Back In The Water

Previously, I've been looking for entertainment.. Instead, I created chores for myself. Pondering on old photos, in need of an album, sorting out paper-type material strewn all over my room, making sure I have clothes, stuff, ready for anything... o.o

In addition, I'm starting Mandarin classes again next week.. Looks like it's back at level one T_T 你好。。。

Weekends are now occupied with sailing again. Last week, I got back into the sport, ever since my long break due to my "misadventures", familiar among my friends. For a start, I attempted to skipper the platu. Prior to that, I've *never* skippered anything bigger than an International 470 or Elliot 6's. Oh, and the platus have engines too, that's another first.

(The engine is stowed away during racing, don't bother looking for it in that pic :P)

Then I tried trimming. But my strength keeps failing me. In fact, I'm yet to even start my strength training for my right arm.. xD *hides*

Lots of things have changed back home, with sailing. I'm usually doing dinghy sailing, and now I'm venturing onto the bigger boats. So the faces, while some are familiar, most are unfamiliar. I do hope to have some fun dinghy sailing again someday.

Anyways, thanks for the photos Ai Li and Glen =D

L > Entertainment

and many more...


Just killed in WW, that's been entertaining at least

Result of Two Homes

One week prior to the wedding, up to yesterday, I was staying in Rudy's old room in P16. Now that things are more calmer, I opted to stay in Surian yesterday. So, tonight we had tickets to watch Red Cliff 2 at 9.10 pm. Since Rudy lives nearby, and it being a late movie, I wanted to hitch a ride with him, as I rather not drive alone at night. At about 7.30 pm we talked on the phone to reconfirm our plans, and he told me that they're planning to leave the house at 8 pm. So at about 8 pm, I got ready, and was pretty much ready to go at 5 minutes past 8.

8.13 pm (approx)
Fai nee-chan called to say that they're arriving soon. So I went downstairs to wait.

7 minutes later
Still no sign of them, I wandered back an forth around the lobby.

8.20 pm
Rudy called.
Rudy: Where are you?
Me: Where am I? Where are you?
Rudy: Downstairs lah.
Me: I'm also downstairs, near Block B. (at that time I wandered towards Block B, while in Surian I stay in Block C, but Block B in P16)
Rudy: Why aren't you near the benches?
Me: What benches? (There aren't any in Surian)

It didn't occur to me right away, but they just realised that they were picking me up in P16 while I was at Surian...

Lesson learnt, we're not gonna assume things anymore xD

Weddings Done. Now I'm like, totally unemployed~

On the 7th of February, Rudy & Faizah's wedding reception was held. After that, it's all done, all the preparations, and stuff, all led up to that night. It went pretty well, I reckon =) It was truly tiring tho, and for the next few days after that, I simply refused to budge from comfort, especially under the quilt in an air conditioned room.

The whole week after, passed by rather quick. I can only recall making all sorts of plans, and then procrastinating them. They include going to the post office, paying my internet bill, checking the mandarin and dance classes. I've only did half.. this week :P

At least in the meanwhile, I managed to go out with some ppl. Actually, only two ppl ;o Most others have sorta flew away :(

There has also been an outbreak of sickness :s lots of people around me getting sick. Today my lil bro just started feeling fever-ish. Me? I just continue having my headaches @_@

I reckon my blog posts are relatively uninteresting as of late :P I had some stuff in mind to share, but laziness has taken over.. mebbe some other time ^o^ (procrastination mode: on)

Ruth Sahanaya - Kaulah Segalanya

One of the song mentioned in previous post...


Kau tahu betapa ku sayang pada muuu

Saje nak jiwang :P

Menjeling, menjeling ku bertentang...

Kaulah segalanya untukku

Lagu esok nanti

3 days to go

and then all the wedding stuff will be done :o

however.. so much to do still, in between o__o

anyhow, things are looking upwards again at least :) I miss Sydney tho.. aside from the heatwave in Australia xP

For some reason, I keep feeling sleepy x.x even after sleep ins, or long naps, I'm still sleepy...


funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Thoughts of Conflict

I think I tend to create all sorts of complications within myself, and stuff around me. Now I'm filled in conflict, as half my mind says this, half my mind says the other. It's always hard to be simple, as much as I yearn for it.

Now comes to the two hardest issues to create compromise. Yet instilled in my mind, one factor easily reigns over the other. But the consequences? Am I gonna sacrifice something I've always wanted? My mind feels so at loss, it seeps endlessly through my thoughts and takes away my appetite too.

Are the differences finally catching up? Saying that it's not gonna happen? I really hope not. Is this how it's gonna be like? My mind has loads of questions wanting to come out, but I woke up too late today. I'm hoping to ask, if not now, but when we meet later, and I hope he'll be there and willing to answer.

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