Last Post of 2007

Hehe, this year is certainly different. But it ends like any other year. Just like any other day.

And being a bit sick isn't helping xP

Man, organizing stuff is a hell lot harder online.. But yet, it's still something I kinda enjoy doing.. and thus the interest in managerial/international business stuff.

While helping organizing stuff like this online doesn't go into my resume or credentials, it still gives me experience, valuable experience and eyesights :)

Or perhaps I'm just insane xD

A very happy new year to everyone :) May you all have a blessed year ahead ^^

I was thinking of blabbering about stuff that I've achieved/done/failed in the year 2007, but sitting hear in my sleeveless and shorts and still feeling so hot and sweaty, I think I'll just pass xP

Advanced Global Personality Test Results

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||| 60%
Stability |||||||||| 33%
Orderliness |||||||||||| 43%
Accommodation |||||||||||| 50%
Interdependence |||||||||||| 50%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 50%
Mystical |||||||||||| 50%
Artistic |||||||||||||||| 63%
Religious |||||||||||||||| 70%
Hedonism || 10%
Materialism |||||||||||| 50%
Narcissism |||||||||||| 43%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 43%
Work ethic |||||| 23%
Self absorbed |||||||||||||||| 63%
Conflict seeking |||||||||| 36%
Need to dominate |||||||||||| 50%
Romantic |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Avoidant |||||||||| 36%
Anti-authority |||||||||||| 43%
Wealth |||||||||| 36%
Dependency |||||||||||||||| 63%
Change averse |||||||||||| 50%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Individuality |||||||||||||||| 63%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||| 50%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||||||| 77%
Histrionic |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Paranoia |||||||||||||| 56%
Vanity |||||||||||| 50%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||| 56%
Indie |||||||||||| 45%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality test by




我的朋友 :D



It's been almost a week I've been back home in Malaysia.. Already I'm missing Sydney o.o

But everything's so messed up x) Nothing feels so warm and comfy.. Holidays just doesn't feel like holidays x.x

My mind doesn't feel like it's at rest.. at all, just feels like there's a break from all those academic stuff, but the heavyness of everything else in life is just weighing me down.. so much.

Wet 'n Wild and Blisters

Yesterday was spent at WB's Movie World. So much fun... watching 0:-)

I'm not one to go one high speed, big dips, etc rides/rollercoasters :D So I mostly stood out of queue watching Rudy get on the Superman Escape, Lethal Weapon and such ^^ I enjoy watching, ok? :P

There was this one ride I went on tho, called the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster. It's indoor, so I had no idea what the course is like, but according to Rudy (who has been here before) it's basically the little roller coasters that have those cars of 4 ppl going every 2 mins or so. I went on it, thinking it's nothing bad, but mannnnnn, I was terrified! :K The small dips were ok, but at this one place, the car goes into an 'elevator'... two cars a time, then the elevator goes up. But the elevator is at the end of the wall. So on top of the elevator, the car moved backwards T.T So I had no idea what was gonna happen, and the next thing I know, the car was going down this big dip.. BACKWARDS. No doubt, I was screaming on the top of my lungs :P After that, at one point, the car turned around, so we're facing fowards instead, but it's hard to see, since it's so dark, and damn, there were more dips :K So more screaming, and more whacks for Rudy for getting me on that ride :P

So today, we went to the water park next to Movie World, utilizing the Escape Pass that enables you to visit two major parks at a discounted price. The Wet 'n Wild was pretty cool, with so many different water rides. And I did *most* of them x) skipping anything that looks like it has a steep fall :P

Walking around barefooted in the hot sun was a pain tho :P My feet hurts a lot, even now :K But overall it was a great fun, and I ate some churros :D for the first time x)

Most of the time I just scream while going down the steep parts, but it's those screams that help push my fear away *grin*

Tomorrow, I'll be flying back home to Malaysia... And goodness knows, what I'm gonna do next for this summer break. I already feel a bit tired, thinking of the stuff I have to do.. especially next semester, and replanning my messed up study plan as well. Options seems to be very limited, and it sucks, because it's gonna change a lot of things about my future, particularly the length of study, and possibly the length of my bond... I really feel bleh about all this uncertainty again.

Nevertheless, before leaving on the around 6 pm plane, I'm hoping to actually step onto the Surfers Paradise Beach.. especially since we're renting a little apartment here, ever since we arrived, I'm still yet to actually go and sit on the beach x) So that's my plan for the morning, also a ride on the Aquaduck, a bus-like thingy that goes on land, and water :D

This is cute, btw x)

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Sunnies Sucks XD

Did I mention, I bought a pair of sunnies while I was in Brisbane? x)

On the 11th, we flew over to Brisbane, spent a day over there, shopped a bit, Direct Factory Outlet~ oooo

I bought a pair of sunnies to replace the one that I left on the Kuranda Train.

Today, I broke that pair of sunnies in Gold Coast x)


Sunny Sunday

The *awesomely* hot weather continues on in Cairns. Today, we ventured into the Kuranda town, away from the sea. Going to Kuranda, is via the Skyrail, a very very very long cable car ride x). I'm usually afraid of cable cars, being that I'm already afraid of heights, but this was one thing I wanted to do in Cairns :D It was worth it ^^

At Kuranda, our first stop was the Koala Garden, Another of my target places while in this town. In the Koala Garden, I took a picture cuddling a koala!! ^^ *ish so happy*. Pics are all in the camera ;D

Then we just went around the small town till about 2.45 pm, will we lingered around the railway station to catch the Scenic Rail at 3.30 pm back to Cairns.

I lost my sunnies again x) hahahahaha, this time I left it in our carriage in Cairns xD *sees 10 dollars fly away* I did try to retrieve it :P But it was too late x)

Tomorrow, it's back into the ocean, off Port Douglas this time, to the Outer Reef. Myuu's gonna do two certified dives there.. Makes me tempted to get a diving license too, haha, but I don't know how much diving I'd ever do... Mum will do the seawalker... where she'll put on an astronaut-like kinda helmet where she'd be able to breathe in normally and go underwater ^^ a safe, alternative to diving :P Having spent so much already x( I opt to just stick onto the pontoon, snorkelling and venturing the submarines and such =)

I'll be holding the camera B)

Diving, so scary x)

I dived. For the first time ever, I scuba dived around the Norman Reef, off Cairns x)

It was damn scary, the feeling of not being able to communicate except by hand signals, breathing through a tank that weighed like DAMN heavy, being far away from the surface (maybe not that far, but still xD) is overall freaky.

Mum was gonna do the intro dive as well, but she reached about one metre underwater to the metal bar before she decided it's enough and went back up. Both myuu and I were more than worried for her x) and kinda glad that she did experience going underwater for a bit before coming back up =)

On the way to the water tho, with a heavy tank on my back, I was stepping down to the water, and after making one step, another diver was gonna sit on a step, so his tank was dropped on my right toes X.X It hurt. like mad o_o

Diving was scary. For sure. But after that it got better, with the instructor, Vili guiding me at the start.. I kinda found it hard to keep level x) Initially I kept sinking, then the next thing I know I kept going up XD

The Norman Reef wasn't really special tho, and seems like we should've dived at the Outer Reef, near that sea cliff x)

Then at night we got lost in the city, looking for the travel agent that was pretty helpful and informative. Who said that Cairns was a small town? x)


Arrived at Cairns at about 12.15 pm, and for certain, the mood has improved a lot.

DAMN, it's so damn hot here, lmao. I guess it's partly preparation to be going home back to Malaysia after all these trips.

The internet at the hotel is so damn expensive too... 50 cents per MINUTE... and yes, i'm connected using that atm, but I'm not on for too long. Even with the 50% discount I'm getting (thus making it 25 cents/minute) it's still like, damn expensive o.o

Currently staying at the Rydges Esplanade, Cairns. The whole town was more than I expected. I was imagining a really small town, but it's big. Well, not THAT big, but it's big enough to not be able to cover every corner within a day x)

Tomorrow we're going for the 'intro diving', so it would be my first dive ever... Altho in general I'm not that big a fan of diving.. but it's like The Great Barrier Reef... o.o if I don't dive, I don't know what I'm doing at Cairns...


Mixed Feelings

It seems like anything that could go wrong yesterday went wrong. At least, not completely, but the feeling is there.

So I woke up extra early today to hop on the computer one last time in my room in Sydney in 2008. Our flight to Cairns is at 10 pm and we're scheduled to arrive at noon.

Seems like today's not starting out well either for some reasons...

I'll survive, I guess, sucks to be stuck in between. And to top it off, the stuff I have to worry on my own.



I don't know what I want anymore, I don't know why I do things, I don't know what I'm getting at.

It's so hard to be conflicting within oneself. It's so hard to wish for things that seems like it would never come true.

It's life.

I remember asking out once, whether I am worth it or not.

At this moment, I realize, no. I only wish to feel that way, but it can't change the fact. I'm just not, and I just waste ppl's time. Or get used.

Pls don't contact me.

Holidays, Holidays~

And it feels like I'm as busy as ever x)

I'm not able to update this blog much, but feel free to visit myuu's blog who blogs a bit about our time here in Sydney and such.

Missing all of you ppl so much :*

*huggles* gl for your exams, Vanny =)

*bites all other ppl* 0:-)

Way Back Into Love (full version)

Loved this song so much when I watched the movie ^^

Finals is Over, but It's not the End..

Well, finally did my last paper on Monday, but I have a SAS Certification Exam tomorrow xD wish me luck!

So Monday night, went out with the housemates, for japanese food... YUM! and surprised Sheera with a cake since we'll be missing her bday in December.

Pics will be on facebook when I get to it ;P

And in between, been enjoying myself a bit online, and cleaning up the whole house, like major clean up ;o especially with myuu and mum coming over to stay soon!

Cal Band- Video Game Show 2007

Taken from myuu's blog, and this is sooo awesome! xD

Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

no Mushroom!

more latin dance pics on facebook~

The State of Confusion

For the past few days, history repeated itself. Sometimes I wonder why I'm always like this. Again, I'm worrying and such, or perhaps a bit confused, I'm not even sure.

I know I did have some mood swings (but with reason, actually, that I shall keep to myself). But sorry for spreading it around...

Again, I felt, like, ever wonder if someone is upset at you? That feeling has been biting me for a while again. But when I look back at the things I did, and the choices I made, I don't know what I should've done any other way.

Then it comes to thinking about the decisions I did make. I know that I'm pretty secretive about something, but there's so many reasons around it. Fear, worry, insecurity, and more.

One of the things that's biting me the most is insecurity. I'm still so unsure about the path I've chosen. I hate this feeling. I need reason. I want reasons, aside from my own wants, I crave assurance. But how? I don't know.

So sometimes I fear what happens later. With me feeling so unsure. I wish I could see it.

Confusions.. why does it baffle me so? Fear, I'm afraid to lose the ppl I care for. It stops me from thinking any unthinkables but some do haunt me till now...

So much in my past have influenced the way I am now. Can I change it? I can. But why should I? I often hope for ppl to change, but what am I thinking? Then it comes down to just changing myself, it's easier, rather than getting disappointed with people. But after a long time, it comes down to wtf, I wanna be myself.

I don't want to expect anything anymore. I always tell this to myself. But there's half of me that still hopes. But often hope turns into disappointment. So very often. Yet I still continue hoping...

and yet again...

from sheera (her blog so warna-warni)

"list down five things you enjoy in your life right now. when you're done, tag 6 other people."
  1. Holidays, even tho I'm not officially on holiday yet
  2. Housemates and friends, they're so much fun to be with ^^
  3. Youtube Facebook and Neopets, my boredom-killer xD
  4. the TV, because I get to watch House, sytycd and more
  5. My spacious room ;D
  6. Tagging the usuals, vanny, diha, nads, myuu, sindy, balqis
I'm soo lazy to do anything atm xD


funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Tagged again

This time by Diha.

5 things in my bag:

- green umbrella
- tissue
- wallet
- glasses/spectacles
- pen&pencil

5 things in my wallet:
- cash
- bank cards
- ID
- passport-sized photos
- travel tens (bus tickets)

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
- my computer
- my bed
- snacks
- my somewhat teddy
- my posters

5 things I wish to do :
- travel
- be more useful
- meet tonnes of people
- be independant
- pay back my debt

5 things I’m doing now :
- blogging
- restocking
- chatting on MSN
- scrabulous
- umhh, tearing a bit

5 people I would like to tag:
- vanny
- myuu
- balqiz
- nads
- sclaz

Exams, and tagged

ok, did my stochastic paper today, and it sucked. to the max. only a miracle would allow me to pass that paper.

screwed up the continuous time markov chains, SDEs, time series, particularly the non invertible MA processes and much much more. i couldn't even fit the CK equations properly.

oh well, one more paper to go, 12 days gap. i thought i'd feel a lot happier today with that paper done with, but funnily, it just feels blah.

anyway, got tagged by Nads, so this would be the first time I actually did something about it

Rules :
1. Each blogger must post these rules

2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves

3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.


  1. I kinda like teasing people. In an argumentative kind of way. I think Hui Chien is usually my victim or my argue buddy. But I still love you, Hui Chien :*
  2. My favourite colour is green and brown.
  3. I'm pretty much conscious on how I appear/my image.
  4. For me, being crazy and screaming helps me release stress.
  5. More often than not, I feel lonely.
  6. I contradict myself a lot.
  7. I love dancing.
  8. I like someone.

Tagging: myuu, diha, vanny, balqis and i can't think of any other regular bloggers

4 days left, just four short days

till my first exam on tuesday, then another on wednesday

so gonna spend today (friday) and monday studying for that, and the weekends for the wednesday paper

will do my best ^_^ I hope..


funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I liiiike! I can so imagine that, hahahahahaha!

So here we are, my blogs full of pics and clips.. hahaha, random stuff, but these stuff is what I look at usually when I'm not studying o_o

Seems like I have a lot of time not studying, eh? XD

Just five more days to my first paper... Eek.

Funniest Prank In History

ok, this one certainly made me LOL! xD

Gamers got owned

The random clips that just puts a smile on your face sometimes, hehe

Lol @ the person who didn't seem to be affected a bit xD


Am I not worth it?


7 more days ;_;

for two huge subjects to study ;_;

*cry* *cry*

Damien Leith - night of my life

It's been about a year since this song came out, I remember watching it at wh's house for the Australian Idol's finals where this song was introduced. I like both Jessica's and Damien's version. And now it's just constantly in my head, as I somewhat just realized what it meant, and it feels so meaningful :)

Here we are,
Shooting stars,
Renting time in someone else's space

So unsure
Afraid to fall
I'm standing here
A little scared
But I don't care

'Cos this kind of moment, is only on loan and
I wanna remember the look in your eyes
When it's all over I want you to know that I was with you when I

Had the night of my life(X2)

So don't let go
You never know
Maybe your whole life's about to change

So let's hold on
Until it's gone
Nothing's made to last forever
Who knows whether

This kind of moment is only on loan and
Sometimes you don't know until it passes you by
And when it's all over I want you to know that I was with you when I
Had the night of my life

Maybe this whole thing comes right down to faith,
And every choice that we think that we make
Has put us right here together


'Cause this kind of moment
Is only on loan and,
It won't be too long till it leaves us behind
And when it's all over I want you to know that I was with you when I
Had the night of my life,
The night of my life,
The night of my life

Too Cute to Not Post

lolcats and funny pictures

Sleep... Study... Sleep... Study ;o

So, I fell asleep instead of studying o_o

*is bad* x.x ahhhh

I'm stuck at time series anyway, at the part where we start analysing the estimated noise and implementing it and what-not.

So I'm gonna leave it at there for now, and start studying simulation instead o_o


Ew ;(

Facebook under maintainence, was playing scrabble when got logged out.. bleh sounds like getting iced on neo rather... oh, and portal is dead too.

So decided to blog.. taking a lil break which seems to turn out longer, as waiting for hc to come back from jogging... and Sindy's next door cleaning up...

and here I am online...

At least I've actually studied a bit today, despite my mind still at unease *shrugs*

Anyway, a little shout out to some guys:

Zaid, thanks for calling, and I'm kinda glad to be able to talk to you about that stuff, and patch things up properly...

Justin, haha, I had a fun conversation with you about guys

Sean, thanks for stopping by, no more excuses, yeah? :P thanks again

Steven, good luck with your Java assignment, miss you

Wei Hon, sorry for not informing you earlier that I couldn't make it.. wasn't feeling myself at all

Thiam Foo, haha, how funny we're gonna team up against hc *hides*

That's about it for now~

And just for the heck of it...
Current playlist on my computer:
  1. Extreme - More than words
  2. Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply
  3. Oasis - Wonderwall
  4. Oasis - Stand By Me
  5. Oasis - Be Here Now
  6. Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You
  7. Oasis - The Girl In The Dirty Shirt
  8. Oasis - All Around The World
  9. Mikuni Shimokawa - Tomorrow
hmm.. I quite like 'em.. maybe I should add some girl-ish songs


Basically I kinda rant a bit in my last post. I was kinda feeling it again this morning...

Then as usual, it haunted me onto the day, causing me to be unfocused again...

Well, it struck me, that my ideas and feelings contradicts each other. It's like, I say something different, but I want something different. Or just wish it.

I still hold onto a lot on hope, and dreams, yet I tell myself not to.

I prefer to give, but I dream to receive.

Sometimes I tell people no, but deep inside my heart, I say yes.

Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now

Backbeat the word was on the street
That the fire in your heart is out
I'm sure you've heard it all before
But you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody feels
The way I do about you now

And all the roads we have to walk along are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I would
Like to say to you
I don't know how

I'm starting to love their songs

Seperti hati ditikam

Kadang-kadang, rasa sakit hati sangat. Tapi memang salah sendiri.. Sendiri yang membuat pilihan. Adakan pilihan itu memang salah ke? Tak juga, memang pilihan itu diingini, tetapi adakah masanya kurang sesuai?

Entahlah, bila seronok tu, seronok sangat. Tapi bila geram tu, sakit sangat. Susahlah, rasa macam diri sendiri tidak difahami.

Be Here Now~
Kicking up a storm,
From the day that I was born,
Sing a song to me,
One from Let It Be,
Open up your eyes get a grip on yourself inside!



Please be encouraging, but not nagging, I appreciate it tonnes...


High Context vs Low Context

Ever wonder the reason when one seems to avoid you? Or when one ignores you?

It's hard to understand people, since there's so many unique people around. When I see friends, who seem down, I always wonder what am I supposed to do. It freaks me out thinking that am I the one causing the problem? But how can I know?

I've never actually been good with emotions. When I see a friend that is down, my first reaction would be to avoid. And my reasoning is fear. I fear that I would do the wrong things, or do things that I myself hate when done unto me. So how can I be a friend in need?

This often happens in a much high context culture... The opposite end of low context cultures where they speak more direct.

I'm not assertive.. haha, I have a lot of high context, I guess, but in my situation, it just don't work as well. So sometimes I just say it how it is (usually blurting out stuff when I'm not thinking, haha). How I'd like it to be. And also hope that by being honest, others would understand me better.

Haha, as if :P

Basically I won't know if you won't/don't tell me. And from that, I guess you can't expect anything when you don't know it.

While I do pick up hints pretty easily, it just leaves me speculating, and I don't want to jump onto the wrong conclusions.
But this is inevitable in a more high context society... So speaking up may sometimes hurt or offend.

Don't you just love the complexity of humans and human behaviour? :P What is it actually that we fear that prevents us from speaking up?
  • The feeling of guilt?
  • Possible loss of friendship(s)?
  • Chain hating?
  • Discomfort being close to that person in the future?
  • Being proven wrong?
  • -Insert reason here-
Hehe, a lot applies to me..

*shuts up for now*

Kawaiiii XD

funny cat and dog pictures & lolcats - No kittehs for j00!

I love the look of those kittens~ XD

Latin Dance dress up tonight x.x nervous!

Now I Remember...

Why I did not take up computer science.. hahahaha

Despite me liking to sit in front of the computer the whole day, my general knowledge on computer technology is still small.

Then I remembered in my first semester back in UiTM, we had to do a course on Visual Basic 6.0 Programming... and I remember my first reaction too... "Eek! I hate programming (and accounting)!"

Back then, my perspective of doing programming is like a lot of memorizing (maybe it's due to the bad experience I had in school with my IT lecturer that made me drop the subject, and the fact that a lot of my schoolmates did badly in that subject).

Yet, I did relatively well in that course. Plus, I enjoyed it too, hahahaha. A lot of logical thinking involved, and it's pretty fun. Although I used kinda a bunch of shortcuts to make my program work, that is not probable in actual situations. (Using damn many IF statements xD)

Entering UNSW, I totally forget whatever I did back then in Visual Basic (how I wished I remember, since we use it a lot in Excel :K). And my liking to sit in front of the computer continues to grow, as my knowledge on computers in general. Heh, I spend much of my free time at the computer, and I'm not complaining, I'm happy =) Just that it's not good for me.. hahahaha

Anyhow, now I'm taking programming again this semester, and still, it's my favourite course that I'm doing right now. So far, I've been doing quite well (but not relatively, since everyone is doing well too). And right now we're at our final assignment for the programming, and I'm stumped trying to figure out the last part... RAWRRR... This is when I recall why I avoided programming.. hahaha, because there's just so much detail involved... but hey.. doesn't mean I won't do it at all =) It's still fun, still my favourite course. But I wouldn't want to stare at the computer figuring my head off as a career... or maybe...

Now, why the heck won't my data steps work? xD

It doesn't get any easier


I messed up my time series, especially the trend and seasonality analysis.. *hides* and submitted a half-done assignment...

Ah well, better than nothing =)

Because of that though, I missed like, 75% of my classes/lectures this week o.o *hides again*

Bal-chan and her friend stayed over at my place doing the assignment.. It's awesome to have company, but I was so slack, I didn't do much to help.. sorry ya :$

But I still love being here ^_^ I may have trodden on the education/career path that I do not fancy, but there's always a reason for everything, and things work out in their own way =)

At least, I'm heading towards a path that I won't come to regret, and I'm thankful for someone ;* and some people ^^

I'll be there :)

Computer Science. xD

Which College Major Should You Be?

Your major should be Computer Science. You like nothing more than spending long nights with friends in the computer lab... which is a good thing since that's exactly how you'll spend the next couple years.
Find Your Character @

Hari Raya at Malaysian Hall, Sydney 2007

The Malaysians of Unit 29, Barker Apartments ;D

More pictures HERE

Now I'm stuck doing assignments again xD Piak.. Anyone familiar with matlab or maple or something that can help me solve linear equations with 8-9 unknowns? xD

跳舞!Selamat Hari Raya!

Friday was our last:

day of fasting, before Hari Raya 2007

ballroom dance class for Session 2, 2007, so dressed up :o

And here are the sneak peeks :o Both taken on the same night.. hehehe


Tuesday actl quiz, flunked again :P
Wednesday 1.4k words review essay due, received maths assignment back :o
also celebrated wh's birthday that night, but pics in his camera, getting 'em tomorrow
Thursday lecture, tutorial, group assignment work, then shopping to get stuff for my dress up tomorrow o.o

so Friday,

mandarin class, movie (bwahahaha), dance dress up..

then Saturday,

RAYA! brining Sindy to the Malaysian hall in the baju kurung... kekekeke

Selamat Hari Raya Everyone =) Maaf Zahir dan Batin

2005 Miami U. Cheezies a cappella: Facebook Song

Funny song xD Awesome voice! And it's stuck in my head now :o


lolcat - tea plz, no sugar thx

Man, this pic is sooo cute! I remember before I finished school, I always told myself that if I stayed on my own when I'm studying, I wanna keep a cat. But I end up staying in an apartment again in Aussie.. ahahaha so no cat for me :(

Happy Birthday Hui Chien :)


I hope you had a wonderful birthday =)

Sorry I couldn't find any gifts x.x *hugs*

Btw, a BIG HUGE thanks also to Sindy, Audrey, Sheera, Amy, Wei Hon and everyone who came for the surprise party :) I'm so grateful to you all ^^

0830 - Shopping with Wei Hon for the food stuff and such for the party

1200 - Went with Hui Chien to Bondi Jn Mall

1545 - Movie: Hairspray with Hui Chien and Sindy

1915 - Arrived home with the party surprise

2345 - Ice Cream @ McD's

From left: Wei Hon, Sindy, Hui Chien, Ayin

More pictures HERE

Thank you...

I love you dad.

Thank you so much for calling me up and help me sort my mess out.



So yeah, new skin.. still waking up damn early even with late classes... Sometimes my body just jolts awake at about 6 am...

And since to me it feels too early to do things like studying, so I just went around scouting for a blog skin that is different...


Everything feels so quiet. I keep checking and stealing glances at my phone, messages, e-mails, inbox, like I'm expecting something, more like hoping for something, but I don't know why.

I don't know what I'm doing...

Another Down Time

There's more to it that it meets the eye.

And I'm just on the verge of giving up.

I guess I'll be quiet for some while.

Not like anyone would care as much.


So yesterday was a public holiday: Labour Day for NSW, ACT and SA.

Despite that, I had Mandarin Class at 7-9 pm -.-

I was hoping to start on my work, but being in a holiday mood still, it just couldn't work out x.x So about 3pm ish, went over to wh's place to kill time, and since I needed to get out of my home from sitting still in front of the computer endlessly. Oh, there were other reasons too.

So about 6-ish went to break fast at sushi way.. stayed and ate until it was time to walk to class. For some reason I could sense a bit of like :@ in the house xD Oh well...

But highlight of the class was learning that phrase which is the title for this post :D Translating somewhat to:

I don't like you. I don't want to ever see you.

Harsh :D But I like 0:-)

It happens.

Shit happens. (Bad things)

Love happens. (Good things)

That's like, the opposite ends of the things in life. Ahaha. Sometimes, things happen, that you have no control of. Sometimes you do.

Regardless, it's always a series of change, that we change and grow. Whether we grow to become who we are, or become someone that we're not. Frankly I don't know how one defines itself. What is one's identity.

Over the course of life, and up to now, I've seen a lot of change. In other people and also myself. Looking back, I realize that there's so much things in life, that I thought wouldn't have impact me in anyway and that I'd still be myself, did have an impact on me afterall.

And then I wonder, if me changing, is me becoming someone I'm not, or am I just growing?
Who am I?

Taronga Zoo and Eastwood

Yesterday, met up with cousin Eng Siang and his wife, Su Ann in Sydney. We went to the Zoo! :D

Koalas are so fuzzy!

Coincidentally we went there the same time Wei Hon and his gf went, so we even bumped into each other, but I forgot to get a photo of us three together... Plus I didn't charge my camera the day before, so it only had 9 minutes left... Thus the photos I took using my camera isn't much, just those that I uploaded here.

We did meet up again tho, together with hc, for dinner at a Korean Restaurant in Eastwood... So near Epping ^^ The journey there was filled with so much laughter and teasing in the car, but on the way back, everyone so quiet d.. Too tired, hehehehe... We did take pics tho, even tho it's not together, but w/e, I don't even know whose camera we used.. either hc's or wh's.

Just to annoy Sean :D

Cups with labels :D Saw this in the kitchen, and just had to take a photo =^_^=

Killing Still Snaps

I'm too lazy to maintain that blog anymore, especially since it's pretty tedious to actually upload photos there one by one.

So for now.. I'm sticking to facebook, since it's so easy to upload, tag, and all

Find me there if you have it o.o I'm using Ayin Ghani as my name there as usual

I luv my housemates ^^ Last night, we took in two mattresses into my room to resemble a 'sleep over' :P

*points to my bed* I get to sleep with a teddy bear!! :D:D Sindy was first to rise, despite being the last to sleep o.o
I'm kinda amazed that we could actually fit in two mattresses into my room.. darn, it's messy tho o.o (even before the mattresses :P)

Surf's Up!! Luna Park and Lachlan

Nice movie =) Loooove the penguins! ^^

All that I planned to do today was thrown away (since the weather wasn't appealing for a coastal walk) and we (Lachlan and I) end up doing other stuff instead.

Watched a movie, then we walked across the Harbour Bridge, roamed around Milson's Point, got lost, went through Luna Park in an attempt to backtrack our last trip there, ended up going in a circle back to where we started, gave up and took the train to North Sydney (just one stop away xD).

Then back home.

Hehe, but it did take a full day... It was a damn nice scenery across the bridge, even tho I was so afraid of heights... but the view was remarkable.. no pictures tho, I forgot to bring my camera.. I did take some shots with my phone tho.

At Luna Park, idk how, but Lachlan managed to persuade me to enter this 'Coney Island' place that has a bunch of rides in it... Here's one of them:

Here's Lachlan *bullying the others* on a ride 0:-) ok ok, I went on this thing too.. just once tho, it made my head spin.. :P

It was interesting enough =) It was a good day, hopefully next time I can catch the Sculpture by the Sea doing the coastal walk...



















Chocolate ^^'

Car Sickness

I really hate it... puts me in a bad mood, and no mood to do anything else. And sometimes I get bitter and all. Meh, I'm just a terrible person x.x

On Saturday I took the bus and train over to my informal guardian's place. They then took me to a Turkish (well, they said it's Turkish, but frankly idk the difference between Turkish or Lebanese) restaurant in Auburn for break fast. It was great food.

I'm drinking this drink that I forgot the name.. it's kinda like yoghurt o.o it's interesting, but not my favourite =P It's Uncle Norman and Auntie Yokelin's favourite drink tho...

After dinner, we had dessert! Man, the stuff there was awesome... I'd certainly go there again. It's called El Sweetie in Granville. Of course, pretty far from where I live, but once in a while would be nice...

Mmmm... hot chocolate!

Sunday, I actually went to the Blue Mountains o.o I wasn't expecting that at all, but Auntie suggested it, and we went... Pictures will come a week later, since uncle is aware of our diminishing upload/download quota for this month... But there's this wood craft shop there in Leura that I absolutely love, so many interesting things!! Damn, I should've taken a photo...

Went back to Epping after Blue Mountains, to pick up my stuff, then headed home. It was the ride home from Epping to Kingsford that made me carsick... :K

wtf friday :P

Yesterday, I had like, 4 events on my diary

Only 1 event went on as planned :P

First event, was mandarin class.. I didn't receive the notice that it was cancelled, so I trudged to the place where our class is, and ahh... damn good thing it wasn't that far :K apparently 老师 left a voice message in my phone.. Heck, I haven't even activated it :K I only found out after I got home, and had to go through all that introduction thing and setting my own personal greeting.. And I sound damn weird x.x

Second event was a doctor's appointment, which was postponed to Monday because the doctor didn't turn up at the clinic :K *piak* At least my headaches have subsided for now

Third isn't a biggy =) but just to add to the statistic.. hehe, friend was gonna drop by to pick up her book, but she forgot, and so I hope to pass it to her today, I feel terrible for forgetting all about it

Oh, and the event that went on as usual is my ballroom class. It was great ^_^ Viennese waltz is so tricky tho :S

And today, I'll be staying over at Unc Norman's place after break fasting with them =) (No, they don't fast, but we'll be having early dinner)

Happy Ramadan Everyone =)

So, the fasting month is here again, and it's gonna take a bit of adjusting as usual ^_^

I even dreamt that I ate during the day o.o

Selamat berpuasa :)

My sleeping habits is out of hand again.. one day, I'm sleeping too much.. then the next day I'm sleeping only two hours.. o.o

Received another exam results back yesterday, thankfully I passed =) Altho barely.. not good, but I'm still thankful.


今天我没去上课。因为我和老师和同学去吃饭在Anzac Parade.我们吃牛肉和菜。牛肉很好吃。中饭完以后我们去Easy Way就买饮料。我买一杯茶。那杯茶很好喝。太薄了。。。住你生日快乐,Yoke!



Oh, I'm also addicted to facebook now o.o Must bite more.. Must defeat Steven and Wei Hon in Traveller's IQ :K

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

I got full marks for my first math assignment, which is data management for statistical analysis... which carries 10% into my final grade

But it's not something I would or could gloat about, being that the majority (I'm assuming) of the class got full marks too (yes, it was an easy assignment)

The Bad:

I failed my actuarial quiz.. again o.o; although I did better than my first quiz last semester; but still, especially being in a class full of outstanding students of the course, the pressure is there, and I can't help feeling how useless and hopeless I am day by day.

Then and Now...


About 15-18"/40 cm or so, with dials o.o no input/output for *any* cable, and it USED to be colour... :P
(obtained early 2007, given, second hand)

51 cm colour flat screen, with REMOTE CONTROL!! XD
(obtained Sept 1 2007)


It's so easy to hope; and so easy to get disappointed... So at most of the time, I try not to hope at all... Yet sometimes, you can't help hoping for something good to happen, hope for people to do what they say they will do, to be what they said they will be... Or am I just expecting too much out of others...?

Yet at the same time, there are people who hope that I do well in my studies... People hoping I'd put all my effort in climbing up the career ladder... For me to be what they want me to be...

Thus in all the circle of hope and expectations, I tend to feel like I've lost my own sense of being my own person. While by doing as I am hoped to do gives me some sort of direction in life, I also feel like I don't have the power to decide on my own without having to consult 'the expectors' first.

Meh. Why do I even try hoping from people? I'm just liable to be disappointed again.. and again.. and again.

^btw, this is not directed to anyone; i'm just 'withdrawing' myself so i can cope better...

thinking about it again, now i realize why i just love surprises...

Happy Independance Day

It's a bit late, but whoahness.. sometimes it seems like I don't really have much to do; yet at the same time, it seems like I have so much to do...

Or maybe... ;)

Anyhow, life is still full of things to do.. So much to tell, so much to say, and I'm just glad I have some people to share it with :)

Thank you so much ;*

Btw, the oven broke 0:-) And it happened when hc was using it *grins* similarly to what happened here

Tonight gonna make spaghetti for dinner.. I hope I get it right.. hehe ;D

AND it's spring! yay! or sorta..

Savage Garden - Truly madly deeply

I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy.
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need.
I love you more with every breath
Truly madly deeply do..
I will be strong I will be faithful
'Cos I'm counting on a new beginning.
A reason for living.
A deeper meaning.

I want to stand with you on a mountain.
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever.
Until the sky falls down on me...

And when the stars are shining brightly
In the velvet sky,
I'll make a wish
Send it to heaven
Then make you want to cry..
The tears of joy
For all the pleasure and the certainty.
That we're surrounded
By the comfort and protection of..
The highest power.
In lonely hours.
The tears devour you..
I want to stand with you on a mountain,
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever,
Until the sky falls down on me...

Oh can't you see it baby?
You don't have to close your eyes
'Cos it's standing right before you.
All that you need will surely come...

I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy.
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need.
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly madly deeply do...

I just love some good old (not too old, actually) songs like this


A Fun 星期六 with hc, wh and Sindy :*

I'm always up early, without trying... So Saturday was a full day of outing with Hui Chien, Wei Hon and Sindy =)

About 8 am, saw me nudging both Sindy and Hc to wake up... xD I didn't think it would be that hard XD So we got slightly delayed in leaving for our weekly grocery shopping on Sat morning...

The four of us together is always full or laughter ;D By the time we were done grocery shopping and brunch, it was 11.45 am, so we went back to WH's place since he had to meet some ppl regarding his new apartment.. so while he does that, Sindy attacked the piano (wow, she's damn good at it!) while HC *attempted* to attack me on the ps2 (obviously the best gal won 0:-))

Once WH came back, we headed over to our place so that we can put away our groceries too xD then since it was already like, 1++ pm, Sindy and I followed WH back, so we don't have to go back and forth again xD

Dropped by at the Supacentre (however you spell it, I know the "super" has no "r"), then to WH's house. Barely sat down, and we were "chased" out of the house because there was an inspection for possible buyers xD So five of us (WH, me, S, Lawrence + Lily; HC stayed home since she wanted to sleep and come later) had a drink at the bar downstairs; and hear alll sorts of funny stories of WH being drunk from Lawrence xD Thanks Man!

More piano, ps2 and being online while at WH's place, since I brought my Joybook there :D Preparations and all for cooking started at 4 PM.

With everyone so hungry, dinner (that was ready at 6++ pm) started of very quietly, with the four of us just eating and eating and eating... ;D Then, slowly, the funny, teasing and everything atmosphere came ^^

More ps2 again, this time with all sorts of dramatic noises from WH incl song themes from all sorts and taunting and jeering and cheering :P Tsk tsk, now S and HC knows WH's "true colours" XD I'm just not satisfied I didn't get to defeat WH in Burnout :K

We all then agreed that we wasted 1.5 hrs of our life watching a stupid movie that failed at being funny.. it was just plain stupid :P *shakes fists @ the chap who didn't return the Forrest Gump DvD in time*

Busy Busy Week, Quiz + Smoke

Well, to sum everything up, this week has been pretty busy, even on Thursday and Friday, and even this weekend... time flies too fast

Maybe that's a good thing too, so I may be able to reach one of my goals faster =)

Actuarial Quiz was so-so, I kinda have a good feeling I passed, but I'm kinda not satisfied... hard to be so, when you're in a tutorial group with like, the smartest students in the course...

Today is crazy, I woke up about 11am, with mandarin class starting at 11.30am.. i locked myself out of my room/house x.x darn.. it caused me to lose concentration during my mandarin class which ended at 1.30pm... so after that, i headed to the housing office to borrow the spare keys and buy some lunch

Finally home and eating lunch at 2pm (kinda late), then at 3pm I headed to the housing office to return the spare keys, and also go to the lab to get my assignment done, proofed and printed. There, first time in ages, I got my assignment done 4 days before the due date. It took a bit more programming tho, but it was pretty good.

Since I've drafted the program the night before, by 4pm, I'm home again, altho I planned to pick up my new keyboard right after lab, but since Sindy's heading to Kingsford as well, I went home so we can go together. She got into line at the doctor's, and since it's about an hour till she actually gets to see her, we went ahead to pick up my keyboard, then went for a drink, chatted for about an hour :D

Went home, was about 6pm, was in my room when suddenly the house was full of smoke due to a little accident... I was surprised the alarm didn't sound... So we had to get all windows opened, turned the fans on.. mind you, it's winter and raining outside... x.x damn cold...

7.30pm, came dance class, and I was feeling so smokey o.o This time, Darek didn't attack me for posture, but Kris got a big lesson in that instead :D

9pm, class is done, but I just bought some dinner at McD's and headed over to Wei Hon's place :D watched a bit of Kenichi over dinner, then home ^_^

Long day.. :P Well, it didn't seem that long, it just felt like so much to do, but at the end of the day, I feel happy to get things done :)

Article that made me LOL

It's actually from the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday xD titled:

Diehard gamers find love online

I was webcamming with my best friend when I received this article from Wei Hon, and we just LOL-ed so much xD

For sure I've made some great lifelong friends and met a few in rl. No regrets there =)

Anyhow, it's Friday already.. with Mandarin class cancelled, and mamak night last night.. wow it was so damn crowded. But met Ken and Nadine finally =) Go Hartamas ppl ;D

However, today my ear seems bad again o.o yesterday it was all good. Meh.

Beach, Fever and Cheap Men

Weekend came, and it was such a sunny weekend, despite being still in winter. In a very spontaneous decision, we headed out to the beach o_o

It was still great, nevertheless ^^ Tried out the Deep Fried Mars Bar for the first time (yummy!). Thanks for taking the photos, Wei Hon =D

The next day, I got a fever. Rofl xD It was quite hot on that day, ok :P
Slept most of the day except the morning, when I did my chores. So up to now, the only 'illness' I have left is my slightly sore throat, occasional headaches, and the stupid inflamed right ear :@ that caused me to take antibiotics...

And about cheap men, I just came by this article when reading the online newspaper talking about cheap men. There're extreme opposites, which I do agree is a bit bad, but the article made me think a bit. I like that bit about the gent's advice.

Love is earned, not bought. And no clear distinction can be made, but there are many priceless things that can mean so much, while costing not much at all.

I blame Harry Potter

For making my Week 3 seem so damn busy :P

Then again, it's my bad.. trying to read as much as possible, to finish it as soon as possible, so that ppl can't spoil it for me anymore :P

And so every free time was spent reading it, and damn book, it's so long! But I'm glad, finally it's done. Back to the reality of trying to understand my courses... I quite like the SAS course, despite the problems I face because of the software developers :@ but working with a statistical software that is like programming.. reminds me of Visual Basic ;D (and maybe some UiTM mates could remember how much I 'enjoyed' programming in Year 1 XD)

Anyhow, just got back from my dance class, seems like a lot of improvement, and now the teachers are stressing on my posture. I guess that's a good thing :P At one point he said he wanted to pull my hair to make my head tilt back a bit :P He's so evil. He also said to eat more.. especially meat xD I'm like 'but i do eat a lot!' xD

It's getting warm in Sydney

Oh, and btw, I fell asleep on Audrey's bday, so there wasn't any blowing of candles, even tho i said they could go on with it, since i had a headache. But they didn't. So I thought we'd do it the next day xD but Audrey has already cut the cake herself, because Hui Chien told her she could when Audrey asked XD (remembers Sindy glaring and Hui Chien because of this) hehe. Sorry Audrey anyways :* Hope you liked your cake ^^

Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

Yep yep, shortly after Sindy's birthday, it's Audrey's birthday today. As I write this, she's unaware yet of the cake we just finished up for her:

So that's my second time ever baking a cake, and since I've helped with it once, I was more confident with this one. Now we just have to wait for her to come back from dinner.. :P So I'm guessing more pics on the way, since this time we have candles too.

And back to unilife, I've been moving around a lot, spending less time online like previous semesters, by meeting friends, go to malls, and volunteering for the actuarial society, which I find pretty rewarding. (Mmm... doughnuts) ;)

I've also started reading Harry Potter 7. Yay, thanks Priyanka/Pinky for lending me your book.

The software problems have been solved, I can now install SAS 9.1 into my computer. But it was tedious... partitioning my hard drive, then installing XP, then my Vista was hidden and unaccessible since the boot window didn't appear, so reinstalled Vista as well, and only now I can access two OS on my computer.

Thanks again to those who helped me solve/manage this problem =)

The Online Network

I'm quite thankful that I've been networking a lot online... and have a big brother who's awesome in computers.

I've learned to partition my computer harddisk so that I can install another operating system :D

Thanks nii-chan, and sclazzy =) Oo, and you too, wei hon ;D (altho you're from my offline network ;D)

So hopefully this works. I'm yet to install XP.

If it's all good, then I don't have to alter my study plan ^^ I hope.

*is happy again*

At times like these

I just hate myself.

Study plan problems. Software problems. Subject problems. Stochastic problems.

And me being a somewhat emo-ish person, just probably trying to attract attention from...

I'm just hopeless. Meh.

And no, I'm not suicidal or whatever. Just go away. I have my down moments, ok?

I need a break

Happy 21st Birthday Sindy~!!

I *helped* bake cake :D (I really did!)


and Yummy.

Don't get jealous :@

Happy Birthday Sindy :*

Locked Bag

So I arrived in Aussie Monday morning.

Customs scanned my bag, and I was in the red lane, since I had things to declare. But I guess there was so much traffic, they asked me what I had to declare, and I told them. Then they let me go without having to open my bag for inspection.

I'm soo lucky.

Not because I had things that shouldn't be brought, but because I lost the combination of my bag's lock :P (Imagine if I had to open it at the airport, I'd be stuck there for ages. And I was already late, being that the airplane had such a bad delay :K)

I know the combination that I set it to, but apparently it somehow changed. So I spent a day trying out different combinations, until after some advice from some people, I began the daunting task of starting from 0-0-0 and going upwards, till it unlocks.

Luckily for me, it opened at 1-1-0 xD damn locks xD

Btw, here's a pic I scanned from my photo album that I brought ^_^ Isn't he (Anuar) soooo cute! :D I can't remember the age I was, when I took this, but I do remember taking it ^^

I've uploaded some Phuket photos on Still Snaps =D

Day 25, and here I am, back in Sydney

It was Sunday, the day I'm gonna fly back.

Morning, I had to visit another aunt, so we rushed to Bangsar for that, and stayed longer than I intended (three sisters in a house chatting.. go figure) =P There was so much to do at home, and I haven't even began packing.. plus, I wanted to drop by a shop on the way back to get some last minute stuff...

Sighs, what a rush here and there, but I managed to pack alright.. altho I did forget a couple of things.. and there were some things I couldn't do in time...

Anyways, headed to the airport at 7 pm, and arrive there in an hour. The queue to check in was huge :k because they diverted all international MAS flights to just six counters.. :k

So rushed through dinner and went in... met Priyanka again, who was on the same flight back home. She has Harry Potter book 7 ;D

Then, there was a 1.5 hr delay to take off.. :k darn connecting flights :k

Anyhow, I'm back in Sydney, and there's no time to rest, yet...

Enrolment issues, visa issues, study plan issues, book issues, etc.

But it's nice to be back here as well =)

Day 22, 23, and 24 (Sat)

Three weeks passed by so quickly, and I've been as busy as always... Only one day left till I fly back to Sydney

Time flies.

Day 22
Was hoping to do stuff with dad, but he was playing golf, so I spent the day transferring files and sorting out stuff from my vaio to my joybook... it was tedious and tiring... but it's nice to actually stay home once in a while, even tho I was pretty much occupied. That night, we had dinner in Subang - mum, me, myuu and jl. So much seafood! xD But it was good =D

Day 23 (Fri)
Finally slept in! :@

Still continued transferring files... had tonnes of stuff to bring over, and sort out.. lots of private stuff on my old vaio.. I'm still yet to clean it tho =/ But was out anyways, after Friday prayers with dad and Anuar, for lunch, then we bought Harry Potter tickets for Saturday night (which price for 3 ppl here = price for one person in Sydney xD) and also shopped for the things I need to bring back to Sydney.. like MAGGI and a jacket, lol.

Dinner that night was with Uncle LG (one of my Chinese uncles who are close to my family), at a vegetarian restaurant (since he's vegetarian). But the food there was awesome.. and healthy =D

Day 24 (Sat)
Suppose to start early, but I was too tired and we only left home for Port Dickson around 11 AM. HC's mum was already wondering where I was, but I made it to Seremban without getting lost, and then to PD. It was 12.45 by the time I reached PD.

Was nice, meeting so many ppl, my old friends, teammates, coaches, rivals :) Whom I shared many sailing experiences with...

Then rushed home and reached home about 7.25 PM, just 20 minutes before going out with dad for dinner and movie.

And sighs.. there's visiting tomorrow x.x ah well.. once back in Sydney, I'd have more time to myself again :)

Day 20 & 21 - Happy Happy Joy Joy

With this week being the last week I'm in Malaysia, it seems like it's going to be my busiest week too.. I've already got plans for dinner every day till I leave, and the day is not spared either.

Only today (Thursday) I've finally got some time to myself, but there's still a lot to do at the same time.

Day 20 (Tuesday):
Today was all UiTM day. After sending Anuar to school, and mum to work, I headed straight to UiTM to meet up with lecturers and old friends. I even sat in one of the classes on Pension =D Their actuarial class now is huge, so many people, and so few people that I know..

The lecturers I managed to meet:
Pn Nuru'l: We chatted a lot, she was happy to see me ^^ Things we talked about include the education system, the financial market, studies, UiTM's tendency to fine ppl for stupid reasons (like not eating), and the funniest part, is when she told me to get an Australian or European guy for myself for some reasons I won't say :P

Pn Azizah: Unfortunately we didn't get to talk that much, but I did spend 2 hrs in her class xD

Cik Noraini: Now the head of program for the diploma in actuarial science, we just chatted a bit, but mainly about studies..

Pn Rashidah: Previous head of program, during my time, that is, but I didn't get to see her personally, we only talked on the phone, a bunch of stuff.. she requested a postcard from Australia, hehehe...

On a side note, I also bumped into Mr. Teoh, our English lecturer long ago, and he's still the same sarcastic person :P

It was about 4 PM when I headed home, after an opportunity to meet up with Diha as well, and I didn't really have time to rest, as I had to pick mum up from work, then wait for myuu to come back and pick me up, so we can go and buy my new notebook ^^ So now I have a

BenQ Joybook S41, which we upgraded the RAM to 2gb :D Yum Yum

There some funny problems when purchasing the notebook, so I had to come again the next day, but I still got it now, and so far, I like it ^^

It was almost 9 PM by the time we were done at the digital mall in Section 14, PJ, so we headed to Hartamas Square for some yummy lala :D We gobbled it up pretty quick xD

I was so exhausted by the time I'm home, but we needed to download the drivers and install and such..

Day 21
Today was gonna be another busy day. This time, I had to send myuu to work, to have my car. After that, I tried to sleep again the whole morning, but I couldn't because of distractions, namely the phone x_x So again, I was pretty much groggy the whole day. Coming lunch time, I picked mum up and we went to this Spa place in Mont Kiara for a facial (and my very first facial). It was a pleasant experience.. :P It took a while, tho, then mum and I had lunch after that.

Of course, then I had to send mum back to work, and was supposed to head straight to Digital Mall to collect the box and all for my new notebook but I didn't bring the receipt with me, so I had to go home first. At home, Anuar and his friends were around, doing their Maths project, or something =P Then I talked to myuu on how and what are we going to do, since:

We have a movie to go to, that starts at 8.45PM in KLCC
I still need to drop by Section 14 to collect my notebook stuff
I/We also have to send Anuar to his tuition class, AND go early enough so that he can eat dinner first.

So at 5.30 PM, Anuar and I headed to Section 14, and while he have his dinner in McD's (stop eww-ing :P) I went to finish up the payment and get the items. We were done by about 6.10 PM, so I had to find my way to his tuition centre, and managed to get there safely at 6.40 PM. Then it's *trying* to drive to myuu's office... Darn stupid traffic jam which was crawling! AND WAS CAUSED BY A STUPID CAR THAT BROKE DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY :K:K:K

Anyways, reached there about 7.15 PM and then we headed to KLCC in time for dinner, then movie, then home. Again, by the time I got home, I was so exhausted and determined to sleep in Thursday :P

So it's Thu now, woke up with a headache -.- but still not much time to linger.. dad is around, so probably going to have lunch with him, and possibly watch Harry Potter with him and Anuar =D *possibly*. Hui Chien's mum was supposed to come over today to pass some stuff for her, but it had to be cancelled, so I'm gonna drop by at her place instead, when I drive to PD this Saturday. Tonight, it's dinner with Rudy's friend and mum and brothers =o I wonder where to eat =D

*sighs* gotta pack.. gotta pack... and transfer all my data from my vaio to my joybook x.x

Day 16 (Fri) - Day 19 (Mon) / Phuket

Yeps Yeps, I went to Phuket thru that AirAsia Go Holiday thing.

Flight to go there was delayed, was sooo restless, but I survived =D But upon arrival, I was damn tired, but mum was checking out and bargaining with all the tour agents she can find there x_x

Hotel was great! We stayed at the Andaman Beach Suites, and the rooms were huge! and clean too! much better than the ones where we stayed in Bali. And they have a bathtub too! With no turtles in it ;)

Saturday woke up with a terrible terrible headache.. Was quite bad, but got some painkillers that eased it away. By the time we are on the speedboat for our day tour of Phi Phi Islands, my headache was almost gone. Sitting on the front end of the speedboat across the rough sea for over an hour was painful xD but my headache is gone =D

Sunday was amazing, elephant ride, canoe-ing through the caves, shows, was pretty exhausted by the time we were back at the hotel. Sunday's tour was supposedly a James Bond tour.. weird stuff :p

On Sunday night, while we had dinner and was gonna cross the road to walk back at the hotel, me being usually hesitant when crossing roads, got left on one side while mum and brothers have crossed to the otherside. Then a group of motorbikes passed by, and a few guys on it started shouting "Hello! Hello!" at me o_o. Mum found that pretty hilarious and said should've told them something like 3m baht (Thai currency), and then they all started making plans about what to do with the money, like upgrading their hotel rooms and such, and I kept going on like, I can't believe my mum valued me at 3m, and I can't believe they're making all those plans and such =P

Monday was okay, had a city tour, incl a cashew nut factory (whee!). But by today, I'm just pretty much tired and eager to be home, lol. Flight was slightly delayed, but it wasn't too bad, since the terminal wasn't crowded. But the flight home was so bumpy, I got scared :$.

Can't believe I have classes next week x_x

I only know how to use Paint xD

my banner. i like. :D

Day 13 (Tue) - Day 15 (Thu) / Results

Day 13 -
What did I do on this day? I forgot :S I know I did something, but I just can't remember what... Hmmm.. wait.. it's coming back, went to One Utama with mum during lunch time to more shopping.. more like window shopping. Went home for a bit, then it's off to the dentist with dad at One Utama again...

Yikes, how I hate going to the dentist... and yeah, it hurt! xD I'm just so weak :S I should really take care of my teeth better :$

Day 14 -
Long day ahead. I thought of dropping by at UiTM, but nobody would be there.. ahaha.. Nads and co. was gonna head to midvalley, and funnily, I was gonna be there during lunch hours with mum.. more shopping plus purchases this time. So it went like:

Pick mum up, go midvalley, browse, eat lunch with Nads, Wani, MekJah and Sara, the back to mum again, shopping, then see mum off, then meet up with the gals again and shop. Tiring, yes.

Then home, then out again, pick up myuu, got stuck in a jam on the way, then pick anuar, then go eat, then send to tuition, then drop by midvalley again (argh, just to exchange money), then cancelled lowyat plaza trip and went ti digital mall in Section 14. Then picked up Anuar then headed home. Gah!

Day 15 -
Was out for awhile, assisting Fhad, Wani, Nads, Sara and MJ look for this funny building called Wisma Chase Perdana located in Damansara Heights. Came home, played ps2, then found my results.

It's a miracle... I'm so thankful.. so thankful.. I can't believe it myself.. :)

Day 8 (Thu) - Day 12 (Mon)

Day 8 - Day 9
I didn't do much, but just hanged out at home, watching TV, playing PS2 and such.. actually, I can't really remember what I did :D

Day 10 (Sat)
Went to KLCC with myuu, bought a crumpler bag, bwahahaha, for my coming new laptop (haha, so early). Well, it's definitely cheaper here than in Aussie.. bought a nice black one... mmmmm. That night, mum, myuu and I went to the Curve for more shopping/window shopping. More the latter.. just browsed through many things, and then met up with myuu who was held up at Ogawa xD by a very very good salesperson. But mum saved the day.. ahahaha, she's a really really tough customer/consumer ;)

Day 11
Visiting... aaaah... oh well.. things didn't go according to plan, because I woke up really really late... :D and had breakfast at noon... so visited two aunts.. one whom has a new adopted granddaughter! So cuuuuuuuuute!

Day 12
Long long day... Was barely online.
Morning - was at school o_O attending anuar's ceremony for something to do with librarians and such.. met Sara, head student of my class back in school.. met so many teachers, of course, some of them asking me obvious questions, especially about my life and people around me.
Late morning/noon - at Maybank... withdrawing and depositing and such, getting a banker's cheque.. all sorts, took quite some time and a lot of fingerprinting.
Early afternoon - took panadol again. stupid headache. was home for a bit, then went off with dad and anuar to midvalley megamall. had lunch and played daytona with them =D can't remember results, but I know I was never last xD
Evening - Dad and Anuar went to watch Transformers, and I took the opportunity to shop. Alone. For the first time. And I enjoyed it. I bought a bunch of stuff.. went in and out of fitting rooms... and in the end, I spent about maybe 250 ringgit or so... Mall wasn't too crowded, and I could take my own sweet time browsing through aisles of goodies ^^

Day 7 Wed

Eh, nothing much happened yesterday, but I did get my hair trimmed... It's a lot shorter than before, but not that short. I can still tie my hair up.

I stayed home most of the day, watching some anime and such, I think I want to start watching the animes I've not watched, rather than the old ones... Nan would be happy with me, lol, and so might Vanny...

These days, I don't know, I just don't feel like spending too much time online.. besides, the connection sucks.. but I might be playing a bit of WoW while Rudy's at work.. mwahahaha... and time to hook up the ps2 again.

Things I still wanna do: Shopping, mahjong, visit the sailing guys who are in Langkawi atm, visit ex-unimates =), visit ex-schoolmates... wow.. still so much to do, and it's already been a week i'm here... If I didn't change my ticket, I would've only arrived today

However, inside me, I'm still angry and upset.. and I'm still containing a lot of it, and trying to control my temper.. Is this even alright? I don't know.. There's just.. too much anger in me right now.

Day 1 (Thu) - Day 6 (Tue)

Day 1-
Arrived in Malaysia, nothing much eventful besides getting a hug from Anuar and Dad at the airport ^^ Immediately went to Uptown for dinner, since I came out of the airport at 8.45 pm, starving. Came home rather late, to a somewhat tidy but totally dusty room :P The sheets and blanket looks pretty worn and old... Idk how Anuar keeps himself clean xD

Day 2 (Fri)-
For some reason, today keeps feeling like Monday. Didn't do much, but had lunch with dad (can't remember where) and then dinner at Ikea. Anuar got his haircut today.

Day 3-
Went to One Utama shopping with my mum :D Bought a bunch of shorts, and a t-shirt. Also looked around for a swimsuit ;o I seem to have difficulty on choosing them tho :P Lunch at A&W (mm coney dog!) , dinner with dad (had nasi briyani + ayam madu, wheeee!)

Day 4-
Went to Midvalley Megamall and did more window shopping, particularly for swimsuits... Because it was a Sunday, it was mega crowded.. and I hated it.. So I didn't actually have the mood to shop and all, and we then went home after buying some stuff my mum wants. We did drop by at the local night market and bought some great food (more briyani and some lemang!). Missed dinner with dad that night, because of exhaustion and I couldn't stand the one year layer of dust and started cleaning my room.

Day 5 (Mon)-
Bad day... in many ways. But still okay, watched Transformers. Met some old schoolmates. Had a big headache after the movie tho.. all the way until Tuesday morning, that prompted me to take some Panadol.

Day 6-
FUN xD Went out with Chin Leng, Sabri, Imran and Arif.. old schoolmates that I've not seen for ages! Lunch, daytona (I got 2nd B)), movies (yes, transformers again, but hey, the tickets here are damn cheap(6 ringgit)), 2 games of bowling.. Arif sat this part out tho, and first game, I got 2nd, just a few pins behind Sabri xD and Chin Leng was so upset about getting last, he 'demanded' for another game, which we had, and he did a whole lot better... ahahaha, but I managed to take a photo of the first game's score card, but it's in my phone, so I'll upload it when I'm back in Sydney =)
I've also picked up my new glasses... and went to another night market to buy back some dinner.. wow... looking at the food... I was so tempted to buy all sorts, but I know I can't finish, so I just bought a packet of rice, together with a fried egg, fried catfish, vegetables, two pieces of honey chicken wings, soya bean... wished I had capacity for more food!



Ok, it's been like, three days since I'm back in Malaysia. Overall, things are great.. food... shopping malls... family... friends...

Bad things: my room is messy ;_; but I do have to give credit to Anuar for attempting to clean my room up before I returned... aside from one year's accumulation of dust that's giving me this sore throat...

Ok.. so now, things left to buy includes more maggi (instant noodles), swimmers... since I stupidly left mine in Sydney and we're going to an island resort soon... and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember at the moment since I just woke up.


Finals is done.

And that concludes my first year in UNSW!

two or three more semesters to go, idk :P

two more days till I fly home, and experience the hotness of Malaysia o_O

hooray for shopping malls that stays OPEN after FIVE PM

One more exam, Four more days to home

The feeling of uncertainty is so damn scary... and I guess that's basically the reason why everyone studies, work hard and such, to secure their future and rid of uncertainty. But uncertainty can't be avoided so easily... and I guess it's how we managed it

Haven't been posting much lately, I don't know why.. xD I guess I just don't really like my blog to be all sorts of words... and nothing else.. makes it looks boring to read

Then again, there hasn't been much happening... with just exams, and no more classes, thus, less outings.. there's that one bit when Wei Hon told me about him discovering some old stuff in his drawer from our school days xD Here's one of the pic:

Everyone says I look the same.. as usual :P while Wei Hon has changed a bit.. *pokes his blog* :P But anyways, those were good times, and I'm happy where I'm at, despite all the uncertainty. Bears in mind my dad's wise words "There are times when things do not go according to the way we plan. And when that happens, tough, no use worrying about it, and just move on." I miss him ^^ Can't wait to see him soon...

Funny thing, is that I don't recall taking this picture at all xD When he passed me a card in an envelope, my first thoughts were like, why the heck does this envelope have my handwriting on it? XD

Bleh, life goes on...

I can almost be positive that I failed my exam. Ah well, it is hard.

Thank goodness for my wacky housemates to count on to lighten up the mood. We has a very interesting conversation over dinner.

Started from a chocolate advert on TV called "fling". Then I was picking up a grape where Sheera exclaimed that there're seeds. Then Sindy, who didn't catch on, on what was said, connected "flings" with "seeds". And then... non-stop laughter over a lot of "my flings have seeds" talk :P

Another classic:
Hui Chien to Sheera: So how many flings have you had?
Me intercepting: Only 50...
(Sindy bursts out laughing)

Eh.. there were just so much funny stuff over dinner table, and I'm sure Sindy's blogging about that stuff which i said wrongly :P

So it begins

My first exam paper is in less than two hours from now

And my brain is forming a block.

Three More Days!!

Till my first exam for this semester.

I'm sooo feeling the stress :(

But I'm also thankful, great awesome friends who motivates and supports me to study.

Wacky housemates who share the same situation with me and comfort each other.

I am blessed, regardless of all that I'm going through :)

Anyhow, last night (since it's already passed midnight XD) had the weirdest dinner combination. I couldn't be bothered to cook a big meal... and leftovers weren't enough... so...

Instant Noodles + Leftovers!!

Instant Noodles = Fried one

Leftovers = Rice + Curry Chicken

The question in the end for me, is which do I eat first? xD I finished them all tho :D and I'm happily filled with food after that.

Drawing a Dark girl in MS Paint

Isn't this amazing?? xD

Happy Happy Days~!

Early start today, sent me to class earlier that it should. Class was supposed to be at 10, but Yoke wanted it to be earlier, so we had it at 9.

Anyways, since we finish at 11, gives me time to do all what I wanted to do today:
  • Pick up my actuarial assignment (I got 76.5%!! :D, so I'm more optimistic about passing this course now)
  • Pick up my tutorial journals for mgmt2725 (10/10! and 6.5/10 :P)
  • Pick up my plane tickets (28th June SYD-KUL, 22nd July KUL-SYD)
Got it all done, and I'm also happy with the results, which puts me in a good mood ^^

And among other things that happened as well =D

However, it's damn cold :K

Happy Birthday!


Lots and lots of love,

It's a Student's Life For Me~

It's now Sunday, and only about 10 more days to my hardest exam... The past few days, I've been somewhat studying, looking through all my lecture notes to grasp the concepts...

Except Yesterday

Woke up near noon, went out to eat, then chilled at a friend's place till about 5 PM, then went home and chilled again, just printing out some notes that are missing, then cooked dinner, then chilled again, then slept.

Yeah, barely any studying done, so today I have to study more :o

I wonder how =P

I just had to post this xD

You Are Not a Cook

You know cooking isn't for you, and you wouldn't even consider trying to make a homecooked meal.
And this is a very good thing. You've saved all your friends and family from unintentional food poisoning!

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