About the Ayinpire

As the address of the blog says:

Ayin is me.

Ayinpire is one of my newest online nickname, which ain't that new anymore. But it's uniquely me. Unlike my old yet still active kittenz. Sometimes paired with numbers, either 747 and 23. Well, this is the online me.

In the real world, I'm also known as Naz. Short for Nazreen. Let me explain about Naz and Ayin, since it's one of the mind bogglers to many about my identity. My family calls me Ayin, a nickname I acquired before I can even remember. The story is that, I could not pronounce my real name and kept on saying Ayin, and my dear family decided to call me just that.

As I grew up with my big brother myuu sailing the Optimist (yea, those times!), sailor-people who knew my family then knew me as Ayin. So in the sailing world, I'm Ayin.

However, academic-wise, at all levels except my degree, I was known as Naz. All the way from primary school, secondary school and then my first university where I did my diploma (which in Malaysia is somewhat between pre-uni and a bachelor's degree).

Yet it was during my diploma days, where online gaming and networking started to grow on me. Even though I've been exposed to the internet when it was nothing but dial-up, irc and playsite (where my first ever username online was paw) at an early age, it was now that I started to expand my network through online games, beginning with neopets (yes, I would readily admit it :P). I still enjoy mmorpgs better, but they're just too time consuming now. But anyway, back to the 'topic', in the online world, I'm Ayin.

This carried forward into my bachelor days in UNSW. My housemates called me Ayin because that's what was written on my messenger. It caught on to those people around and close us housemates, but not far enough to my coursemates. So I was half-half known as Ayin and Naz there.

Now that I've started working, my colleagues call me Naz. As that's how I'm introduced to people around there. However, there are some people in my office who has been introduced to me as Ayin from my uni days, so, it causes some confusion in others. xD

So that's the story of Ayin :)

I respond to Naz, Nazreen and Ayin equally well that I wouldn't notice at all if you switched calling me between Naz and Ayin.

What about ayinpire? I bite. So Ayin + Vampire = Ayinpire.

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