I'm now in Aarschot, Belgium. A couple of days ago I was in London. Slightly more than a couple of days ahead, I'll be in Germany. Visiting friends are so much fun.

The plane ride, not so much fun. I hate long plane rides xD But.. it was worth it :D

I've been trying to be careful with my arm, it seems to not hurt as often at night as it used to. Specifically at night when I sleep. Hopefully the ligament makes full recovery by Christmas, then I can start strength training it.

Lots of interesting stuff talked about and discussed. And happened, like coming here, being in a station where I could not understand anything I read xP

Oh, it's cold. really cold. :P

First Ever Physio

is painful :P
not damn painful, but painful enough :P

anyways, couldn't resist, this is soo cute:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Pains, Injuries and Results.. oh and Melb

After exams were over, things remained as hectic as ever. Didn't even realise it's been over a month since I last blogged o.O omg.

Anyway, sailing fun has given me some unexpected (srsly unexpected ;p) injuries and stuff. The last being a rope burn around my neck and a ligament tear on my right elbow. That happened on the 14th of Nov, and right now, the rope burn is healing well while my arm.. still can't be straighten. I fear that I'd be forced to fish out a lot of cash (80++ per visit) for physio.. x.x

Cash.. cash.. Strapped for cash at the moment.. Due to some circumstances, I had overpaid my tuition fees and is waiting the refund.. The refund is taking ages.

So many things happening.. I'm gonna go travelling with Amy soon. Gonna be awesome ^^ Just two weeks ago I was in Melbourne. Pics on facebook (as usual). I reckon my facebook tends to be more updated than my blog.. Guess 'cause it's a lot easier to update. xP

Exams exams.. Exams ended and results were announced last week. I'm gonna graduate! ^_^ Finally, lol =p

Oh, and it's summer now. DAMN HOT. :K

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