To Bangkok and Back

Last weekend, I participated in the inter central bank games in Bangkok. The last time I visited Bangkok, was when my big brother was sailing the Optimist in Pattaya... (Optimist sailing is only for 15 year olds and younger, that's how long ago it was)

A bunch of pics have been posted up on facebook, and I'll just leave it as that. Irene took this awesome picture on the bus tho: :D

We placed second overall, and in all games too, except squash who got first! Congrats guys! ^^

Bangkok, is seriously an awesome place to shop!

Anyway, I've been meaning to post stuff about life priorities, but I think I better not :P

Instead, I'm gonna update my shop list ^_^

Ps. The new ipod nano is suuuuper cute *_*


Random: I've been meaning to blog here for a while, but when I have the blogger window open, I become clueless. When that happened again today during lunch hour, I ended up reading Nan's blog which I find superb with her command of English and the way she writes. Thanks Nan! :D I really really enjoyed it!

How many people down the street from your house, do you actually know? How often have you invited them over for tea, or hang out together from time to time?

If those questions were asked now, it would probably be 'very rarely' or 'never'.

But if you asked me when I was younger than 11 years old, I'd say 'all the time'.

Back in my childhood neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara, we pretty much knew the people left, right, front, back and several houses away. We often hang out and play. Maybe it was because we were young and carefree?

Yet still, after I moved to PJ at the age of 11, I barely knew the people who lived in this multi storey complex. And since then, I've moved from condo to condo, even as a university student, I stayed in some student apartment in Sydney. But Sydney was good :D We knew a lot of neighbours and hung out together at times.

What is a neighbourhood lately? I'm honestly ashamed at times that I don't know my neighbour well enough. I can only tell which car is theirs, and what time they usually leave for work.. xD

Hopefully this year would change things. :) I'm trying.

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