Avoiding Responsibility

Random: funny so far the last three posts including today occurs on a day I filled up my car with petrol. I wonder if the sound of petrol entering my car fuel tank and the quiet sound of money going with it prompts me to write.

Responsibility. What a BIG word! Literally. So much can be said about this. But I'm not really a big fan of looong winding po'sts, so I'm just gonna write about how I am afraid to take on responsibility in a type of situation.


When I refer someone to something, I always worry about how the people involved feel. Like today I got two friends to sail with Jeff, and I can't help wondering if they're happy with today's sailing, and if Jeff's happy having the two on board.

If I refer some people, to a massage centre that I like, they may not like it! And if that happens, I'd feel responsible for them being unhappy.

Referring someone to the office?

Referring a friend to another friend?

These situations do exist, though with my tendency to worry, I'm often pessimistic with the outcome.

As time goes by, I'm trying to care less about things. I wonder how that may affect my responsible taking. But hey, like dad once said, there will be times when things don't go according to plan. Tough. Move on. :)

Let's be optimistic!

I'm Still At Home.. o.O

When I'm supposed to be in Pattaya right now!

Oh wells. ICBG got postponed on Monday. Only now I'm able to say something about it after we've all cooled down a bit at the frustration (not about not being able to go, but more so that we have to train much more till goodness knows when)

I can't remember much on what happened the week before, aside from daily training and sailing on the weekend. We managed first in the first series :D As for the platu series.. I'm kinda using it as a teaching/recruiting platform.. one at a time ;) Also, I bought Simcity on my iPhone.. Love it love it love it! Cost about 9.5 ringgit only! (For a game like that!). Sims 3 on my wishlist.. haha. No.. not planning to jailbreak. :p

This week.. a lil crazy. Sorting out the team a bit, training and stuff. Cheques, budget, rules, etc. etc. eek! That's not so much the crazy part tho. Just the part getting a bit sick, and not because I just took the h1n1 jab/vaccine, whatever you call it. It may seem that I throw up easily and stuff cuz my tummy's full of wind o.o Caused by eating too fast xD So trying to slow down my eating! But the sucky part was going to the panel clinic, since HR rejected my claims when I went to my family doctor -.- I waited about an hour, while I was only second in line, but the doctor had to dress up someone (what are nurses for?) and that took ages. Then the patient in line before me took ages. Then I took less than five minutes. I got prescribed stuff that I had over a month ago. I just wanna cure what's causing all this, not just the symptoms x.x So I just went to the pharmacy instead and became my own doctor.. :p haha, and feeling much better already. (thanks to googled stuff too!)

Anyhow, 7 more weeks to my big trip the 2nd! :D

The preparation for Pattaya

In two weeks, I'll be heading off to Pattaya, Thailand for the Inter-Central Bank Games. It would be my first time going for this annual games, participated by four countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

There's 5 games each year, including one indoor/board game, and this year, it's Chess ^_^

I feel lucky that I'll be surrounded by many familiar people including April, Jas and Rozai. I can imagine that it would be a blast!

Tho part of the preparation, is to learn up some kind of cultural dance to perform there later :S

My New Love

This post is rather overdue, but better late than never, right? ;)

Just over two weeks ago, 17 April to be precise, I found my new love.

My new love accompanies me wherever and whenever, with no complaints at all, and is willing to hear mine and entertain me whenever I ask for it.
It's also gonna make me live on instant noodles only for the rest of the year :P (jk!)
Anyhow, it did take me a while to decide, and to some point, I can't really figure out why I went for it. Even after I made my decision, I pondered a while thinking if I had made the right decision.

I think I did :D

Finally I'm able to enjoy the same love many others are enjoying at this moment ^_^

Lemme introduce "my new love~":

I'm such a sucker for gadgets at times... xP

Sure it took a big bite off my paycheck tho o.O

At what age should one get married?

With lots of weddings and tying the knot happening here and there, often the topic of 'right age' to get married pops up. I usually say, that there is no real "appropriate age" to get married, especially when you're surrounded by different traditions :P

Through observation, though not necessarily accurate, I often see the Chinese getting married in their late twenties or thirties. Or basically a lot more mature before getting married. (Perhaps also I was a lot younger then)

On the other hand, the Malays often get married in their early 20s, and by this I mean the women more than the man (whom usually settles down mid-late 20s).

And I'm of mixed parentage :P I know my mum would go wide-eyed if I mention marriage to her. Heck, even getting into a relationship makes her brows rise, full in query.

Then today I stumbled upon this article on MSN Today.

Eek, I'm 25!

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