The bittersweet Monday

The bitter: Monday blues. Nothing new. It was generally okay at work, with a bit of drama and wtf moments. There's still a bit of frustration of trying to pick up ppl's work that's in many many pieces. I do learn a lot still through that, but my slowness is not something I'm happy with at the moment.

The sweet: It's travel time again soon. A bit of of a bitter part is that I still have so much to do and I've not yet packed. As at now (near 11 pm) I just took down my big luggage from on top of the cupboard. I wonder if I can just travel with an empty back, come back with a full one ;D

Funny or sad thing, I'm not sure, but every time I blog the same old phrase comes to mind all the time. Time flies. This time it feels like it hasn't been that long since I last traveled. And here I am (albeit blogging instead of packing) packing my bags again.

Here's hoping for a safe, good and fruitful trip :) Steven's away to Scotland as well I think. Last I heard, he just arrived in England.

Let's do this!

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