No Strings Attached

Two days before the year ends.

I'm beginning to wonder... What have I done, what am I doing, and what am I gonna do...

This month has been another very trying month for me... moving, icing, online drama, adapting, internet, financially... But at this moment, what I do feel like doing, is breaking free of everything...

I don't want to be attached, don't want to be bounded, don't want to continue anything... Just be free, on my own... This both applies to online, and offline...

Frankly, I don't know how to achieve this... I care too much of what other people think.. as some say, I worry too much, I'm afraid of making people upset at me

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately... especially about my relationships - friends, family, Zaid... I'm actually questioning myself, why? Am I really doing what I want? Am I happy? Or is it just a facade?

I don't know...

The End of 2006

And wow, I really got lazy this year... hahaha... I'm actually amazed I posted so much last year... So much has happened... Online and offline... And perhaps it's the time to reflect, and learn from mistakes...

When things happen, they happen.. tough, no use worrying about it... So my dad says. I spent a lot or most of my leisure time ever since I arrived in Aussie online, making friends, caring for them... chatting with them... I cared. I trusted. I loved. But now... All the things I did that I thought was being a good person and such, seems to backfire... So now... I have learnt my lesson... which is, to shut up :P

Lol, anyways, things did happen. And it did hurt. So at this rate, quitting seems very very welcoming.. true that it may also seem like running away from problems, but at the same time, why cause the problems in the first place?

Anyhow, I've moved to Barker Apartments for almost a month, and I think life in UNSW will only get better :) Thanks to BNM. New housemates (at least all girls), no arguing couples o.o, etc... Well, I do hope it gets better :D *kicks self* xD

On another note~ I've signed up for Mandarin 1A class!!! wheee! scheduled to start on the 8th of Jan :D for 3 weeks

Fixed Blog

LOL!! seems like i disabled some kind of settings in the Settings page... well, i think it's fixed now... at least, i think it is :P

Anyhow... it's about time I revive this blog again :D

But now, I'm falling asleep, so next time then...

Btw, thank you, Steven!

A Test Post

To see if it will work correctly when i post this. This post SHOULD have 3 paragraphs.

This onwards should be paragraph #2.

And here is the third one... So Steven is helping me solve this annoying problem.. let's see if it works ;)

Blog Skins/Templates

Well... since I'm kinda cutting down on neo, I have some free time to finally manage my blogged... However... It's a mess.. I don't what is wrong with it.

I just changed to the new blogger, which seems nice and fancy to me, but My posts are all jumbled up, no new paragraphs, unlike how when I write up the post.

Plus, I can't access this blog using IE, but only using Firefox... ahh =/ no idea


I have a lot of free time.. But still, i'm lazy... Plus, I haven't gotten broadband here yet.. internet is pricey.. 4.4c perMB... at this rate i'm using internet just to chat on neopets and on msn, i'm already using up at about 5 aud per day... X.X and my room has never had the telephone connected ever before, so it would cost me 299 aud just to create a new line, just so that I can subscribe to broadband at around 50 aud per month... then there's line rental at 20 aud/month

eep... i guess it's still cheaper then spending about 150 aud per month on uniweb and not even able to use my webcam and such...

and tnt is still being a pain... no reply on my frozen account, and they keep leaving me hanging on customer support

Blog Stil on Hold :P

I'm still lazy, plus, Zaid's around =P


Sat for finals, finished finals, moved to Barker Apartments-

Left my guild, rejoined later, then today, i got frozen-

Went shopping, tried nice chocolate, still need a lot more to buy-

Anyhow, blog still on hold =P *pokes Nads hard*

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