Star Trek

So I finally watched the movie last night under Nan's recommendation. I enjoyed it ^_^

edit: whoops i totally forgot to talk more about this and published it. so here it is :P short.
(posted 7th June 2009 @ 9.30 pm)

Finance & Economics

Thinking can be fun. Really.

Thinking about finance and economics, is like thinking about siblings. They both come together, they both influence each other. Like organs and health. Like :P

Anyone can easily figure out general economics. Put yourself in a small economy (let's say maplestory or even neopets), and you'd be able to tell if prices will go up or down, what the demand and supply forces are like. Then lots of people engage in these economic activities. So there you have the basics. In a way, you could say it's a simplistic economic model of real economy. (As in, real life, not net/gross/per capita whatever). The main/huge difference, is risk. Think about it. (Srsly, thinking can be fun!)

What is not so fun about what I'm working with at the moment? The law part of it :P

A dose of Ayin's randomness

I received my new lenses on my spectacles today!

Today's jam was bad, but not so bad.

Had really really early dinner. Well not that early, was around 6.45 pm maybe?

I'm tired.

I ended up wearing a combination of office clothes that I didn't quite like.

Anuar was asleep when I dropped by at P16.

I cut my toenails today.

Hmm.. maybe not as random as it seems. Mebbe more like snippets of the day :p

I like to move it move it!

Yesterday was full of rawr. Today, despite having a headache all day, retail therapy has helped lift my general mood up.

Spent the afternoon at 1 Utama till evening, and at one place they were playing Madagascar on some of the TVs at the electronic section. Their song is now stuck in my head.

Anyways, my target was to get more clothes for the office, and gym pants, since I found out that my sailing track pants are not really suitable.. xP No suitable gym pants found, focused more on office clothes. Ah well =)

Then staying at P16 now, I get to try some of my mum's old clothes. They fit well! Tho actually a bit tight to put on o.o

First full paycheck coming soon! :D

Time, work, play...

I have a rather not so happy thing about working. The problem is not that I hate work or the having to go to office daily. It's being rushed into starting work. Being told again and again to hurry up and start working and hearing rants about how slow my employer is, in absorbing me into office.. just so that I can start earning.

It's just like about cooking. For a long time, I avoided the kitchen, hated the kitchen, hated being pushed to know how to cook and prepare stuff... just because I'm a girl. I don't see my brothers being told off all the time to be 'kitchen-savvy'.

And, it doesn't end there. Tho, that's life, isn't it? Having ppl put all sorts of expectations on you and pushing you to do things they think you should be doing. But for me, passion does not come from there. Instead, it just makes me reject it more.

I'm 24 now. I do need my space to make my own decisions. Not that I'm going to make rash and irrational judgment. Not that I'm going to totally shun away advice and such either. So much I could rant about, but something's pulling me back. Anyways on the bright side, it's Friday ^_^

Time passed by and it's about a month since my last update. What happened since the last time? I don't know. I may remember, but I can't be bothered to think. Not now, not on a Friday night.

What I do know, is that now everyday there's something. There's no day of doing nothing. Either work, or 'play'. Is it a complaint? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps it's not something complain about. Perhaps, you don't know me :p

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