The world gets smaller and smaller

Today was the Festival of Sails @ RSYC. Something like a mini regatta that I attended and skippered a platu. Communication certainly lacked a lot coming into today. It was rather unusual that today was one of the days, when there seemed to be too many crew and not enough skippers. Or so it seems.

So today, I had 7 ppl on board. From 5 to 3 to 5 to 6 to 8 to 7. All change within 24 hrs. Anyhow, despite having more weight on board, I reckon we did fairly good, finishing first on the first race. However, on the pursuit back to the club, I forgot to keep some marks on port, thus marked 'DNF' (Did Not Finish), after I crossed the line second. Still, awesome effort! :)

Shortly after I arrived at the club and met Ian, he looked at me straight and said "I have something very important to ask you: Where you at a wedding last weekend? Mervin & Swee Fong's wedding?". (The wedding I mentioned in the last post). To which I replied yeah, and he asked "the bride's side or the groom's?", where I replied, "bride's". And then he proceeded to explain that his niece came back to Malaysia all the way from UK to attend the same wedding! She was both in the morning session and the dinner. I later explained that the bride's my cousin.

So now, I'm 'like' family to them. Hehehe ^^

We had the prize giving for the whole series of sailing this year. Ai Li's team, in which I crew for and sometimes helm, clinched 2nd place :) First place went to Tom, third to Jeremy. And that's for the One Design (Platu) series. As for the cruisers, Rapscallions earned 2nd place too! We'll totally do better next time!

Sailing Teams

Here's the crew on board Rapscallion:

Standing, L-R: Nicky, Jeff, Ian, Ayin
Front, L-R: Rohit, Chris

And here's the AY team for the Malaysian Match Racing Championship which doubles as a qualifier to the Monsoon Cup:
Standing, L-R: Arif, Nicky, Ayin, Lan (manager), Ai Li, Fariz, Geng

I still recall that I wanted to talk more of what happened last Sunday, but I forgot what it was. I think it was a day of doing all sorts of undone chores. Haha, sorry, I forgot!

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding. Now that, is another blog post :P

Right now I have to try and do my h/w x)

Lack of Interest

Shedding Skins

Yes, scoured around for a new template. But I'm not really settled with this one.

Lots of things to mention about from today, but it's not over yet. So next post perhaps ;)

Something what I think, may be...

My first luxury item I bought since I started getting paychecks. No doubt I've spend a lil here and there. But today, I finally officiated my first luxury item: 340 threadcount, 100% cotton sateen, fitted sheet from Aussino. I love it.

(As I write this, I just thought.. I should've taken a picture of it before I unwrapped it)

Almost immediately after I unwrapped it, I laid it out on my bed, spread it, fitted it in, and lie on it. Yes, I'm totally in love with it. It's so smooth, so fine, so... lovely. I just had to blog about it immediately. Haha!

Now I just realised, that it may not be my first luxury item afterall. Perhaps it's my first long-lasting luxury item, as other stuff... more like indulgences. Such as hair-dos, spa visits (twice ever so far), and fooood. Which reminds me, I had a new haircut yesterday :P My hair's so so short right now.

<3 Aussino

Other unrelated matters: I seriously need new clothes... I've measured my waist, and I'm now about 28-29 inches, as compared to 24 inches when I left for Australia. 25 inches when I got back. It's no fun at all trying to fit into my old and not-so-old clothes in my current condition.

Nearing mid-October

And things are as busy as ever. Can't wait till the end of this month. Another wedding to attend, which seems like I am unlikely to (it's in JB), and there's a Festival of Sails.

And there's still classes, and training, and homework, and work itself. In addition to the busy October, there's workshops, and presentations to make.

*tries to stay low*

And right now, I'm not even feeling well. I don't know if I can go to work tomorrow.

September Stress flowing into October

Sometimes, being the pioneer of something can be so messed up. Expectations too. I got a feeling I'm going downwards in the 'up and down' cycle, if I've not already reached the bottom.

All my weekends, pretty much devoted for sailing. It's one of my priorities, and something I would not let go easily. I believe it's my right too... Which may result me in performing below expectations of other things.. like work.

Often I do wonder if I have too much on my plate. If me doing several different things stretches my time too few. Or am I not being efficient enough with my time at work? While in uni, I experimented with several different things. I remember letting some go in the end. It feels like I have to let more go soon. This makes my mind think of culture.

With the swirl of several cultures around us, how do I respond? Do I create/follow my own 'culture', whatever that may be, or does culture shape me? Some parties ask for change, and hope that we newbies can facilitate that change, but at the same time, we are already absorbing what is culture currently is. (Despite the numerous complains)

I wonder what's it like to be freelance o.o

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