I'm Still a Kid

I was grocery shopping with Hui Chien today, and at this one point, she stressed upon the fact that I do act like a kid.. somewhat.. xD Well, it's nothing big actually, but it was just funny how she was like, staring at me at disbelief... just because I dropped a 5 cent coin on those donation things you can find in the mall, that makes the coin spin round and round before it drops in the whole in the middle... =D

And there was free samples of ice cream in the supermarket... free ice cream! even tho it's getting cold, it's ice cream! (of course.. I took a sample) :D

So thinking all about this kid stuff reminded me of the Toys r Us advert that I used to watch all the time as a kid... The song is similar to this video, but of course it was different people.. xD I think we had local version of that advert.. But it's not easy to find on youtube =D

Long Day, Yet Not Quite

Woke up around 10 +, showered, and didn't do much at all... till class at 1 pm... finished class at 7.30 pm

But yet, somehow feels like a long day..

Actually, I'm just too lazy to blog atm. so that's it :P

Btw, it's damned cold today :K

Arrr... matey!

Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 today in the city at 10 AM.

It was awesome O_O; I need to watch it again, definitely =P

Came home about 5.15 PM.

I is tired.

Also dropped by at the crumpler shop, a shop that sells crumpler bags, some for notebooks, some just normal sling bags... they look so awesome.

I want.

Where's the electrician?

They say, Ayin and cooking don't mix.. 0:-) (well, I say, but I'm sure some of you agree with me) :D

This morning, I called up the electrician to come over to our apartment to fix our stove... Yep yep, electrician + stove.. sounds odd, ya? but oh well, we students here are stuck with electric stoves... Here's how ours look like:

Notice something wrong? Well aside from it being really dirty (the person on duty hasn't clean it... -.-) The biggest hotplate looks damaged...

And did I mention that on Tuesday, while cooking fried rice, I sorta... blew the stove? 0:-)

Here's a clearer pic of the hotplate:

Notice the top right of the plate, it looks burnt. Well, here's what happened, and I can assure you, it's NOT my fault :P *pokes you to stop laughing*

I was cooking fried rice for the three of us, me, Sindy and Chien.., just like normal... then suddenly I saw a spark, like from those little fireworks, and I looked around, wondering if it was from a camera flash. No camera. Continued cooking... then another spark flew. I was like O.O; I started wondering.. I lifted the frying pan (the biggest one in the house), and I saw that top right part of the plate, literally on fire... xD

With frying pan in hand, I'm like "... is it catching fire? Is something gonna burn? Now what? Now what? Now what?" xD Fortunately Sindy was there... the little fire/spark died down, and I just continued my cooking on the hot plate next to it.

Ever since, that hot plate stopped working. :P

And only today we called him up, supposed to come after 2 pm.. it's 5.12 pm now and no sign of him :P

And really, it's NOT my fault.. nor anything to do with my cooking... 0:-)

EDIT: It's 6.31 PM, and I went downstairs just now, and seems like it's fixed already.. xD a nice new plate too :D


As I said in my previous blog post, I consulted my lecturer, regarding the material he covered that day, which is basically the ANOVA table. I'm somewhat familiar with that table, having done it before, but I remember that it wasn't a course I fancied, back in UiTM.

Anyway, during the 30-minute consultation, he also gave me an e-mail contact to final year student from Malaysia, doing Actuarial Studies here, who also 'transferred' from home, i.e. straight into second year. Now that I have "thicker skin", I went ahead and e-mail her, looking for guidance and tips on how to succeed better in this course.

I am totally grateful for it. Her reply to me was very warm and understanding. The details she mentioned in the e-mail, almost exactly reflected to the situation I'm dealing with right now. For once, I felt like finally someone is empathetic to my feelings and stress. Then, I extracted the main points of her advice and posted it on my wall.
  • Interest + passion
  • Determination, positive thinking and never give up
  • Ask, consult and share
  • Never compare
The last point especially, struck me, and I see how true that is. Not only am I an international student, I'm straightaway into my penultimate year, and I'm all on my own. No parents here to prepare my meals, watch my health, do my laundry, etc. added to the changes in environment and lifestyle, which is quite different from home. Just like one picture I remember seeing in a gadget shop at eastgardens: "Your mum doesn't work here, so clean up!"

Work won't get any easier, stress levels are still at its peak, but at least, I'm not alone anymore...

Meeting the Lecturer

Finally, after 12 weeks of lecture.. I went ahead and meet my actl lecturer during his consultation hours... He's a very nice person, we talked for about half an hour.. then I bumped into Albert on the way out... hope I didn't keep him waiting too long to see the lecturer xD

Anyways, I'm more motivated to do better :) Together with encouragement and support, you know who you are ^^, I'll do my best

Btw, pics from Pann Pann have finally arrived in my e-mail today. They're where they should be, of course :P

But here's one anyway:

The "beginners level two"/advance ballroom class, with our teacher (Bettina) in the middle


Hari ni macam dah musim sejuk.. Tak tau la kalau memang dah official ke tak...

Tapi angin kuat, bukak pintu pun dah terus sejuk.. Lain betul kalau kat rumah, bukak pintu terus peluh.. hahaha

Dua lapis memang tak cukup untuk hari ni... Ingat nak pergi actl punya egm, tapi sebab sejuk sangat, taknak kut pergi... dahlah kena pergi kuliah kat upper campus x_x

Nak fahamkan kelas pun susah... general understanding tu adalah sikit, tapi bila nak praktikkan tek reti =/ nak jumpa pensyarah pun segan, macam tak cukup ilmu..

Aiya.. o_o

为什么今天很冷?上课很难。。。 我要回家。

0:-) *pokes Vanny and Steven and hides*


Another day, another night, another dream, another kidnapping

Well, actually no, more like a murder o_o

Put the last two dreams together, a lil girl was killed by... you don't wanna know...

And I was trying to find her x.x

Why can't I have nicer dreams? :@

But In Dreams

My dreams are so wacky. I just had one weird/scary dream last night.

*tries to write it out in the simplest way*
  1. In an arrange marriage, I was married of to this guy I don't know.
  2. This guy is tall, handsome and rich.
  3. His house is really huge and beautifully furnished, like the houses I see when my mum sends me photos of huge celebrities (eg. sportsppl, artistes) houses.
  4. On the first night of the marriage, I discovered that he is also a murderer.
  5. On that same night, he chopped someone up and was hiding it in the garden.
  6. He's nice to me, but I was terrified, and wanted to escape.
  7. After many attempts, I did not get to escape.
  8. I woke up.
After waking up, I had a nice chat online, before I went back to sleep again, and had another wacky dream:
  1. I was in a race, a huge one, like the ones with all sorts of obstacles.. something like The Amazing Race kind..
  2. No teams, we were all on our owns.. funnily, I was wearing my State team's uniform from last year.
  3. At this dark obstacle, regarding a kidnapped little girl in the maze (yes, kidnapped :P) we were supposed to find, I got lost.
  4. Then I lost.
  5. Then the phone rang which I got up and disconnected and went back to sleep... :P (Btw, it wasn't my normal phone, it was Audrey's phone since she borrowed mine, while her receiver is not working, so to use hers, I have to use the loud speak, but everything on the phone is labelled in Chinese.. So I don't know which one is the loud speak button)
Then, I woke up near 1 PM :D

Save the Last Dance

With my ACTL assignment finally submitted, (unfinished tho :P)

It was time to think about my last dance class for this semester, where all the advance students dress up as well...

Good thing clothes are planned out already.

SO the hair.. I didn't know what to do.. tie it up? let it down, make my curls stay? Sindy suggested straightening, Hui Chien agreed to the suggestion.. so at 5 PM, I had my hair straightened using those things that kinda like, irons your hair.

This pic was taken after I got home from class tho, so by that time, my hair became frizzy again...

Once Pann Pann, (another girl in the dance-advance) sends me the photo of the whole class, I'll post it in the blog.

So I had three of my housemate's items on me.. xD skirt, blouse and hairband xD

I rushed to the class, since Pann Pann was feeling odd being the only person dressed up at the moment.. xD (since we usually attend the beginners class as well, and they didn't dress up)

Make up? Just my foundation that I bought at least a year ago, I can't remember why.. maybe for work.. and some lip stuff i don't know.. Sindy helped me put that on

Kris noticed it -.- at least he was quite decent.. till he stepped on me :P

Now someone else needs to start dancing :P


Not enough time, as usual... but I'm so tired already

my assignment is due in like, slightly less than 3 hours.. i've got almost everything done, even tho there may be some that I don't really understand.. but meh, can't look at it anymore, I'm already getting a headache from lack of sleep


And I miss chatting with Vanny and all

Oh well, at least there's that dance to look forward to, tonight.. :P *forgets to bring camera on purpose* 0:-)

Dressing Up

Brown/BlueGreen Top + Dark Brown Short Skirt + Heels

Brown/BlueGreen Top + Dark Brown Long Skirt + Heels

Black Skirt + Black Top + Heels

Black Skirt with flower pattern + Black Top + Heels

and so on...

So I took a bit of time off on working on my actl assignment, and talked to my housemates on what I should wear on my final class for ballroom dancing...

The whole house participate in a lil "fashion show" xD of me parading in their "cute" clothes, together with my heels.. xD

Well, at least I do have something to wear for this Friday, and it seems like the vote is for me to wear the Black Knee-Length Skirt with flower pattern + Black Top (That is kinda long sleeve, off my shoulders).. something like smart casual :)

2nd Non-Pass

As expected, I didn't pass my second quiz. But I'm not too upset, I actually did better than I thought... yes, I still didn't pass tho, nor was I near the average mark at all... (which is 43)

I'm not gonna use the F word for non-pass anymore (I still swear, yeah :P, as usual, only when I'm alone, or when I'm driving). Too often I used that word, and I think it's up to a point where I keep thinking that I'd not pass, and that negativity is sinking badly into me


I can do it. I will pass, I can do this :) It's hard, but still, I can try.

Whatever happens in the end, happens, good or bad, at least I've tried.

Truly Tired and Sweet Sleep

Sunday was absolutely tiring... I slept at 3 am, looking at my actl's assignment questions... then woke up at 7 am, hoping to try and look through the questions again... but I couldn't get the concept to sink in.. so I slept for another hour

At 10 am, supposed to meet some students that I've never met before (yea, that made me quite nervous, but "muka tebal"! (thick face) as my brother and father told me a few times, but at 10 am, I learnt that the meeting was postponed to 12 pm...

So there I was, at the lab around 12.10 pm (late on purpose) loitering around, trying to look for anyone familiar, but I also learnt then, that my friend and his friend would be late... They came about 12.45 pm.. Finally I was in the lab, trying to make head or tail of the questions...

3 PM, I ran home for lunch, with all my stuff still at the lab... About 3.20 PM, Unc Norman and his wife (my guardians/godparents in Sydney) came over to hand me the heater and some stuff mum gave them to pass to me ^^ thx mum! They also gave me some fruits, dodol!, and a tin of Milo to "keep me warm" but I didn't want to say I already have one tin of Milo which is still half full.. xD

Anyways, I was back at the lab at 3.45 PM, and stayed there until almost 5 PM... And I decided to leave with another friend who's also my classmate, but hoping to drop that course. Feeling truly tired and all, I relaxed my mind a bit, checking my e-mails and such, and helping Wei Hon pay for his England Euro 2008 jersey that he got off EBAY, and then chatting with "-ke" 0:-) for a bit before going offline... Initially I wanted to nap, but instead, Sindy and I went to eat dinner instead.. and I also had to clean the kitchen, since it was my week's chore. (This week is bathroom, eek.. which is now leaking :K)

After dinner, I was back online, and researching for stuff for my mgmt course... Chatted a bit online again, and managed to get those stuff printed out... then it was nearly 9 PM, and I was wondering if I should take a nap, or just sleep and wake up early

Was advised to sleep looooong xD SO, I went to bed at 9 PM... and woke up at 9 AM... Feeling so refreshed and happy I had a 12 hr sleep =) Thx for the advice/order/whatever you call it =P It helped

But still, the actl assignment continues to linger my mind.. I had only one question out of six done yesterday, and it's due this Friday... It's do-able, I know, but problem is, I don't know how to do it... =/

I'll manage... somehow

Blisters xD

  1. The shoes are new
  2. I'm not accustomed to wearing heels
  3. I danced in them for almost three hours

So there.. xD I have two big blisters on my toes, and I can't even work properly after my class xD Oh how I avoid heels so much :P Yet I actually found wearing heels easier to dance on, despite the blisters and such...

Guess the song: *No one knows what it's like...*

Kate Voegele - I Won't Disagree

The song I'm currently listening to endlessly.. Thanks to Miraz for introducing it to me :)

My favorite line "Take me away to places I aint seen"

Finally, shoes!

Today, after Mandarin Class, I went out with Balqis to Eastgardens ^^

Finally, I bought these shoes...

Ok, so they may not be as sexy as the ones I've been looking at on EBAY, but at least they're:
  • not too TALL xD
  • damn damn comfortable
  • and I can actually balance myself wearing them (sorry to disappoint you :P *pokes*)
  • black :D
  • according to Balqis, looks sexy on my feet 0:-)
But for some reason, I don't feel right buying shoes like these... xD I'm sooo not used to wearing them... But at least I can wear them in formals, and hope it's good for dancing... According to the very friendly salesgirl; she mentioned a lot of people get that pair to dance, and was so surprised when I mention it as well ^^

However, life it still a mess... And I'm actually finding happy stuff listening to more songs... especially those that suit my mood... Most people noticed that I've been a bit more quiet lately... I still feel very very reserved here... Thank goodness for Vanny, Miraz, Kim, Steven, Lachlan and so on, keeping me sane... *hugs*

Dreadful Eyes

Despite finishing my essay around midnight, all printed, referenced and all.. I was awake all the way till around 4 AM, having a funny conversation with some friends

They're so hilarious! I love them sooo much xD

So I had about 4 hours of sleep, not enough, I know :P

I think I was half-dead the whole day, but at least the work is done.

Not only that, I only had two hours of lectures and then I'm free again for the rest of the week! ^_^

I want to say more stuff, but I'm still feeling drowsy, and keep forgetting what to say, so next time lah :P


I just had to =D

*sends the meepits to eat my essay*

Catching Up

The day was *supposed* to be about doing my essay for mgmt...

Instead.. I spent most of it staring at the articles, hardly the mood to get it done.

Well, not all the time.

Chatted with Miraz, catching up with things till it was around lunch time for me, and we shared some music and videos online; and stories too ^^ was quite a pleasant catch up.

Then after lunch, still not having the mood to work, I used my calling card and called my dad up, who called me back instead, so I don't have to pay ^^ ilu dad. We talked for about 30 minutes, catching up, and also getting his valuable feedback on my tasks and failing course... He always helps me feel better about whatever crap's that going on with my life :)

Almost immediately after that, I called my mum up =D Using the calling card, of course, which provided me 90 minutes of call, for just 10 dollars, it was quite nice hearing her voice, since for so long, we only communicated by e-mail almost everyday. We talked for about an hour =D 56 minutes, to be precise... about a lot of things... studies, my godparents, my previous relationship, my current home, etc. . I also talked to myuu a bit, complaining about my computer, of course 0:-)

Altho I actually had a different purpose for buying that calling card, but chances of using it for that purpose is so slim... so might as well... :P *bites bites*

Now then.. back to my essay... x_x

Males... and games =P

Last night when I came back from my dance class, my two housemates of the same floor somehow started commenting that I have many guy friends :P

I don't deny that, since I often feel that I get along better with guys, even since young. Being the only girl among my siblings, and the oldest girl among my cousins on my dad's side (back then wasn't as close to the extended family on mum's side), I grew up with guys.. Playing football as a kid, often being the goalie.. xD I remember once my uncle confiscated out football because we kept playing at the side of the house, possibly hitting pots and breaking window panes.. xD and being the only girl, I set out to retrieve the ball without being caught...

Then back at home, with my brothers, I used to wrestle with my younger brother... until he got taller than me tho xD then played many games with my older brother... I remember:
  • Heretic (and trying to get the eggs and turning the other player into a chicken) xD ,
  • Wolfenstein 3-D, (sparked my interest in languages, first foreign dictionary bought - German)
  • Doom (I & II) *always using the cheats 0:-) especially IDDQD, i think! xD unless it's a different game*,
  • Dune II - ahhh, the sandworm! xD ps. damn cute photo if you played the game =D and when playing this, I kept associating those windtraps as the Sydney Opera House
and many many more.. those games were just the beginning =P then along came Quake, AoE, Diablo II (I was too scared to play Diablo I), Warcraft :P and oh wait, SimCity 2!

I love computer games =D

Then even at this age, back in Malaysia, unlike most people, I don't really go clubbing (actually never did that before) but I did sometimes follow myuu to internet/gaming cafes just to have big multiplayer games, like Counterstrike or Battlefield...

So yeah, I do enjoy more guys stuff, I guess... as Wei Hon like to rub it in, that I'm actually one of the guys.. :P Kris thinks I'd have problems dressing up for a girl; up till now, I have little knowledge of putting on make-up, and plus.. I don't know how to cook =P

Ahh.. I also just remembered I used to play these little motorized cars (Tamiya) and even had my own car B)

But when it comes to guys that I'd fall for... barely any that I know around here.. my housemates did ask me my preference, but here in Aussie, there's truly none I'd prefer... I do enjoy hanging out with *most* of them, not all for various reasons :P but yeah; it would definitely be nice to know a decent guy who shares many if not all the same interests as me and never fails to make me happy ^^

Chasing Dreams


I slept early last night, being so tired after the long day... And today might be another long day, except that my morning is free... How I wished I woke up earlier.


The title isn't about chasing my ambitions or my dreams of going somewhere special, but more literal in this case.

Dreams when I sleep :P

No, this time I didn't get those special nightmares, however, I often have a kind of adventure-ish dreams, that involves chasing ppl, being chased (most frequent), kidnappings, dramas, etc...

So this time, I was 'protecting' someone from being caught by a mob, then later, I was caught myself, but I managed to escape... Then had to find someone to provide evidence of innocence, and the task to go there was hard... When in the end, I managed to block the 'bad ppl' from capturing me, thus, the favour of the whole adventure was tipped towards me, I woke up.

Feeling darn pleased and so exhausted :K Yeah, feeling exhausted when waking up from a long sleep at 8 AM... And there are many times this happened.

Satisfaction... from doing housework

Today, I decided to get all my chores out of the way.

So after a new session of 14-2hrs-class of Mandarin, I came home and continue working on my resume (basically patching up the mess I made with it last night), waiting for Balqis to come over to borrow my room for a nap before her next class.

While she was here, I did-
  • My laundry (wash and dry) but it took longer, because some ... :@ ... ppl left their clothes in the dryer for ages, and I had to wait a bit for one to be empty.. Even then, the other two (out of three) was still occupied when I'm done, so Sindy who did her laundry 5 minutes after me, had to wait till I'm done with my dryer so she can use it as well... Some ppl.. -.-
  • Vacuuming the living room.. including the stairs, that had a lot of grass from the relay =D
  • Scrub the kitchen floor.. boy was it dirty!
  • Clean my table fan from dust
After all that, I felt pretty exhausted and all.. but there was also a sense of satisfaction from having all these done, since this week that's my house duty anyway... Altho I usually avoid work of any kind, but when cleaning, and I can actually enjoy the affects after that, and see the results, makes me quite happy.

Same goes with cooking, actually... I don't actually detest cooking... I don't actually hate it... Given chance and leisure, I'd be trying to learn to cook some yummies myself... But what usually turns me away from cooking is expectations... particularly when I'm expected to know and do cooking just because I'm female...

Like now, I've learned to cook some really yummy dishes here :D And if I'm not too lazy, I'd try cooking them myself... vegetables too! :o

I love eating.. Eating is good.

*sigh*, another fail~ and eek

Just did my 2nd quiz today for my actuarial subject... while more things are starting to seem familiar to me now, but it's still another bad quiz, where I could hardly answer any question at all... Some of them I have an inkling on how to get them done, but I keep forgetting the details, and specific functions and variables... or steps...

I really want to get it right, but it isn't easy =/

And there's still the essays and assignments... I do wonder how I'll perform this semester...

On top of that, found two strands of white hair today O_O My first ever.. I am aware that my big brother myuu has had them for some time already, I don't know since when, but of course not too young then, and now, I have them too... altho it's just two and not prevalent... yet =P

So I texted my dad on the way to meet Balqis for lunch..

Me : Dad, I failed it again
Dad : it's ok, don't worry too much
Me : Not only that, i found my first two white hair also! Aha ha ha ha...
Dad : can always dye it red or purple.

xD I love it how he always lightens the mood ^_^

If I do dye my hair one day, I'm not sure what colour I'd use.. xD but as close to black as possible.. I don't really fancy brown, tho, especially the light coloured ones... well, we'll see, one day :P If I have to

Oh, and yesterday, got my tickets to go back home all paid for, so it's waiting for them to issue 'em.. and today, got my bank stuff and student stuff done ^_^

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