Officially a Graduate

5 days, 4 nights, 15 hrs of flight, morning/noon flights.

Seriously not enough. I only managed to squeeze in 3 full days in Sydney. It wasn't a holiday. It was a trip. I wished I had more time, but it's ok, hopefully it pays off.

Most of it was spent on campus, surrounded by my dear friends, whom I really miss. Given my short time there, it allowed me to reflect back of all our friendships, and makes me ponder of how it's gonna be like from here onwards.

Nevertheless, it's a blessing. :)

Pics have been uploaded on facebook, tho it's not all of them. I wanna post one here sometime soon tho, once I find a fitting one for here xD

I wanted to type a lot more, but.. I keep getting distracted o.o *blames having 5 convos and tonnes of tabs open on firefox* :P

The Week After

Work has begun, and my focus is to get into the groove of things. Waking up early, having little home time, thinking how to solve problems and more. I hope it doesn't take too long to get into the flow of things, but it does take a lot of effort. Thankfully things are going well so far, friendly colleagues, interesting tasks, lovely environment and more. (I shall not elaborate :P)

The only *really* bad thing that happened is having my foot stepped on with force by someone wearing thin heels.. and not thin as in short heels, but more like, the ones that can possibly pierce through solid matter (ok, I exaggerate a bit ;P). But nevertheless, it left a mark on my foot: a huge bruise that made walking painful.

I can still feel it right now, a lot less, but still there.

Oh, random things, I bumped into Zaid's family at Ikea, wow the children have grown up a lot :o They're still so cute and adorable tho! ^_^ Doubt that they remember me tho.

The next couple of months will be really busy. I'm hoping training will be done by then, so I could take time off in July...

Still, it's some time till then. So till then. Till then.

Next week I'll be off to Sydney. Feels kinda weird, for some reason.

Tomorrow I report to work

Thus, I've been lazy to blog and doing all sorts of other things. Among them, gaming.

Yep, how typical of me :P After the interview and medical checkup, which has stories of it's own, rather personal, but nevertheless, makes me go o.O Too personal to write here :P Sorry!

I've diverted from playing maplestory cuz the regional stuff just sucks, and it's so time consuming unless you have some spare cash. I have neither. From being cut off from allowance since the completion of my studies, to the waiting time before I am able to start work. Seriously, it's beyond my power :P

So instead, I've been playing a bit of Left 4 Dead, and Zombie Panic! Source. Been trying it out on my bro's account, and seems fun, I might invest it them someday.. someday :P after there's more cash inflow.

Of course, it's not all games. Besides the many never-ending chores in between, I watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic" yesterday. I've also did a bit of shopping (for work clothes, k?) and exploring... as, after all this while, I've never actually fully explored the malls at Mutiara D'sara. It's interesting to discover some "handy" shops, like the 'all rm5' shop, consisting of stuff from Japan, which I'm guessing came from the 100Yen shop. The size of the shop is impressive too, as it has... maaaany maaaaany things! On the 3rd floor of The Curve.

Now, back to tomorrow.. I start work. I think I'm very intimidated because of my unfamiliarity with the organisation. And its size :D Yet at the same time anxious to know what I have to do, what's to be done, and what can I do to be the best :D

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