No Strings Attached

Two days before the year ends.

I'm beginning to wonder... What have I done, what am I doing, and what am I gonna do...

This month has been another very trying month for me... moving, icing, online drama, adapting, internet, financially... But at this moment, what I do feel like doing, is breaking free of everything...

I don't want to be attached, don't want to be bounded, don't want to continue anything... Just be free, on my own... This both applies to online, and offline...

Frankly, I don't know how to achieve this... I care too much of what other people think.. as some say, I worry too much, I'm afraid of making people upset at me

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately... especially about my relationships - friends, family, Zaid... I'm actually questioning myself, why? Am I really doing what I want? Am I happy? Or is it just a facade?

I don't know...

The End of 2006

And wow, I really got lazy this year... hahaha... I'm actually amazed I posted so much last year... So much has happened... Online and offline... And perhaps it's the time to reflect, and learn from mistakes...

When things happen, they happen.. tough, no use worrying about it... So my dad says. I spent a lot or most of my leisure time ever since I arrived in Aussie online, making friends, caring for them... chatting with them... I cared. I trusted. I loved. But now... All the things I did that I thought was being a good person and such, seems to backfire... So now... I have learnt my lesson... which is, to shut up :P

Lol, anyways, things did happen. And it did hurt. So at this rate, quitting seems very very welcoming.. true that it may also seem like running away from problems, but at the same time, why cause the problems in the first place?

Anyhow, I've moved to Barker Apartments for almost a month, and I think life in UNSW will only get better :) Thanks to BNM. New housemates (at least all girls), no arguing couples o.o, etc... Well, I do hope it gets better :D *kicks self* xD

On another note~ I've signed up for Mandarin 1A class!!! wheee! scheduled to start on the 8th of Jan :D for 3 weeks

Fixed Blog

LOL!! seems like i disabled some kind of settings in the Settings page... well, i think it's fixed now... at least, i think it is :P

Anyhow... it's about time I revive this blog again :D

But now, I'm falling asleep, so next time then...

Btw, thank you, Steven!

A Test Post

To see if it will work correctly when i post this. This post SHOULD have 3 paragraphs.

This onwards should be paragraph #2.

And here is the third one... So Steven is helping me solve this annoying problem.. let's see if it works ;)

Blog Skins/Templates

Well... since I'm kinda cutting down on neo, I have some free time to finally manage my blogged... However... It's a mess.. I don't what is wrong with it.

I just changed to the new blogger, which seems nice and fancy to me, but My posts are all jumbled up, no new paragraphs, unlike how when I write up the post.

Plus, I can't access this blog using IE, but only using Firefox... ahh =/ no idea


I have a lot of free time.. But still, i'm lazy... Plus, I haven't gotten broadband here yet.. internet is pricey.. 4.4c perMB... at this rate i'm using internet just to chat on neopets and on msn, i'm already using up at about 5 aud per day... X.X and my room has never had the telephone connected ever before, so it would cost me 299 aud just to create a new line, just so that I can subscribe to broadband at around 50 aud per month... then there's line rental at 20 aud/month

eep... i guess it's still cheaper then spending about 150 aud per month on uniweb and not even able to use my webcam and such...

and tnt is still being a pain... no reply on my frozen account, and they keep leaving me hanging on customer support

Blog Stil on Hold :P

I'm still lazy, plus, Zaid's around =P


Sat for finals, finished finals, moved to Barker Apartments-

Left my guild, rejoined later, then today, i got frozen-

Went shopping, tried nice chocolate, still need a lot more to buy-

Anyhow, blog still on hold =P *pokes Nads hard*

Blog On Hold


#1 I'm lazy
#2 Exams
#3 I'm more occupied with other things than posting in my blog
#4 I'm just plain lazy

A month before I came to Aussie...

REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER as I'm too lazy to shift the pics around :P SO read/view from bottom to up :D

One of my most proudest moment... And one of my favorite picture too.. Me and my mom, after the prize awarding ceremony... Nobody expected me to win a single medal, and that the best position they tought i could get was 4th... *Hugs silver medal*

Singing the State song... if only i won the gold medal... hahaha

Me, Ain, and Vivian...

This is the whole sailing team from my state =) Note that I'm the only girl in the team xD Can you find me? ;)

Finally launching the boat into the sea~!

When the boats are ready, and there's no wind... This is what we do... :D

Almost done with boat preparation! :D I'm so tanned after sailing and training so much xD

Still preparing the boat... my teammate is preparing his boat next to me =D

Long ago, I wouldn't be able to lift up nor balance the mast with the sail on it... and now i can! :D

Chilling out, and taking pics xD

More of the team =)

Me, my teammate (Hafizi) and coach (Sahril, who's only 2 yrs older than me)... Notice that my hair was very long... I had it cut just after his camp =D

During athlete's preparation camp, organized by our state :) My coach, teammate and me, with our State Flag (Selangor). This is the Laser Radial Team, and the other sailors you'll see, is the Optimist Team... Optimist if only four sailors under the age of 15 :P

A month before I went to Aussie, I was involved in the Malaysian Games, and won a silver medal in the Laser Radial Ladies category =)

Is there something wrong with my template?

For some reason, it doesn't come out in paragraphs anymore... TO me, that is... I wonder why :S

Anyway, there's only one more week of lecture, then it'll be finals... I've a lot of reading to do for Managing Across Cultures, and Microeconomics 1... Then need lots of practice for Accounting and Financial Management 1B


Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya again :) It's definitely some sort of experience not celebrating with my family, but it's alright :)

Masih tengah mencari tempat yang baru untuk tinggal... Tak selesa duduk sini... Tak sabar nak pindah =)

Culture? Race? Ethnics?

Coming from Malaysia, a multi-racial place that's known for the diversity in culture... Yet, racism to a certain extent, still exists... Heck, it exists everywhere, as much as we try to combat it, and integrate with each other...

I don't know how prevalent it is, in Malaysia, but from my observation since school times, most of the cliques that form, are by people of the same race... that is Malay with Malay, Chinese with Chinese, Indian with Indian... But of course, this is just a generalization, and not EVERYONE is like that...

-to be continued after I finish this darn report-

Nads said...

rasicm is always there. no matter how much we want to get rid of it,it will always be there. reality is that everyone wants their race to be a step ahead than the rest. it seldom is personal rather than for survival.

I got that comment from Nads, even before I actually got to finish this post xD *bites you* but yeah, I do agree to a certain extent :)

Actually, I had a lot to say, back then, when i started writing this post, but now, 10 days later, I kinda forgot what I wanted to say... but it did have a lot to do from observations, and added from studying Managing Across Cultures

It also stemmed up from the report I was working on, which was also for that mgmt subject, entitled Ethical Cultural Relativism: Bribery in USA and China, and in that report, we justified why bribery CAN be ethically RIGHT... go us :P

Anyhow, live's been a lot better now, finals up soon, and in a month's time, i'll be happily in my summer holidays... looking for a new place to stay.. studio apartment sounds awesome... maybe i'll rent a two bedroom apartment and rent out the rooms... we'll see

World Trade Center

BTW, i forgot to mention at the last post, that after my last class, i had break fast in Kingsford, then I had a group research project meeting right up till 10 PM in the uni's library... rawr!

Ok, back to the present :D

Today we were supposed to meet again to do up the report... Kris, Muzi and I met at one at the library... don't know if we did much progress... it was ok... i guess... but i also need to understand what am i researching better...

Anyway, we're all rather tired and stressed out with all this... most prominent was Kris and Muzi, since they're both kinda at odds with each other... hahaha... (tries to stay on the fence)

So after the last lecture today, Kris and I went to EastGardens for a movie and we watched WTC... It was ok, I guess, a bit too long for me, but me being the person who doesn't usually feel for things, I didn't really find it touching my heart or tapping into my emotions, as I heard it did to a lot of people...

Oh well, but I did manage to do some grocery shopping after the movie... Finally have more food at home, YIPPEE

Today is the day...

After my last post, I stopped doing anything and just lied down on my bed and think... What if I could drop this subject and take the prerequisite, i thought...

It won't be easy, since I've passed the deadline for dropping courses... But the thought of putting it aside, and savage my other failing courses seems like a very good idea... But still... dropping it now will fail that actuarial course... but if i don't drop it, i failed it anyway :P

Dilemma... what to do?

After a lot of encouraging words from my family, I've finally accepted that I've failed this course, and to not worry about it anymore =) More important right now, is to buck up my other courses, which has been greatly affected due to my level of stress in trying to understand actl2003...

My dad words, were like: There will always be times, when things don't go the way you wanted or planned it to be... And when that happens, just tough, no use worrying about it...

And welcome to the real world...

Hehehe... *hugs him tight* Always made me feel comfortable when things go wrong... always help me accept things, when they really go wrong... =)

Okay =^_^=

So..., on Wednesday, I attended a dinner for recipients of the Golden Jubilee Scholarship...
During the dinner, I met with the Assoc Dean of my faculty... which is also the person who recruited me for the scholarship, i heard... he told me that if i have any problems, just contact him... so i did... :)

The Assoc Dean presenting the scholarship certificate to me =]
Pics at the dinner were taken by someone from the ISS =D

Intense and Stressful

I'm having my midsession holiday, ya...

So... I wanted to devote my holidays to studying my worst subject this semester... I have a total of nine weeks of lecture to study, and about nine days of holiday... It's already day seven, and I'm still stuck at week one's lecture...

Ugh... As much as I try and tell myself I can do it, somehow, I'm still so afraid that I can't catch up in time, for the second test in two weeks, and finals in a month... As much as I stared and looked at the lecture notes, the examples from the text, only half of it looks familiar and understandable.... As for the rest, it's like a foreign language to me...

I've really lost my confidence in passing this course... passing... not talking about getting higher distinctions or anything, i just want to pass... and that itself, is not in sight at all...

Thus, I'm scared... and I'm very unused to this much amount of work that I need to put in, in order to survive uni here... I'm scared, that my scholarship may be compromised, if I do fail the course... I'm afraid, that this failure, might taint my qualifications for life... In bottom line, I'm scared to fail...

I'm embarrased, that now that it's already week ten, I'm still struggling to understand week one's notes... I've lost my confidence, in getting through this... I'm so depressed, and stressed out because of this...


On the other hand, went to city again, to meet up with the group for my management research project... doing some research on the ethical differences between America and Indonesia... Pics will come later, when I have the time and mood to post them... on Still Snaps, of course... but here's one of them:

me slacking off, while Fiony discusses stuff with Kris
Pic taken by Muzi

The Day before Ramadan and the First Day

First of all, I'd like to wish all my muslim friends a very happy Ramadan, and selamat berpuasa =)
I just had mi goreng for sahur, but at least i cooked rice, eggs and veggies (tried szechuan today) for break fast at 5.50 PM ;)

Anyway, yesterday was another eventful day =) Lots of goofing around in the morning on MSN, complete with on the spot self made poems :P This one is by Charley about me, and that's the poem that triggered the creation of all sorts of poems, good, bad, and naughty xD

Oh her name is Ayin

She may be cryin

but inside shes a lion

insult her n you'll be fryin

possibly diein

but her shoe laces? she cant tie'em

Being glued to the PC for all sorts of funny poems they came up, it was already 10.40 AM when I rushed out to meet up with Lachlan and Jozz...

From left: Lachlan, Jozz and Me

Lachlan was already waiting for me at Central station, and we just chit chat while he finished up his breakfast from Hungry Jacks (which is literally Burger King). Little did we know that Jozz was already there as well, as she arrived early. We were supposed to meet at 11.30 AM, and I knew that Lachlan will arrive aat 11.10 AM, that's why I left early...

It's our first meeting with Jozz, and my second meeting with Lachlan, but definitely not the last ;) After meeting up with Jozz as well, we took the train to North Sydney Station, where I'll be meeting Shereen and Tetsuo (Tet, Shereen's bf) for lunch.

From left: Shereen and me

More pics on Still Snaps, as usual :P
So the five of us ate at a Malaysian restaurant near the station... I had chicken rice, it was SO good! Just like the one at home... but i liked Jozz's satay better! xD Will definitely go back there again one day

After lunch, we walked around, to the harbour, where I started attacking them with my camera... as usual :D Tottaly scenic... Then we walked through the theme park, towards the train station to head back to Central. But along the way, we encountered a flea market ^^ So we girls went through the market, while Lachlan and Tet went to the church while we shop.. hehehe... we didn't buy anything anyway :P

After that, it was time for Tet to head back to his church for some activity or something, Shereen, Lachlan, Jozz and I took a train back... Shereen got down one stop before Central to go back home, so it's just the three of us left, the Neopians :D

Back at Central, we just crossed the road and sat down on the grass on Hyde Park (i think)... another chilling session, where we just talk and joked and fight (they confiscated my digicam) =P

Jozz had to go off at 4 PM, so Lachlan and I walked her back to Central and we met her mum =D She's tall!

After that, Lachlan and I decided to take in a movie... hahaha... man... it was ok =) then we had dinner, and Lachlan took the 7.18 PM train back to Penrith... I took the bus home, and reached my room around 8 PM =)

A long day, but definitely enjoyable! Looking forward to meet up with all of you again =)

The party, from left: Jozz, Lachlan, Tet and Shereen... (I'm the cameraperson this time) =P

Post Graduation =)

It's been a week since I last took off after my midsession test for microeconomics and headed home to Malaysia

On the way home, I had three seats all to myself... muahahaha... but the annoying family in front of me.... ugh.... it's dark, we want to sleep, the plane lights are off... and they just had to take numerous pics on the plane with flash, and i just had to shield myself from the blinding light

And they keep standing up... All the time... meh :P

On the way back, when I went to my seat, there was this old makcik sitting on it, and her son trying to pack their stuff to put on the overhead compartment... when i told him she's sitting on my seat, and clarified it by pointing to the diagram that shows that my number is the seat next to the window, not his mom's... he just said hold on, and just continued to pack his stuff (which was a lot), holding up the traffic of people wanting to fo to their seats, and only when he finished packing, he asked his mother to move out, so that I can get in... :K

Besides that, I felt like the makcik keeps glancing at me, and my tv, probably because she doesn't know how to operate hers... as i watch "she's the man" and laugh at funny moments, she'd turn her head and look at me, bewildered :P

Luckily I was skinny, because her arm kept coming over to my seat :P

Anyway, graduation was awesome =) Felt truly happy and bewildered to meet all my ex-unimates again... and one lecturer...

Only sad and dissapointing thing, is that after we exited the hall, most of my mates dissapeared... almost all of them, in fact... thus, the small number of photos, which will be available on Still Snaps... That was pretty dissapointing, as one of the reasons I flew back was to celebrate this joyful moment with them... but oh well... at least i get to do some shopping as well ;) (hugs new jeans, t-shirt and maggi) :D

The reason why this post is late, is because I had so much work to do, especially researching on Richard Branson for a presentation on Tuesday... plus, there were tutorials (which i actually did, this time, only to find out i did the wrong questions) and now i'm researching Business Ethics for my group research project... Mid session recess finally started, but I have to put in a lot of effort to catch up with my actuarial studies... trying out one question during the tutorial, really made me realize, that my brain is so damn rusty from differentiation, integrals and all those basic stuff... yikes... plus there's the bnm stuff to scan and send...

Was also involved in a little drama of my own online... regarding friends and trust... and i'm not gonna say much, since it's a very long story... and yeah, it made me cry again (who ever thought Naz could cry) on Wednesday morning... but one thing for sure, I fully trust Avais, Sharon, Bram, Helen, Steven, Stephen (Stevo), and Charley... You guys are truly the most amazing people I've met online, and never failed to put a smile on my face, everytime you guys log onto MSN, and always hear me out during my outbursts and ranting, without putting me down, accepting me for who I am, and understanding my rantings, tho you may not always agree, but you guys still make me feel special, and also make me accept myself, and erase away my fears... give me advice to do the right stuff (like not skipping classes, lol) ;) I will always always cherish your friendships... I love you guys so much =) No matter what others think, no matter if their opinions differ... My opinion about you guys, will never change. Neither will our friendship.

Tomorrow I'll be going to town, tho... meeting up with Shereen, and bringing along Lachlan AND Jozz!! yeah!! we'll finally be able to meet =) (neopians) =P



*goes back to studying for economics test*

Sudah pukul 11.33 malam... ahad

Selang beberapa hari aku tak tulis apa-apa... Saja terfikir kali ni nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu... Hanya enam hari lagi, untuk kita sama-sama meraikan hari konvokesyen di UiTM Shah Alam... Tak sabar betul aku nak balik!!!

Memang cara aku tulis ni, macam... skema sikit... hahaha, susah betul nak tulis... kali terakhir aku tulis dalam BM adalah semasa aku tulis karangan masa di temubual di BNM... Sejak hari tu, aku tak dengar lagi berita dari mereka... Hm...

Esok ada ujian akauns... Ah, malas betul aku nak baca... Mula-mula, subjek ni antara subjek yang aku susah nak faham... konsepnya semua berbeza dengan apa yang kita belajar dulu... sini lebih rumit... pastu, ada tambah lagi jenis akaun yang berlainan... urgh....

Lagi satu, sini memang sibuk... mula-mula sebelum aku datang sini, aku ingatkan tempat ni relax sikit... rupanya terbalik.. hahaha, aku sendiri susah nak ikut kelas kat sini... dah berapa kelas dah aku tak pergi... untuk kelas aktuari lagilah aku tak tau.... sampai sekarang tak pernah faham apa yang diorang ajar....

Masa pun pantas berlalu... Tak sempat pun, aku nak cuba mengingati apa yang aku telah belajar sebelum ni... Tak sabar pun nak cuti... Memang susah... Sampai sekarang aku fikir nak lulus je, subjek tu... itupun tak tau boleh ke tak...

Selepas peperiksaan akauns esok petang, baru lega sikit... pastu ujian ekonomi pulak hari jumaat... itupun bolehlah... subjek yang paling aku selesa dengan....


Khas untuk Steven Vermeeren...

I received awesome news, and I don't know who to share it with

Today, I woke up, feeling so refreshed after a long day... and spent the morning reading a chapter on Leadership, to prepare it for my group discussion meeting later with Alex and Diana...

Internet this morning was being crappy, so couldn't do much research online... so nothing interesting happened in the morning, had lunch around 12 PM... then went to PASS Class for ACCT1511... it was full :K had to sit on the floor... i went to that class last week at the same time, and there was barely any people when i entered the room... then it's ACCT1511 lecture after that...

Then, it's one hour to kill, before the meeting.. so i just went back home, because i was hungry and wanted to have a snack... nicely slurping something that's like a maggi in cup, when the gmail notifier popped up with a new e-mail


Would appreciate if you coulod contact me soonest possible. This is
regarding your application for Bank Negara's scholarship.

I panicked xD

I ran downstairs to get the house phone and use my calling card... but i don't know how to use funny phones here, and i had difficulty getting the dial tone... only then with the help of my housemate, i realized that i coudln't get a dial tone, because my landlord was on the phone!!! XD

After finally finding my Maxis Sim Card, I called BNM right away... nervous, excited, jumpy...

He answered...

And told me that my scholarship application is successfull!

I was so happy... I wanted to tell someone, wanted to tell the world! But I didn't want to gloat/brag, I just wanted to share this happy news, with people who'd be happy for me, and not spite me...

So the first place I went... online... posted on the guild board, and the people who were talking to me on MSN, including myuu... and then e-mailed mom... then with the sim card still in, i called my dad :D

But it wasn't enough, i was still excited and hyper, and most of my online friends who I cherish wasn't online yet... Anyhow, had to meet up with Diana and Alex :) with a happy thought

Another long day~

Another hectic week + weekend... My tuesdays are always hectic :S

MGMT1102 test this morning, then my ECON1101 report due after the test, and there's tutorial homework due at 2 PM

In between, two meetings: one with Diana from Germany and Alex from somewhere and didn't turn up xD then a lunch meeting with Kris and Muzi... Both meetings were to discuss MGMT1102 projects, one about Ethics and Social Responsibility, the other on Leadership...

Then after the tutorial class which ended at three, met up again, with Kris and Fiony (also on the MGMT1102 project)

Next, I had to go to a travel agent, and see how much it may cost to purchase a ticket here, from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney (I already have my ticket to go home, just not to come back here) :P

Now I'm home ^^

Think I did okay for the test, and ACCT1511 quiz came back, got 10/18, and i'm so happy because i passed XD

Such a difference, from how it was like in Malaysia... I'd aim to get full marks, or at least the best in the class, and here I am, in Australia, hoping for a pass... :P

Why I avoid cooking

Yesterday was nice... managed to complete my economics report despite procrastinating so much... Now I just have to proof read it and refine the report.

Today, I decided that I'll cook rice and a couple of dishes... I cooked rice enough for two meals, so that I can make fried rice again, omelette with onions, and stir fried veggies... It was a nice meal, and I felt very bloated... then when i went back to the kitchen... seeing all the pots and pans and stuff i used to prepare and all... just made me feel tired... urgh...

Fried rice is easier. At least I just use one plate for everything...

And it seems my carrots have 'expired'

One progress this week, is that i only had instant noodles just one time. And that was because the meal i had in McDonalds on that day, wasn't enough to last me the night. I seldom go to McDs, but a friend wanted to meet up with me for business purposes... Which I will elaborate later...

I also received a note about three days ago, from Jim, the owner of the house who lives here as well, that he accidentally switched the power off to the fridge that I share with my housemate. So there goes all my frozen food, but he said he'll reimburse the damages, so that's a good thing...

Missed today's grocery shopping trip, because I don't have much to buy, and I didn't want to wake up xD

Spring is here, finally! Officially, i mean... went to the dance class yesterday not wearing a jacket ^^ I've even chucked my heater into the cupboard... Nice weather we have now!!!

Yesterday's dance class was a lil funny... At least, I enjoyed it... this time, only the guy was around to teach, and he gave us a nice break from ballroom dancing and thought us the basics for cha-cha-cha... that was awesome! Kris was having a lot of difficulty with the waltz, tho, because yesterday, we did so much turns and changes, that he kinda got disoriented... At least this time, there's only one extra girl, unlike last week...

Anyway, back to the McD's meeting, Mas met up with me, with a guy from India, and as I nibble on my Filet O Fish, that guy gave me a presentation on Amway and NetworkTwentyOne... some sort of multi-level marketing... From what I could understand, it's like BonusLink, where I just shop at this online thing, and the more I spend, the more I get back... and by referring ppl to it, i get more back again, with bonus... I think it's a way to get more ppl to buy from them... more and more, and loyal customers, who eyes the benefits....

There's a seminar/event on this thing that I'm supposed to attend (paid 20 bucks for the ticket after the presentation) but after thinking through, I'm just not really interested... basically because I prefer to go shopping in malls, rather than online... And I just don't want to go out to town at night... Next time, I will be forward enough to say No on the spot, regardless if it'll offend my friend or not...

Anyhow, seems like a lot of business going direct to consumers... Telstra called me on my mobile phone (I'm under Vodafone), and offered me a package... more like a two year contract, so that I use Telstra, and for that, they'll give me a new phone, 300 AUD worth of credit, and some other benefits to go with it... They said that my phone number was once under Telstra and sold off, and now they're hoping to buy back the number, and get back some business i guess... so in this case, i think they just want business and customers bound by contract, so we may not stray away... sounds like a good deal to me, actually, since i don't really care what telecom network i use, but most ppl here use Optus or Voda... so we'll see....

I love weekends...

Back in Malaysia, I actually had a full time schedule... at the office during weekdays, then sailing on weekends... hardly had time for myself...

After I finished my internship, it was full time sailing... even on weekdays, to prepare for the games... which photos i've uploaded on Still Snaps...

Now, in Australia, my schedule is a mess :D At least, I'm sorting that out... With a nice new printer (but noisy) in my room, I managed to print out all my course notes, lectures and tutorials that I will be needing for this week... well.. almost :D just a couple more things to print, but i'll wait till morning... since it's late already....

Also rearranging my sleeping schedule... lately kept taking naps, especially after eating xD Had fried rice today, since I found my missing leftover rice in the other fridge, i made fried rice with one big onion, one big carrot (the smallest i could find, hehe) , garlic, and cabbage. Next time, I'll put less onions, less oil, more garlic, and maybe other stuff like eggs or beef or both or more =D

Well, it may not look so tasty, but hey, it's my first try! :D It smelled so good, and it tasted good... to me, at least :D most of the carrots are hidden underneath, tho...

When cooking the veges, especially onions, it smelled wonderful... Now that I finally pushed myself to cook one meal like this, i think i can do it again... i think :D

I've a presentation Tuesday, and I'm feeling quite happy about it, just for listening well in class... hahaha... the lecturer is good... I'll be presenting about tariffs on imported cars... a familiar subject ^^ maybe it's a good thing i didn't have advance standing for microeconomics... sometimes i do wish i can start from year one, instead of having advance standing... oh well, it gets me the scholarship ^^

Still no news from Bank Negara tho... even other candidates have not heard from them... even tho they said they'll notify both success and failures... I did receive some missed calls on my malaysian sim card that i don't recognize tho...

I'm seriously making a change... I have to... Else everything will even more chaotic :P

Some pics of me that I found rudy took, two-three days ago :D


Saturday morning grocery shopping

Total for 34 items $102.20

That's like, RM270? xD

I bought food and candy and drinks and food!!! I'm just so happy, because my fridge is stocked, my cupboard is filled... and we'll see how long these food can last me :D

Found my 'missing rice' in the main fridge, instead of the usual one... :P

Also today, sent my mom and brothers and aunt off at the airport... *hugs them tight* i'm gonna miss them....

Before that tho, big bro myuu slept over in my room last night, on my fleece blanket on the floor xD i wish i could make it more comfortable for him... gomen ne, nii chan

Landlord + wife having a lil gathering downstairs, which is fine, because i had dinner with Kris and Muzi... that was fun =) definitely will look forward to more outings with them

Uni, oh uni

Uni is hard... well, maybe not so, but to me, yeah... it's hard... this week, i realized that i just can't bring my study habits from malaysia... i have to change... i have to work harder...

Some people may know how laid back I was back in UiTM... how i always interact with the lecturer in class, clear up anything i don't understand... look at people's notes... how 'relaxed' i am...

But that won't work here... nope, it won't, and i just have to accept that and change =) I've already missed one test on purpose, and finally got the courage to approach my tutor... I'm always reluctant to approach people here, i don't know why, maybe it's just me being shy and scared, but it can't stay like this forever...

Tonight I was supposed to head to the city again, and stay over at mom's hotel... I know they're only here til Saturday, and that is approaching fast... but i can't help feeling that i'll lose a lot of time, to prepare for my microeconomics presentation next tuesday... if i go... i don't want to put myself in last week's position anymore... it's too nerve wrecking... i can't go through that anymore... so here i am, at home, with my microecons books on my desk, and me sketching demand and supply curves...

Time just passes by too quickly here, and I really need to start catching up, or i'll be left further behind... during my management class, i kinda listed how i felt at that time:-

alone, lagging behind, friendless, struggling, scared, nervous, worried, shy, unindependant, sad, sleepy, tense, sick, lazy, lethargic, lack of sleep, bored, homesick, unkempt, energyless, ashamed, low self-esteem


It's so nice to get out from uni for awhile

Stayed with mom last night, in her hotel room in the city... nice place...


I can't do this... I can't... I really can't... I wish i could just give up... Forget the test... My essay's half done, and I ran out of ideas...

I don't even know if what I'm doing is right... I've only been here a month... Sounds like a pathetic excuse, and so much is needed to be done... Still trying to fit in... to make friends... I really don't know...

I'm hopeless, not independant... and definitely not adapting fast enough... and to be sick at a crucial time...

Srsly, I can't.... I can't... I really can't...

How inconvenient...

Wednesday, I shook the house because of non-stop coughing... and so... I went to see a doctor...

In her opinion, I'm suffering from Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (Acute) and was given Medical Leave till Friday

And that's how I screwed myself up in the early semester...

I already missed lectures on Monday due to that fainting incident, and so missed the monday actuarial lecture...

Wednesday I went to my one and only lecture for that day, and almost slept in the lecture...

Then I missed a load of lectures on Thursday, because I was feeling kinda tired and weak...

And now, I still have all the sickness that doesn't seem to be improving my mood, and with three assessments happening in the VERY VERY near future... *throws caution into the wind*

Next Monday, I have a test (7.5%)... for Actuarial Studies... and I very well know I can't catch up 1 month of lectures in one weekend, even if I regained total health... Especially when I've always been clueless in the hall...

Then the day after that, I have an Financial Accounting Quiz (10%)... double crap... i still haven't caught up with the lessons and such... trying to bridge the info i learnt about accounthing 3 yrs ago... not as easy at it seems

And what am I doing now? I'm writing, no... trying to write my critical analysis assignment, due on Tuesday, and also weighs 10 % for my final assessment. triple crap.


Being Sick Sucks

I know the reason I got sick, so don't push it...

For the third time in my whole life, I fainted... in the morning, after a sleepless night while brushing my teeth... Lying down on the bathroom floor felt good, actually, and I would just stay there, but I regained conciousness, thinking that it would be so embarrasing to be found like that, so I just got up, staggered back to my room, and collapsed on my bed...

By this time, I was sorta gasping for breath, and it hurt anywhere it can... especially my head and legs...

This happened about 7 AM in the morning, and after collapsing into my bed, I THINK i slept, for about an hour or so... But then I knew, that still needed food, which was why i got up the first place... So this time round, still with a major headache, I managed to trudge downstairs and grab some cereal... the house owner's wife was at the kitchen, so i managed to ask her for some panadol...

After muching a few spoonfuls of cereal, I took the panadol, and slept... till noon

Waking up at noon felt a whole lot better than what I experienced in the morning... the headache is still there, but a lot less.... my legs still ache, and quiver whenever i walk...

So I stayed home, and missed Econs and Actuarial Studies lecture :K

Had soup for lunch, noodles for dinner... hey- i didn't want to stay standing too long, mkay?

Then I 9 PM... Only person to notice my absence in lecture was Kris, but not surprising, so I even smsed him when the class started... I figured that if i can't even last walking to the bathroom and all, i may collapse anywhere on the way to class... He said that even if i made it to class, i'll probably collapse in the class itself xD

Woke up feeling a lot better... Altho I awoke about 3 AM, with a throbbing head, took another round of panadols, and tried to sleep... In fact, I overslept, and woke up 45 minutes before my first class today...

At least, the headache is almost, but not gone, and i'm just stuck with a cold and cough... still sucks anyway

Went to my first lecture which is Managing Across Cultures... sat next to Diana from Germany, who's my partner in that course's tutorial... 3o minutes into the lecture, felt a big stomach ache.. grr... had to go to the toilet :K

Then after the lecture, which ended like 25 minutes early, found Kris sitting at the back, looking sick himself... turns out he got sick on monday night, due to food poisoning... yikes... no more fish and chips for either of us for awhile...

After our econs tutorial, we checked out the clinic in the uni, but unfortunately it's fully booked till thursday... gahhh...

Survived all my classes that day, and also had dinner with Fiony, another classmate in the Management class...

Tonight, dad also called, since i was asleep when he called yesterday... told me to not worry so much about the financial constraints, and that my health is priority... shazwi (econs classmate) also called me up to see if i'm ok, since my mom called his family in ttdi to get to him, if he knew my condition...

Still sick with cough and cold.. hates it.. RAWR!

Also annoyed at Zaid at first, for doing things he shouldn't... It's been a rough week so far, for me and him, and i'm just tired of it...

End of Weekend

Anyhow, Week 3 is over... and I have a test on Week 5, yet not much studying done...

Today wasn't really a good day, at first... Felt a little sad for something that happened to a dear friend... Hope it gets settled.. (Stays optimistic about it) =)

So... today, I cooked rice and omelette for lunch and dinner, now that i know how to measure servings for one person... Couldn't find a small frying pan, tho... and had to use a HUGE one... so my omelette turned out pretty big xD

Oh well, it isn't as tasteful as i'd like it to be, but it's a start ;)

Stupid Online Quizzes ! xD

I tried this quiz, which I found from Nad's blog... About hidden talent... and the results I got...

You have a sexual hidden talent

You have a sexual hidden talent. You might not look it but you are a dynamo in bed. Most of your lovers think that it is from years of practice, but really, you were just born with it.

Take this quiz at

WTH?? Don't know if that's good or bad =P *kicks online quizzes*

First Class DONE!

Finally, went to my first ballroom dance class... Met my classmate and partner Kris on the way there... he just finished jogging... eek xD

Anyway, we seemed like the first few to arrive there, aside from the teacher and probably some advance students or so...

More people came afterwards... Today, we did the basics for Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Quickwaltz(or something like that, i couldn't catch the names fast) :P

Initially, I felt pretty shy and sooo nervous, especially before the class... Then I felt even more shy, when I had my partner and I hold each other in that dance stance, or whatever u call it... My right hand and his left hand, my left hand on this arm/shoulder, and his right hand on my side or something... xD

But after starting to dance, I tried to ease myself, and things seems to get better :) Then we had to change partners a few times, and rotate about, so I got to know other guys as well, while holding each other close, and dancing together... hehehe

I think I sorta eased up... more than the beginning, at least xD till I partner with Kris again... he said i was too tense... I guess I was... hahaha, i don't know why, but he's the only guy i keep 'stepping' on, not so literal, but my foot keeps hitting his xD at least we're both wearing sneakers xD

Some of the guys that I partnered are fast learners... Some are clumsy, some are also shy... Some can lead pretty well... But I think, we all had a good first class and a funny thing in this class, is that the guys actually outnumbered the girls by one male xD

I met, guys from China, Malaysia (my senior in school's brother!!), Hong Kong and Indonesia...

After the dinner, I had dinner at a funny-named fast food joint with Kris, and we met our classmate, Muzi who's working there =) We are in the same tutorial group for Managing Across Cultures ;)

Then Kris kindly walked me back to where I'm staying, before he went back to his own place... At least we both stay in the same surburb (sp?), so it wasn't a far distance, unlike some friends in Randwick, it can be pretty far, and dangerous, especially at night...

Anyhow, I manage to enjoy myself in the dance class, and maybe next time, get to know more girls as well ;)

To Dance!!!

It's been finalized, I'll be leaning ballroom dancing!!! Wheee~!!!!

Only thing, is that I'll be wearing my sports shoes to the first class =D I am a beginner, so they can't expect me to know what I should be wearing, right? ^_^

Maybe I'll get something more appropriate after the first class... got lots to learn :)

And this is the guy who did the best job convincing me to dance~

I'm gonna dance~!

Sooo... lots of people managed to convince me :D (pokes Bram and Miraz)

and starting tomorrow, i'll be learning to do ballroom dancing! *dances*

only thing is that, i'll be wearing my sports shoes on the first class... hahaha... oh well

To Dance, or Not To Dance?

When I first took a look into the booklet on recreation courses and social sports, i was attracted by the dance/movement and martial arts section...

I wanted to dance, but I didn't know which course to consider... Choices include ballroom dancing, bellydance, classic ballet, combo dance, contemporary dance, hip hop funk, latin dance, street funk and a lot more! Of course, I didn't consider all the choices...

I'm actually interested in something like the ballroom dance, or latin dance, or something that is graceful... (I'm not saying I am) :P But it seems like a lot of fun...

I've done traditional dancing before, I also tried line dancing... And I want to try more!

So... currently I'm interested in doing ballroom dancing, and I know a guy who's also gonna take up that class... But I still feel kinda too shy to try it... Plus, I don't have the proper shoes/footwear... I only brought my sports shoes with me, to Australia...

So what do I do? Do I still enrol for the dancing, and worry about footwear after the first class, or what? From the response I get from some friends, on and offline, they tell me to dance... Only one person says no xD:

Lachlan says:
DONT do it!!!
Lachlan says:
Lachlan says:
Lachlan says:
Lachlan says:
Lachlan says:
Lachlan sent 8/8/2006 4:03 PM:
Lachlan sent 8/8/2006 4:03 PM:
Lachlan sent 8/8/2006 4:04 PM:

This made me laugh so much when I got back from class, and find this message on my MSN xD

Bram did ballroom dancing too, and he learnt it just for his prom... but he enjoyed it...

Bram- says:
get dancing
Bram- says:
get sure to dance
Bram- says:

First class is this Friday
So... What should I do?? xD *is shy*

I may instead, do latin dance :O and that'll start on thursday!!! Aaaaaah~!

The start of Week 3...

has started... The weekend was filled with some bad moments... But thankfully, Zaid, Lachlan and Scla helped cheered me up loads...

I still feel a lot of tension and pressure, tho, but I'm smiling more as I face them... It's not easy, but I really hope I can pull through my first semester here...

And still, a guy who bought second hand books from me is still yet to pay for them :K:K:K I've repeated this story to a few ppl a few times already, but to cut it short, his fickle-mindedness caused me to have two sets of a subject's text book for so long, and now that he finally has it, I still haven't received payment... oh well... now i know better

On another note, I want to take some recreation courses, and I'm thinking about kendo and ballroom dancing... I want to take kendo, but I'm still unsure about dancing xD I'm feeling too shy to do it :P

Anyway, I love my online community a lot, and I really hope one day, I'd be able to venture about the world, and meeting them... It's been a great pleasure so far...

Next in list to meet: Miraz & Jozz

Life @ UNSW

So... finally found time to start blogging again, now that I'm here, in Australia...

Not feeling to happy at the moment... Loneliness, and subjects overwhelming... Only time can tell, if things get better... Hopefully it does... I guess I should be optimistic about everything...

Things to do:
Understand Stochastic Models for Actuarial Applications...
Make more friends...
Find a new place to stay...
Join some extra classes... thinking of doing dancing (perhaps ballroom dancing) and kendo (sounds fun!)
Meet some good friends...

I have a new phone number, message/e-mail me to find out what it is...

Overview of first three weeks here... really overwhelming, as I'm straight into second year subjects... lots to catch up, and try finding friends... maybe join more societies...
The weather is very cold, for me at least, i don't care about you people who lives in colder countries telling me that this is not cold... you're not from malaysia, you're not experiencing the same transition as i am... so please, spare me that comparison...

Books here are damn expensive... have to spend about 400 AUD just for this semester's books and I'm only doing 4 subjects... At least I have a nice timetable...

Security is also an issue here... with the rise of petty crimes around Kingsford, the area I'm living in... And they seem to be targetting international students, as we heavily populate this area...

Other than that, things are nice...

Zaid was in Perth for awhile, seeing his brother off... Now he's back in US...

I met up with Lachlan and Dave, online friends of mine, plus a few of my old schoolmates, such as Wei Hon + bro, and Thiam Siang + bros... Bumped into another junior as well...

I forgot to take a photo with my meeting with Dave, but I do have a photo of me with Lachlan... We met up last saturday, and it was an awesome day.. .best day i had in Australia so far... As for Dave, I'll chase him with my camera some other time... no rush at all, since he's in the same uni as me, and is in fact, my senior there, altho i'm older... hahaha, i really took the long route to finish a degree, but from my work experience, i'm in no rush at all...

I'll be stalking you, Dave ;)

Reviving Time~!

I guess it's time to revive this blog :D

Quick recap - I'll be heading to UNSW, Sydney on Thursday to do my degree in Actuarial Studies, under the Golden Jubilee Scholarship *yay!*

So here's what happened to me yesterday :D *extracted from an MSN convo with Ai Li, as i'm too lazy to write the whole thing again*

kittenz says:
u know, yesterday i went to batu laut, and got my boat back to klang
aili says:
aili says:
good la..
kittenz says:
we took the blue honda, so that can cartop the boat... going there was smooth
aili says:
coming back was havoc??
kittenz says:
yea,, sort of
kittenz says:
coming back, when i was approaching sijangkang, and happily asleep in the car, my dad asked me what's that noise from the engine
aili says:
broke down??
kittenz says:
at the same time, sahir called me and asked me to stop by in sijangkang, because haji wanted to see me
aili says:
aili says:
for what??
aili says:
pay cheque??
kittenz says:
so when we pulled over at the petrol station, the engine died, and i met up with haji because he wanted to give me my last allowance
aili says:
aili says:
good for you..
kittenz says:
when we got the engine running, it was overheating on and off, so my dad got worried, and the boat is still on the car, with the mast
aili says:
then how??
kittenz says:
we managed to arrive port klang safely, and unloaded the boat there
aili says:
thank god..
kittenz says:
then on the way back, when in the klang town, going onto the flyover, the car engine died again, and there was no more power
kittenz says:
so we were stranded on the flyover, causing a jam for more than an hour
aili says:
kittenz says:
then to finally move the car, the workshop's car pulled ahead in from of our car, and we used my dad's old laser mainsheet, to tie the two cars
aili says:
aili says:
aili says:
mainsheets do come into use after all..
kittenz says:
on the way to the workshop, it was so hard for my dad to steer, and to break accordingly, plus, sometimes we got jerked by the pulling car... something like being towed by a speedboat in an optimist
aili says:
good comparison..
aili says:
kittenz says:
lol, so many times we got jerked because our car's engine cannot on... so steering pun susah...
kittenz says:
and there was once where they stopped, and my dad didn't break, so we hit their car
aili says:
aili says:
that's likek kinda funny rite??
aili says:
kittenz says:
yeah i was saying like, now it's out turn to give them a jerk
kittenz says:
and that's not the end of it... once at the workshop, the reef knot that we used became so tight, that we had to cut the rope
aili says:
o gee..
aili says:

Gone are the days~!

Where I'd sit in the office and loaf all day... hahaha... It's a good thing, actually, which is why I've barely the time to update this blog, like I used to... Anyhow, things have a smoother pace for me (as an intern anyway) because I'm not overloaded like before... Well, it's not like i'm not supposed to be overloaded, but i guess it takes some time for things to sink into my head afterall... Even tho I used to think i'm a fast learner... heh.

Thanks for commenting my new blog skin... Special thanks to sclazunami (Scla) for showing me the website where I got my blog skin from... although they're in a different language, i like the layouts and such, and there different anime skins there... was having trouble picking, so I settled for this Yukito/Yue skin~

Last week's internship was okay, since I've not much to do, but that doesn't mean I was doing absolutely nothing in the office... I started working on my Final Report for this internship, while submitting and looking for scholarship applications...

I think I've posted this earlier, (oh well) got an offer to study in MQ... need... to... look... for... accomodation... can't decide which college looks good... Robert Menzies College or Dunmore Lang College. Something tells me I should apply for both... and perhaps the university apartments there as well... and whatever there is there... looks nice and quaint... If I get the offer from UNSW, I'll have a hard time picking... UNLESS, the offer me a scholarship =D (cross fingers)


Finally I managed to clear up most of my tasks... all of them, actually... that is client/company-related...

Now I'm focusing on my reports for UiTM and such, scholarship applications, etc, before the client stuff comes back to keep me busy...

Today, I also received my official offer to study at Maquarie University... YAY!


Internship ## W#

My days at the office took a sudden turn... From having almost nothing to do, now I feel like I have too much to do... Well, not really... What I'm experiencing is only a small workload, of that the other consultants are doing, but for me, I could almost reach my own breaking point... Hahaha.. So many things to do, with one common deadline: Friday. I didn't finish them... went home... although i did contemplate of staying in the office after working hours...

It was the time, when I thought I could only buy back lunch and work with lunch at my cubicle... But my department went out for a big lunch, in Desa Seri Hartamas in fact, taking away about 3 hours of work :P

And then, there's the birthday cake for February babies... Me included, of course... and that took about another 30 minutes of work... Eek!

My colleague told me to go home... hahaha... I was clearly looking a bit blur already, everytime a colleague is passing info to me... It doesn't sink in my head straightaway... *sigh* Anyway, here's an announcement:

I'm not going to post any more updates on my internship until most of my work load is cleared

*Sudden pause*

I just saw Saiful's dancing on TV during the pause, of writing this entry... That was awesome! I could recognize him because of his hair... hahaha... it's for the Anugerah Bintang Popular... I enjoyed the synchronization of the dance... I always like that part :D And since I'm usually oblivious when it comes to these events on TV, i guess it was a sweet coincidence, when I went to the tv area to tell my brother to go downstairs for dinner... hahaha...

Anyway, back to me, I'm getting more and more annoyed at my sailing manager... of course not the ones u usually meet, but more of that guy whom most of the sailing ppl (including coaches) dislike... ARGH

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Internship #20 and #21 W4 going into W5

I don't have anything to do... But stay on neo... What to do... What to do...

Although I did a few stuff... mostly editing the work that i've done...

But now I don't know what to do...

Most of the data are not in yet... *pokes clients*


On the 19th day of working, my true love said to me~

Lol... He just made some noises on the MSN Conversation, and that's about it...

Internship #19 W4

Yesterday the traffic jam was horrible! The worse, ever, that Rudy and I decided to eat dinner first, before heading home...

Usually we would be back at home around 6.30 pm

We arrived home around 7.45 pm.


I even arrived at my brother's office in Kerinchi late, because the road was flooded, and I couldn't cross it to get to the LRT station...

By the time I arrived home, I was so tired... Went online a bit (as usual), and I thought of taking a nap around 9 PM... I woke up the next day (today) =p I even slept with the lights on... but the sleep was so refreshing, and i felt pretty rejuvenated, after not having a day off, ever since i started working... (not literally, of course, since they day offs i took from work, i had tons of other things to do)

I want to change my blog skin...

Happy Valentines... I know it's a day late :P

Internship #17 & #18 W4

Now it's basically going throught the same stuff all over again... well, not really...

Just did another proposal, and more reviews came in... Yesterday and today was mostly spent talking to ppl on the phone to request some information... One thing about being a consultant, that differs from the people in insurance firms, is that you liase with a big bunch of people... At least now I don't have that "shy" feeling of calling an unknown person... But I do have to brush up my talking skills... or whatever you call it.. haha... i often mumble, and maybe it'll be a lot easier once i understand everything about this industry... trustees, trust funds, benefits, contributions, and so on... especially since when i called to inquire fees and such, they ask me a lot of questions, and most of the time, i don't know what they're talking about... hahaha...

I'm tired of the same title...

Internship #16 W4

So my status will be displayed in the post, itself :P

Yesterday was another day of nothing much... So I'm given the task to call up a few companies to ask for the quotation of their services... Half of the companies/banks that I managed to get through, passed my call all over the place, till i got disconnected somewhere... :K:K:K argh

I was also exposed to another machinery in the office... the whole puncher, or something... it's a machine that can punches a hole on big stacks of documents... it's almost literally like a drill, where you turn the switch on, and it drills the hole into the paper... :P

That's all :P

Oooh... I went out with Rudy and Wan Yee to One Utama for some stuff... actually Anuar asked me to buy a valentines gift so that he can give it to his friend :P After that, both of the guys went out for yamcha with their friends, and i stayed home playin WoW :D:D:D

Internship #15, W3

I've only done three weeks of internship!!! LOL

There was nothing much to do on Friday, so I was mostly surfing around online, and chatting with people, since my b-day was still celebrated on the other side of the planet...

Nads followed me home today, because she's staying over my house, until my pool party :) It was fun... we watched FOUR episodes of house, and she read a lot of Furuba as well...

My bday party was fun... Bal, Peanut (such a cute boy!), shairah, nadia, elina + bf, aida + hubby + son, rudy's friend (Az^1) came :) i'm glad i didn't buy too much food... it was just nice.

Thanks for the lovely presents, and thanks even more for attending the party :) *hugs you all*

Internship #12,13,14 W3

Well, actually, I can't remember what I did on Tuesday... eep... perhaps finalized more proposals, and composed an engagement letter... *goes to check outlook*

Ooooh! On Tuesday, a client agreed to the proposal I sent earlier, which is why the letter of engagement is needed... Hurrah!

Wednesday, I was not at work. I was on leave. I was to submit deposit at the management's office, send my camera to the Sony HQ to be fixed, get my picture taken at the faculty for some kind of nomination, go to the Selangor States Sports Council for a medical examination and a physicial test... AAAAaaaaaaa!!!

Well, now it's over, and today's Thursday... And it's my BIRTHDAY!!! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'm officially 21 years old now :D:D:D:D

Also today, the data arrived from one of the branches, so I had to clean it... Frankly, I don't have a clear understanding of the whole cleaning process yet... I was given until tomorrow to do it... But I finished it this morning... ha ha ha.. now i don't know what to do xD

Internship #11 W3

My 9 days of holidays are over... sounds like a long holiday, but not really...

5 days were put into sailing... 1 day for cleaning the house (before chinese new year)... 1 day of celebrating chinese new year... and that leaves me about two days to enjoy myself... at least, i rsed my first ub within that two days... :D (don't ask me what that means) :P

So... at the office, I finished off the proposals and all, sent another to a client... did more and finished them off... so now basically i've nothing to do...

I skipped lunch today... Bah... Why do I have to feel so insecure and timid? I was absorbed with my work, that I suddenly realised that my whole department has gone out for lunch... And I'm alone... hahahaha... and saiful's having lunch with his friends... bah... i could've gone out myself and buy back something, and eat at my cubicle, but i'm still lost in this area, and i don't know my way around much... Oh well, if this happens again, I'm definitely gonna buy back something from the nearest shop, retrace my steps, and eat at my cubicle or the pantry... :K

Besides that, I also gave my admin a scare, when I asked her for some bullets, because my stapler ran out of them... I guess she thought I meant a different kind of bullets, from the look of astonishment she gave me... hahaha

Internship #9 & #10

It was practically busy for the two days... from the time i arrived in the office, till the time i go back home... in fact, i still have some work to do, once i go back to work :D

Next week is the whole week off work... there's four days of public holiday, and Friday the office will be close *yay*!

So during those busy days, what i did was calling up some clients to remind them that their Actuarial Valuation is almost due, and for the ones who agreed, I am to write out their proposal for the actuarial valuation :D I even already sent a couple of proposals out to two clients, using my own company e-mail :D:D:D

Internship #8 W2

There was nothing much to do today... Basically just waiting for the clients to give us all the data... Ha ha ha...

Anyway, after lunch, Li Fern briefed me on the process of valuation of retirement funds... And here's where Actuarial Maths comes in, for there is usage on mortality rates, turnoever rate, and even disability rates (where applicable)... Present Values, nPx, V^n all comes into the big picture.... :D

Seems pretty fun to do, actually... hahahaha... She also showed me a sample data, and all sorts of functions, formulae and short cuts that can be used on Microsoft Excel to help with the task of cleaning data... In the sample data that I had, apparently there was one employee who was born like a century ago, and still receiving salary and working till now... xD So that's an example of a data that I will have to check later...

Now, I'm gonna play with some data on Microsoft Excel, to familiarize myself with all those nifty short cuts and functions =^_^=

Internship #7 W2

Yesterday the internet connection was really bad... but oh well...

In the morning, I finalised and corrected my template that will be sent to the client, so now that it's sent, it's a waiting time, until the client sends their data back...

After lunch, I calculated some retirement benefits manually, for a few staff who left their company at the end of last year... so it's being checked and reviewed now... hahaha

I'm starting to get used to more things... Plus learning to do more stuff using Excel... Excel is great... ;)

Internship #6 and Over the weekend

I skipped another day of post yet again... And that was because it took so long for blogger to load at my pc at work... I'm starting to think that my connection is getting slower and slower... i hope it's not controlled :( When I arrived home, I went out for dinner, and then slept... I've been sleeping pretty early lately... =/

Anyway, I was still preparing and editing the Data Request template until just now... Now that it's done, it's been sent to the client for them to fill in... And I've to wait for it to arrive... in the meantime, i'm to build my skills in using Microsoft Excel and such... pretty nifty tool, i'll say...

There's something else lined up after lunch too, but I don't know what it is yet...

Another thing yesterday, the whole office staff was in the conference room, listening to something... and i wasn't sure whether i'm supposed to be in or out... so i stayed out, at my desk... pondering over my lack or courage to ask and how i keep hiding at my cubicle... ish ish... i better start doing something :P

Ah... And I also forgot to bring my wallet to work.. so i had to rely on Ssaiful to lend me some cash for lunch... Tee hee hee...


Over the weekend, I had a CT Scan of my brain on Saturday... Interesting experience... I could see the outline of my eyeballs and the space behind my nose... xD Thankfully, nothing was wrong with my brain that is causing my frequent headaches... The neurologist diagnosed that it might be muscle tension causing the headaches... I guess i got it from my dad, since he used to suffer from migranes... and occasional headaches as well... :p

Sunday I went sailing... and the wind is strong... feels like the wind is getting stronger and stronger... I really need to put on more weight... Argh...

Internship #4 & #5

Okay.. so i forgot to post yesterday...

Basically I didn't do anything related to work yesterday, and just surfed and chat as usual... Until 4 PM

But I did meet up with Saiful and Elina for lunch.. that was fun!

At 4 PM, we had a team meeting, which they call practice meeting... for benefits practice team, i guess... anyhow, i was pretty quiet, trying to absorb what they're saying and observing what they do in the meeting... It was pretty full of energy ;)

So at the meeting, I've been assigned to help a colleague with some Benefits Project... involving recalculations and updating the database, as number of employees always change each year... something called the annual benefit statement, or something like that... *gives a confused look*

So after the meeting, I have work to do.. and I finally finished it this morning, just before i posted this post on my blog...

Plus today, I'll only be working half day, because I'm going to UiTM Shah Alam, more specifically, my faculty to be awarded my Dean's List certificate in a little ceremony... Elina, Wanie, Balqis and Nadia will be there... I don't know about the rest, by i heard Fhad may also make it all the way from Terengganu...


On another note, pearl has finally entered CD... i'm sure it'll be fun xD although it caused some ppl to be a bit displeased... =/ sierra is now acting president in the ol' guild, and she's as excited as a kid.. totally cute! ;) Now it's time to persuade sierra to join CD as well... lol!

Internship #3

Today's post is a lot later than usual... And that's mainly because I only goofed off in the office just half the morning, before i was assigned some work to do...

Lol.. So I was pretty much busy today... I had to analyze a set of raw data, and the size of the data was really really big... up to date, and compiled since 1984... a daily data, in fact... It was a bit scary though, because I'm not familiar with analyzing statistical stuff using Excel... so I could only managed the task by using an analyzed data as a sample and basis for doing mine...

I think I managed to do it properly... I hope xD

After lunch, I was given the task to extract raw data from a certain website... Data that was extraded consists of some sort of bond yields, and i needed to extract them fortnightly... so that's what i basically did, keying in the dates, and extracting the data... i managed to do it from the year 2002-2005, and then half of 1999, 2000 and half of 2001, before the website kicked me off... lol.. sorta... the website where i extracted data from just suddenly stop loading.... :p

But oh well... after lunch also, i felt really really sleepy... and was given the advice not to eat so much during lunch... but i can't help feeling very hungry by lunch time :D

Time to sleep... Night night! >.<

Internship #2

It's Day 2 at Watson Wyatt...

I still have nothing to do at the moment... waiting for the team to be around, so that we can have lunch and discuss stuff... My mentor/supervisor is on medical leave... I hope she gets well soon...

Besides that, I've discovered the web version of MSN Messenger... much to my delight, i could chat online, as i've no idea what to search for on the internet anymore... it's odd... only the IT person thinks that i'm not supposed to have the original MSN version access... perhaps... ;) but web version is good enough for me... especially when i'm still sitting at my desk doing nothing...

I've even started corresponding with Elina (Elle) via e-mail... since she was also given a company e-mail in her name... cool, eh? xD Although we do wonder why companies like to use dots in the e-mail address... imagine Ayin.Ghani... lol... or Rudy.Ghani... xD

Had a good long chat with ch333s, pearl, faustus, even micar... and i'm still very much tempted to log into neopets, but nah... it gives me the opportunity to look into other things on the net, that i've been neglecting, such as my blog (",), my e-mails, and more... I can even start researching on scholarships, etc...

First Day of Internship

Yep, it's been a long time since I last posted in this blog... And I've been pretty busy too... Mostly I was settling all my applications for undergraduate studies + scholarship applications + being with zaid (of course) + sailing...

Now that it's my first day of internship/practical training... and zaid has left for the states, i've lesser things too manage... for now... especially with all my scholarship applications, referral letters, recommendations, etc. are all done...

So on the first day of practical training, my dad sent me to the office... I'm now an official intern at Watson Wyatt (M) Sdn. Bhd. also known as Watson Wyatt Worldwide... I was welcomed and introduced to the company profile by the HR Manager, and was introduced to all the employees present at the office by my appointed mentor...

I was the last to start my internship... My friends have told me earlier, that on the first day of internship, it would be very BORING... lol... at least, i have the computer, and the News Straits Time to accompany me... had lunch with Saiful today, who's doing his practical training for UniAsia, in the same building... tomorrow, it's lunch with my colleague/team members.. Ppl here seem to be pretty friendly and helpful, and the longer I'm here, the more i like it a lot!


Athlete's camp was not as fun as before :p

Managed to apply for that MyKad yesterday... oh, and by the way, Happy New Year 2006 everyone!!!

Things are so hectic, I feel like I'm such a busy person... although in reality i'm not... maybe... i don't know... i couldn't find the mood to write in my blog, thus, another long absence of a post...

I fell sick the day after christmas... headaches, vomiting, purging... went to the Damansara Specialist Centre... gave me loads of meds...

Then I went to get my eyes checked... seems like my "antig" has changed a bit, so I had to make new lenses... There goes RM100, and another RM80 from the hospital bill...

I also got sick in the athlete's camp.. hahaha... couldn't sleep at all on the first night at the hotel, where the motivational athlete's camp was held.... I didn't mind getting sick... i managed to skip aerobics because of that... hahahaha... but i didn't get to skip the next day's physical training, which turned out to be an hour of yoga... damn, yoga is HARD :-P

On the last day of camp, I had to take my leave early, to attend the practical training briefing in UiTM... I was so impropriately dressed!!! In tracks... hahaha... the outfit that all the athletes had to wear during the camp... I didn't even wear my headscarf... At least, nobody question my sudden appearance without it... xD With having to attend the briefing, I managed to skip the boring part of the camp, which were classes such as Nutrition for Sports, Goals, etc... and the closing ceremony =D

I've read Fruits Basket until volume 9!!! Yippee!!!!

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