• When there's more than two ways to look at something, those who take things negatively all the time, will be unhappy all the time.
  • Little pleasant surprises are the best.
  • The waiting game is always the horror.
  • Sometimes, you just have to be really thick skinned.
  • One should sometimes be selfish to be unselfish to others.
  • Some things are hard to explain... and it's harder when no one's listening.
  • Don't judge others.. you have no idea what they've been through.
  • I still can't figure out, if emotions is a good or bad thing...
  • I'd be totally pissed if someone tells me to give up my passion...
  • Some say, it's the thought that counts. I believe, it's the intention that matters.
  • I love cats...
  • How do you stop yourself crying at places where you're not supposed to cry?
  • How do you focus when your mind is weighed down by the troubles of your love?
  • When will you seek to understand?
  • I still feel like I need a second job.......... hmmmm.....
 - Friend of mine
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