Into Week 3 of Home Sweet Home

January.. where did January go? It totally flew by. Just beginning of this month, I was with someone special far from home. At the end of the month, I'm without a laptop, I have a new sister-in-law, I have appointments to schedule, people to meet, stuff to purchase, internet to install, and so on.

In addition, I have mum attempting to ensure I start work as soon as possible. (So I kinda messed up my assessment, as I rushed to the office barely five days after my arrival)

In my first week at home, I had Amy keeping me company. Thanks for the helping hand ^^ Sorry I couldn't be more hospitable, rather than dragging you around for my chores.

Seeing my big brother getting married created mixed feelings within. Knowing that he has found his happiness and love makes me feel happy for him, that now he's like, a husband :o Sometimes it's hard to believe too, haha. It was only 2.5 years ago or so, when I left for Australia, while he's still being a bachelor hooked onto his computer thingamajigs (still is hooked anyway). On the other hand it's like, awhh, he's now settled down.. how often will I see him now? How often would I enjoy doing things together with him? Needless to say, the house is indeed a lot quieter without him (remember the occasional sudden loud noises of World of Warcraft coming from his room).

Finally it was only 3 days ago when I got the opportunity to meet up with some friends, from my secondary school and two of my ex-housemates. I can't believe I spent about 9 hrs at the mall xP (including watching Underworld 3)

Just in a day, and it'll be February. One of the most interesting months of the year. o.O

ik mis je

Now back home after almost a year away, things are as hectic as ever.

Straightaway got home and caught up with all the happenings of the wedding, and also pushed to report to work as soon as possible. Assessment happened yesterday, it was alright, but I was definitely unprepared.

Day off plz o.o

Ik ben hier!

Ik mis je.

I'm back in Sydney. For now.

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