it's something I don't think I can afford to do at the moment, being my last semester. I have to do all I can to pass and excel. (Just pass for actl). I'm really inclined to pull out.. I just gotta figure out how to tell my partner...

Have I ever mentioned how beautiful it is to sail in Sydney? =D

more animals


Why do I have a blog? :P

Just a random thought as Sindy and I talk about blogs and people in my room :D

(Oh please don't look back at my old old posts on this blog xD)

Happy 21st, Hui Chien ^_^

We celebrated our housemate Hui Chien's birthday last Monday during our mid-term break at Waterfront, Circular Quay, together with Mei Chia as well. Pictures on facebook as usual =p

For MC, we compiled a collage of photos on a board, while for HC we compiled notes written from various friends into an album.

Here's a poem I wrote for my note to her, just to fill up such a huge paper xP (tho it was only A4). Note that there are a lot of inside jokes/details, so there will be bits that seem like, 'err what?'

Just over two decades ago,
Hui Chien's adventure began,
Time flew and here she is now,
Grown yet still a growing woman.

By chance we met, and from there
the past recurring through our thoughts
Blaming each other, everywhere
to the eyes of others, we always fought

From the time we lived together
Our fondness and 'hatred' grew
Pitting our wits against each other
We exercised our passion to argue

Yet fun times remain plenty
Leeching cooking skills are rewarding ;)
Shopping trips made our purses empty
Yet those times are amazing :)

There were good times and bad times
And I am honoured to share them with you
Throught time, I've learned your signs
To be happy, my *pods* you chew

Nothing in life is a smooth sailing,
Many trying times will occur,
Yet you remain strong and smiling,
Inspiring others to persevere.

In your twenty one years,
You achieved such great heights,
Yet your journey is far from over,
No doubt you'll go much much further.

Truly I am grateful,
to be your housemate, and friend,
No other being is like you,
No other person can really spend. xD

From this auspicious occasion onward
Continue blessing those around you
With your presence, your warmth, so pure
Always be optimistic, always stay true

Wishing you a very happy 21st
From the one you love to hate
May our friendship ever last
May your beauty never fade


No, it does not totally rhyme. I didn't really care =p Time was short, and there was much to be done.

Here I am now in the Computer Lab during a public holiday working on assignments T_T


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