Gold Coast Revisited


From the 13th - 19th, I was away at Gold Coast with a few friends- Hui Chien (hc), Amy, Mei Chia (mc), Thiam Foo (tf) and Justin.

Was my first informal outing with just friends, had a blast :D Kinda ;D

Before anything, I gotta post that my wallet is found and is safe in Wei Hon's hands. Everything is intact, except the money is missing. Would be awesome if it was still there, but I didn't hope too much, just glad that I will be getting my Malaysian IDs back soon.

Wet 'n' Wild

Since it was a long holiday there, and me being lazy to post day to day happenings, basically the things we did is:

Movieworld, Wet 'n' Wild, Harbourtown (shopping), Surfers Paradise (a few times), Brisbane - DFO and Visiting my Uncle and Aunt

This time round, I spent more time on the beach, which is awesome, cuz i barely stepped onto the sands last time I was there. We swam, we played frisbee, and tf and I even took one of the surfing classes there. The waves was sooo big and scary! xD

Altogether we have about 700 pics taken from three cameras :P As usual they'll be going up on facebook. *hint hint* ;)

Now one more week till Semester 2 starts, and possibly my last semester. I'm working on extending my visa already since it was supposed to expire next month xD eep

Crap T.T Canberra~

Last Thu-Fri, we made a trip to Canberra. Damn it's a lot colder there than in Sydney. Next week I'm gonna head up north to the Gold Coast again. yay :P

Canberra was okay, certainly not a place I'd wanna stay long-term, but in its own way it has lots of nice scenery and stuff. But where are the people? :P The moment the bus 'entered' Canberra, I wondered that, as there are not many people/cars/traffic, as compared to Sydney of course. Then again, I've been brought up in the KL/PJ area and even in Shah Alam during my Diploma studies, there's always a lot of people roaming around :P

Another thing that I noticed, is that most, if not all, the buildings are relatively short (like PKNS), spaced out, and in some sort of brown shade. Not many colours xP It reminded me of the old universities somehow x)

Overall it was a pretty okay trip, since it was planned at the very last minute (literally, as we discussed where to visit over lunch upon arrival), the only bad thing that happened is losing my wallet there T.T Seriously, crap. I've had that wallet since I was 14 or so, and even though it's falling apart, I still happily use it, till I'm gifted another. :P (It was a birthday present from Farah, one of my old school buddies, and prior to that wallet, I was also using a Garfield wallet that I got for my 11th or 12th birthday). Now, I have to get a new one ...

That's not much of a problem tho, what I'm more concerned about is all my IDs and such T.T My bankcards/credit cards have been cancelled, I've got my student id replaced, tomorrow going to get my australian photo id. That's really not too bad, in a way, just more outflow of cash, but things could've been worse I reckon. I'm so glad I went for the photo ID, rather than carrying my passport around and risk losing it. It seems that I can also get my malaysian driving license for RM20 replaced, however, I have to be back in Malaysia it seems o.o And same case for my Malaysian IC, except that it's way more expensive. :K *shrugs* I've no info yet on how to get it replaced or anything while I'm still in Australia. And considering that I'm gonna extend my visa really soon for the next semester, I'm just glad to have my passport with me.

Current Song: Stand By Me
Artist: Oasis

Over the last week, I've been hanging out more with some friends, and over that week I learnt a lot about tennis :P And thus I became one of them whom stayed up all night watching the Wimbledon finals. It sucks to see the person I was rooting for lost. However, seeing sports makes me wanna tune up the activeness in it again o.o Sailing, chess? scrabble? I have to go to the gym tho :P

I'm not a perfect person

Lately, I when I listen to music, I'm beginning to listen to the lyrics and the meaning behind them. Some reflect lives, some portray dreams, while some also inspire me to go on and such.

Anyhow, not being a person who used to listen to music or even have a radio when I was a kid, I couldn't appreciate music and their ability to 'touch our hearts'. While there's still a lot I don't know about the music entertainment, there's some that I listen to lately and have it stuck in my head for awhile :D So now when I blog, I'm gonna post the song that's stuck in my head for some reason (inspiring/reflection/etc.)

Current song: The Reason
Artist: Hoobastank

Outside of that, now that exams are over, results coming out next week *yikes* there's still so much to do, and even now it feels like this short winter break is gonna pass by really fast. Damn it, it's not enough! xD At least, I'm enjoying it =) Even with a few shortcomings here and there, that can really put a damper onto things, but yeah, so much to do, so little time x) But it's best to go for it :D No idea when I'd have the opportunity later on anyways, once this semester is done, another crazy semester ahead, then into the workforce o.o

Many things in the future still remain in doubt... So I'm kinda unsure what's going to happen, so now I'm just letting time and nature takes it course.. whatever happens happens.

Just now a bunch of us went to watch KungFu Panda, while I did laugh a lot, I don't find it a spectacular show, but it is still a good watch :D It's like one of those shows that you'd watch once in the cinemas, at least for me xD But there's one good quote from the movie I like:

'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why it's called the present'

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