Anger & Patience

So much anger over this long weekend. Some for reasons unknown. What does one do when there's anger against most people around her?

Who can she rant to now?

How much longer to be patient?

When is it time to finally give up?

Where is the sanctuary..? Oh, I should know this one.


I'm surprised my arms feel ok after going for skytrex

So sad it's already Sunday, back to the office, where everything restarts, while work due last month is still there. It only gets harder?

Wait wut..

It's the 25th already?? Where did time go?

Another long weekend (altho just 3 days) is here, and all sorts of things, I think, have been lined up.

Time does fly. But when you're really anticipating something months away, time doesn't fly fast enough.


The week went by quickly. So did the nice looong weekend :)

Chinese New Year was filled with fun and food. And there'll be more!

This year's birthday celebrations involved a lot of food. A scrumptious dinner with colleague friends, organised by Lol-prilz at Tony Romas, Midvalley - Gardens :D

by April Siow

Family took me to Halia, at Sime Darby Convention Centre, for an awesome BBQ Buffet! (sorry no pics of that!)

It was eat eat eat (no wonder I weigh 49 kgs now) for all of us. And since my sister-in-law and I share the same birthday, it has now become some sort of tradition to have a family dinner on the night of our birthday. Rather fun meeting up at the restaurant, greet-hugging her and saying Happy Birthday! and she'd do the same for me, and we'd laugh xD

Presents this year? (besides the OM NOM NOM) None, except for some e-cards, a card from mum, and a couple of bags from mum too ^^ On my birthday mum asked me if I prefer to go for a spa as a birthday treat or *something I can't remember what*. I initially chose Spa, but later told her I've intended to get a proper work/handbag since the one I've been loyally using for years (yes, that Reebok bag I've been using since UiTM days) has started to shown signs of wear and tear :(

So in the end, I opted for a bag for my birthday pressie :) And on the spur of the moment, mum decided to get me two! We bought the bags from Robinsons, The Gardens/Midvalley. :D

Since I did a bit of shopping yesterday too, time to cross out some stuff from my wishlist/shopping list ^_^

Ow ow ow, I forgot to mention, that I've bought my tickets to Belgium too! (exactly on my birthday too :D)


I turned


It's only the beginning

The graduation is over, but there's still lingering stuff about NEP going about. Things like thank you notes, recycle-able items, props and stuff is yet to be settled. At least, it has now taken less than 5% of my office time! :D

But that does not mean I'm shaking my legs a lot in office. There's still quite a lot to do, and I'm hoping to juggle things well. Work and off-work. I do wonder how to reason about not being that type that stays in the office morning to night. Not that I'm against it, and not to say I'm not passionate about my work. I'm just too passionate.. about too many things xD

Tho I'd like to be passionate about my work. Doing that makes me feel good with what it comes with: my earnings. Basically, I don't want to work because I have to. I want to work because I like to. But me running off from the office doesn't mean the other way. Like I said, there are other things I enjoy too!

Soon, my weekends will be dedicated to sailing again. Oh how I want to go further from where I am now. Besides that, other things I'd like to do is play squash, attempt to discipline myself to go gym again, and attempt to improve my Mandarin.

There are things that I've let go due to overstretching myself... one of them being dancing. :(

Oh well, it's still only the beginning! :)

(Btw, I haven't gotten any pics/vids from the actual grad night yet)

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