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So finally the four of us, Fiony, Muzi, Kris and I met up together for dinner in town. Supposed to meet up at 6 pm, but there some late comers :P I was a tiny bit late myself, because I went to the wrong place x.x

Anyways, we went for japanese food! At Takeru, somewhere in town, I couldn't remember the exact location. The food is okay, the ambiance is nice, the company is fun :)

There was a lot of talk trying to decide what to do after dinner tho. It was only about 8 o'clock when we finished eating, so they wanted to decide between karaoke, clubbing or movie.. I'd frankly choose movies xD but I wasn't exactly paying attn, and since Kris and Muzi didn't have their ID, so clubbing was canceled out. :D

So apparently, it was karaoke o_o; but before that, Fiony really wanted us to get some photos printed on sticker... xD and here it is:

Kris wasn't too keen about it... xD but glad he joined in anyways.

Karaoke was... o_o we had to go to a specific one because Fiony wanted Indonesian songs.. so okay, we went there.

And don't ask if I sang or not :P

I don't think I ever want to go again xD

I'm Happy, I'm Happy Too! ^^

Despite all the studying that I have to do and stuff.. preparing for my next quiz, hopefully pass this time...

I'm happy ^_^

I just am!

And I wish I can elaborate more, but I cannot! xD


On more serious stuff, I think I did okay on my mid-session exam; I'm taking things better, thanks to some wonderful advice from myuu, and also I just looooooove dancing xD

For the last lesson in two or three weeks time, we're suggested to dress up a bit for fun, and to do that.. I need shoes.. xD I really can't be wearing my sports shoes to do ballroom dancing anymore.. I even find it hard to dance in them.. But to wear heels... I'm also afraid of them XD

We'll see how it goes, most likely gonna get some pics then :O

Vanny stalks me 0:-)

I just had to use that as a title for fun xD

*huggles Vanny* xD You're truly my good twin xD

You just HAVE to come to Australia here for the ice chocolate and such... or come to Malaysia if I'm back at home by then xD

It's still funny how we met, and not really talk in the beginning, but now, look at the ultimate lurker being the hyperactive one ;)

Hehe, thanks for your friendship as well, glad you're around especially when I need a friend to lean upon =) And your energy, excitement and performance in the guild war was truly inspiring ^^


Another of my Mandarin Class homework.. xD Teacher says my handwriting is really neat.. hahaha, but funny thing, is that I'm still unable to recognize all those characters... perhaps only about 90% or so.. and maybe I do recognize and able to read, but I can't understand xD


It's starting to make sense

I went to actl class today, and for the first time, I brought my notes from back in UiTM with me to class... And now it makes more sense

Finally.. lol

But I still have a lot to work on. Not to forget all the other assignments I have at the same time :K

Besides that, I also tried to become more 'assertive'. I talked to the person sitting next to me and she helped me a lot to understand what's happening in class. And I got her e-mail too, so in case I need to ask something.. =D

One Essay Down!

And many more to go~ xDDDD AHHH

Me being me, I was up till 4 AM till I finally finished my essay/report

*is so happy*

but it's way from over, still have so much to do xD

and I'll do it! I'll do it!

More Essay Stuff

From my Feelings Record:

"I could go on and on, as I like to be heard, and to be able to share something about myself, makes me happy, as long as there’s someone willing to listen and take interest in what I have to say. I often enjoy reflecting how my life has been like, even though it’s only for 22 years, I tend to wonder what could have happened if things were not this way. "

So much stuff to write on, but I look at my assignment, and I'm like, would the lecturer even read all this? lol.. I don't know, but I'll just do my best :)

Post - Relay Madness

So I was out 'camping' at the team's website.. the UNSW Badminton Club team and we were one of the only few that didn't have a tent xD

my first shift was at 5 pm.. I ran/jogged a total of 7 laps in that 20 minutes shift, then went off to eat some food, before going for dance, then another shift, then dance again...

First madness:
6 pm - ballroom dance
7.20 pm - second relay shift
7.40 - 9 pm - ballroom dance
9.40 - third relay shift

I was damn tired xD Plus, I switched one of my early morning shifts with Wei Hon, so I took his 1 AM shift, while he takes my 4.40 AM shift

Second madness
Close shifts: 12 AM, 1 AM, 2.20 AM

Then I went home, bwahahaha, and slept in my cozy bed till 6 plus, before my final shift, which is 7 AM. Then slept again until before the closing ceremony at 10 AM

Third madness:
Sleep schedule: 3.00 AM - 6.15 AM; 7.40 AM - 9.30 AM

Post - Relay Madness:
Went home after packing stuff up, then was chatting on the computer a bit, when I had to rush out to do grocery shopping which is usually saturday mornings, then on the way there, suddenly decided to watch a movie, and we watched Shooter, after having lunch; then we did the shopping.

Then back home, still at the computer, hoping to get a start on work, then went out for dinner o_o and now i'm back home again... no naps yet.. i'm amazed at myself xD

Total laps done: approx 25 by me
Total laps done by the team, approx 400
Total hours of the relay: 18 hours

Results: My body is sore and aching :P

So it has come...

It's Friday the 20th of April.. and I'm restless and feeling unorderly

Waking up, I immediately went to get laundry done, because I'll be so occupied the next couple of days. I'm still working on my essay, thankfully I've finished most of the main part, but the appendices is also something to work on a lot.

Soon, I have to go out and get some supplies for the run, including drinks, snacks, and anything else.. I need to get printing paper as well.

Then setting up the team's 'camp' near the Oval where the run is held, and so it begins... the overnight relay o_o

I wonder how I manage..

My Paper Heart - The All American Rejects


My Personality

So... the Career Research & Assessment Report was handed back to me yesterday, detailing my personality, strengths and weaknesses... and such.

Most of the stuff in the report was quite an accurate description of me, but there was this one part about me being approachable that didn't seem quite right... Perhaps because I am a quite reserved person, I was described as someone who may seem unfriendly and hard to approach, but I think that when the ice is broken, I'd be a very chatty and friendly person... well, that's what I think, I could be wrong.

Btw, again I wonder who frequents my blog xD Pls leave a comment if you do ;*

Back to what I was saying, the report outlined some of my characteristics:
  • I have high textual and numerical reasoning Smart :D 0:-)
  • I am extremely reserved, prefering to work alone I guess in a way I am reserved, but I do wish I could work better with people
  • I tend to be mistrusting of others, suspicious of others' motives and intentions, feeling like they're taking advantage of me This is kinda true.. unfortunately.. but yeah...
  • I'm unlikely to express disagreement in an effort to avoid conflict or argument Yeah... x.x
  • Slight tendency to worry about things ROFL, I get this all the time.. xD
  • Somewhat impatient with others and may become a little frustrated is things take too long or plans required to change True.... =/
My Self Development section made me laugh a bit, tho xD especially the Approachability part

Being reserved...

"People with similar results describe themselves as being quite happy working or spending time alone with creative activities, their computers or with machinery."

*thinks dancing, my vaio and the ps2*

Regarding Assertiveness

"Ask for what you want" I do try, but more often than not, I don't get what I want, so I usually don't ask... :P
"Be willing to say no at times" This is also a problem I face... o_o
"Be honest" depends on the situation.......................... I rant a lot, but I don't have the heart or w/e to tell a person straight...

Anyways, that was a bit of an insight of the report I received xD I definitely enjoyed reading it.. And now I have to go back to writing my essay about that.. :P


Yeah.. again o_O

Concentrated on my mgmt course today... particularly 2725, which is Career Planning and Management...

The task doesn't seem hard, but it's still a lot to do and tedious.. and my biggest problem is that I don't know myself well enough.. as in, I'm confused with my own choices and paths that I'm treading on; so how do I explain about myself in a report, when I don't know what I want to do? O_o

Lots of work that is do-able is fine.. But lots of work that I don't have much of an idea on how to do it bites...

Assignments, Assessments and Ahhhhh!

Mgmt subjects:
2725 - Still not done.. doing the readings and understanding all these concepts while having conflict within my ownself.. it's hard; since I can't make up my mind on what I want out of life... Too much things to consider...
1101 - Ahhh, these weekly journals are a pain =/ But at least I kinda got it done, except for one bit where I just can't figure out how to access the Newsbank for an article on the business environment of India

Econ subject:
1102 - Bleh; guess I'm glad my presentation is done and submission returned with a good mark, however, mid-sessions are approaching really fast x.x

Actl subject:
2002 - I'm supposed to be good at this.. but why am I struggling so much? =/

Relay for Life:
Amount collected so far (cash and online): 65 aud, still a bit off my target..

I still feel so pressured, plus I'm such in a dilemma.. Feels like I'm torn apart, and I can't make decisions or tell them, because I just care too much, and so afraid of the consequences... The future scares me so, yet I'm eager to move on... I fear it, I don't know what to do; I can't give an answer, I can't tell the future.. I can't help it... Should I take the risk and go on, or do I turn back and seek my old shelter? I don't know.. dreams vs. reality... I dream, but to what extent would dreams come true now? Do I leave things behind and pursue my dreams, or do I see the what's in front of me now? I don't know...

FFR! Whee! Running! Whee!

Janna introduced me to an online version of DDR, and initially I was terrible at it, but after a few plays, I'm starting to improve :D

I quite enjoy FFR in between work =D Checkout my profile B)

Also, I'm collecting donations for the Relay For Life, so please support me ;* I'll be running overnight.. ahhhh, i have shifts at midnight, 2 am, 4 am and more xD I'm still anticipating the event anyway, seems to be quite exciting

*goes back to doing uniwork...* x.x

Yuko Ogura - Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko

The singer of the ending song of school rumble (I think) xD She looks so much like Tenma-chan xD

Japanese Food!!!

Clockwise from top left, Irene, Yoke, me and Marcel

Japanese Food is YUMMMM! I had Unagi~ wheee! and vegetarian okonomiyaki =^_^= Most of the dishes are vegetarian, since Irene is a vegetarian, but it's still so delicious anyway :D

Irene couldn't imagine how I could eat a "snake" xD but unagi (eel) is just my favorite japanese food. xD Marcel even tried the unagi for the first time and also agreed he never expected that an unagi can taste yummy.. hehehe

Hmm.. I should start getting my work done soon...

Mid-session break, whee!

I just love to dance. I love it I love it I love it xD
I need to buy dancing shoes.. :P Latin and Ballroom Dancing in trainers just doesn't seem right xD


Did... really badly in my quiz :P But better than I actually expected.. hahaha
I'll pass... hopefully =P yes, i will! :K

Tomorrow night, dinner with Irene and Yoke, whee! Japanese Food... YAY


*bites* ;)

3 more days... :K

So Confused, and the First of April

I'm so confused about everything.. life... career... identity... relationships... everything... who am I?

Was trying to complete an assignment for my career planning and management course... and in this assignment, we had to clear all forms of distractions and start sorting out aspects of life that is our priority in a descending order... I couldn't even pick one aspect that I prioritize the most. Not only that, my mind went into a mess, I couldn't think straight. All sorts of arguments popped up in my head.

Why can't life be so much simpler?

Anyways, putting that aside, yesterday was April Fool's day, but I didn't do any tricks or such. Instead, I followed Uncle Norman and his wife and Chen Wu to Thirroul for an art/sculpture exhibition by the beach. It was amazing. For the first time, I had many pics of myself taken... but mostly on Uncle and Aunty's camera, and I'm yet to receive the photos, but here's one that was taken on my own camera:

Those ducks are one of the exhibition xD This is currently my desktop wallpaper.. =D Once I get more photos, I'll most likely put them on Still Snaps... quite a lot to add there, actually, just can't be bothered at the moment...

Oh.. and last night... I had a "nightmare". No, it's not the typical scary dream... Some ppl would understand why I call it a nightmare, but I won't elaborate more :P *kicks the nightmare anyway* xD

Also just bought a calling card today... so who shall I call...?

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