Internship ## W#

My days at the office took a sudden turn... From having almost nothing to do, now I feel like I have too much to do... Well, not really... What I'm experiencing is only a small workload, of that the other consultants are doing, but for me, I could almost reach my own breaking point... Hahaha.. So many things to do, with one common deadline: Friday. I didn't finish them... went home... although i did contemplate of staying in the office after working hours...

It was the time, when I thought I could only buy back lunch and work with lunch at my cubicle... But my department went out for a big lunch, in Desa Seri Hartamas in fact, taking away about 3 hours of work :P

And then, there's the birthday cake for February babies... Me included, of course... and that took about another 30 minutes of work... Eek!

My colleague told me to go home... hahaha... I was clearly looking a bit blur already, everytime a colleague is passing info to me... It doesn't sink in my head straightaway... *sigh* Anyway, here's an announcement:

I'm not going to post any more updates on my internship until most of my work load is cleared

*Sudden pause*

I just saw Saiful's dancing on TV during the pause, of writing this entry... That was awesome! I could recognize him because of his hair... hahaha... it's for the Anugerah Bintang Popular... I enjoyed the synchronization of the dance... I always like that part :D And since I'm usually oblivious when it comes to these events on TV, i guess it was a sweet coincidence, when I went to the tv area to tell my brother to go downstairs for dinner... hahaha...

Anyway, back to me, I'm getting more and more annoyed at my sailing manager... of course not the ones u usually meet, but more of that guy whom most of the sailing ppl (including coaches) dislike... ARGH

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Internship #20 and #21 W4 going into W5

I don't have anything to do... But stay on neo... What to do... What to do...

Although I did a few stuff... mostly editing the work that i've done...

But now I don't know what to do...

Most of the data are not in yet... *pokes clients*


On the 19th day of working, my true love said to me~

Lol... He just made some noises on the MSN Conversation, and that's about it...

Internship #19 W4

Yesterday the traffic jam was horrible! The worse, ever, that Rudy and I decided to eat dinner first, before heading home...

Usually we would be back at home around 6.30 pm

We arrived home around 7.45 pm.


I even arrived at my brother's office in Kerinchi late, because the road was flooded, and I couldn't cross it to get to the LRT station...

By the time I arrived home, I was so tired... Went online a bit (as usual), and I thought of taking a nap around 9 PM... I woke up the next day (today) =p I even slept with the lights on... but the sleep was so refreshing, and i felt pretty rejuvenated, after not having a day off, ever since i started working... (not literally, of course, since they day offs i took from work, i had tons of other things to do)

I want to change my blog skin...

Happy Valentines... I know it's a day late :P

Internship #17 & #18 W4

Now it's basically going throught the same stuff all over again... well, not really...

Just did another proposal, and more reviews came in... Yesterday and today was mostly spent talking to ppl on the phone to request some information... One thing about being a consultant, that differs from the people in insurance firms, is that you liase with a big bunch of people... At least now I don't have that "shy" feeling of calling an unknown person... But I do have to brush up my talking skills... or whatever you call it.. haha... i often mumble, and maybe it'll be a lot easier once i understand everything about this industry... trustees, trust funds, benefits, contributions, and so on... especially since when i called to inquire fees and such, they ask me a lot of questions, and most of the time, i don't know what they're talking about... hahaha...

I'm tired of the same title...

Internship #16 W4

So my status will be displayed in the post, itself :P

Yesterday was another day of nothing much... So I'm given the task to call up a few companies to ask for the quotation of their services... Half of the companies/banks that I managed to get through, passed my call all over the place, till i got disconnected somewhere... :K:K:K argh

I was also exposed to another machinery in the office... the whole puncher, or something... it's a machine that can punches a hole on big stacks of documents... it's almost literally like a drill, where you turn the switch on, and it drills the hole into the paper... :P

That's all :P

Oooh... I went out with Rudy and Wan Yee to One Utama for some stuff... actually Anuar asked me to buy a valentines gift so that he can give it to his friend :P After that, both of the guys went out for yamcha with their friends, and i stayed home playin WoW :D:D:D

Internship #15, W3

I've only done three weeks of internship!!! LOL

There was nothing much to do on Friday, so I was mostly surfing around online, and chatting with people, since my b-day was still celebrated on the other side of the planet...

Nads followed me home today, because she's staying over my house, until my pool party :) It was fun... we watched FOUR episodes of house, and she read a lot of Furuba as well...

My bday party was fun... Bal, Peanut (such a cute boy!), shairah, nadia, elina + bf, aida + hubby + son, rudy's friend (Az^1) came :) i'm glad i didn't buy too much food... it was just nice.

Thanks for the lovely presents, and thanks even more for attending the party :) *hugs you all*

Internship #12,13,14 W3

Well, actually, I can't remember what I did on Tuesday... eep... perhaps finalized more proposals, and composed an engagement letter... *goes to check outlook*

Ooooh! On Tuesday, a client agreed to the proposal I sent earlier, which is why the letter of engagement is needed... Hurrah!

Wednesday, I was not at work. I was on leave. I was to submit deposit at the management's office, send my camera to the Sony HQ to be fixed, get my picture taken at the faculty for some kind of nomination, go to the Selangor States Sports Council for a medical examination and a physicial test... AAAAaaaaaaa!!!

Well, now it's over, and today's Thursday... And it's my BIRTHDAY!!! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'm officially 21 years old now :D:D:D:D

Also today, the data arrived from one of the branches, so I had to clean it... Frankly, I don't have a clear understanding of the whole cleaning process yet... I was given until tomorrow to do it... But I finished it this morning... ha ha ha.. now i don't know what to do xD

Internship #11 W3

My 9 days of holidays are over... sounds like a long holiday, but not really...

5 days were put into sailing... 1 day for cleaning the house (before chinese new year)... 1 day of celebrating chinese new year... and that leaves me about two days to enjoy myself... at least, i rsed my first ub within that two days... :D (don't ask me what that means) :P

So... at the office, I finished off the proposals and all, sent another to a client... did more and finished them off... so now basically i've nothing to do...

I skipped lunch today... Bah... Why do I have to feel so insecure and timid? I was absorbed with my work, that I suddenly realised that my whole department has gone out for lunch... And I'm alone... hahahaha... and saiful's having lunch with his friends... bah... i could've gone out myself and buy back something, and eat at my cubicle, but i'm still lost in this area, and i don't know my way around much... Oh well, if this happens again, I'm definitely gonna buy back something from the nearest shop, retrace my steps, and eat at my cubicle or the pantry... :K

Besides that, I also gave my admin a scare, when I asked her for some bullets, because my stapler ran out of them... I guess she thought I meant a different kind of bullets, from the look of astonishment she gave me... hahaha

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