The Pioneers Changing

I've disappeared from this blog for two weeks for one reason. Jan 28th, the first BNM Executive Programme officially graduated with a disco-themed dinner, hosted by DG Razif. My involvements include the Creative Team, as a performer and a scriptwriter (tho I only wrote the lyrics to the song "Change Do You Good" by Sheryl Crow, and heading the Awards Team where I prepared a 'special' award for each participant. Here's mine:


Checkout ze rehearsal photos~

And look, we have a rehearsal video too!

In the preparation of the awards, I learned about this spiffy photo programme called Photoscape from @p. :D That's why you see the photos a lil different now. Whee!

Hoping to get more photos of the dinner itself and more. It was such an experience, SO glad to be able to experience it :D

We are the pioneers!

Introducing two new additions to the family


They're named by Rudy & Faizah, and the 'weird' spelling is contributed by 'cute talk' :)

Shcamper's the male orange tabby, estimated to be about 4 months old, adopted from Zoo Negara's vet clinic. They have a bunch of stray/abandoned cats and kittens there, looking for a new home!While Chewmil's a female adult black/grey tabby, no idea how old she is, adopted from SPCA where there's a lot more cats & dogs hoping to be adopted soon. Apparently Chewmil's been in there for quite long (like about a year?).

Here's Rudy looking pretty content ^_^

I want one too! :3

What's a fever without the cough and cold?

What a way to start 2010!

On Wednesday, I started feeling the chills and feeling very uncomfortable in the office. My appetite's gone and I could hardly think. (Yes, I do think ok). I was supposed to have a meeting Wednesday afternoon, but at lunch time, I felt really nauseous, so I postponed the meet, took EL and went home just after lunch time.

I ended up having a temperature of 39 C / 102.2 F not long after I arrived home and rested in bed. Besides that, I was throwing up whatever I ate followed by a massive headache.

Pretty much the rest of Wednesday and the whole of Thursday was spent in bed. I visited the doctor Thursday morning whom says what I have may be attributed to stress. :P

Somehow managed to muster enough energy to go to the office on Friday o.O It was a busy day. The throwing up still happened, once at work, and many times after. But Friday was the day the diarrhoea began. Without the stomach pain.

Anyway, whatever it is, it's weird. Saturday was better, and I went out a bit. To fetch Schramper and Chumil! :D I'll introduce them later.

Sunday's good. Looks like no more throwing up today. Normal appetite's not back yet tho

2010 has come!




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