Still laptop blues :P

Now, it's worse! xD

And yes, the laptop is with me at the moment, and I'm using it right now.

However, the time it's down is longer and more frequent.. last night it quit on me, and won't start even after numerous tries for 2 hours, when i gave up and slept. In the morning it wouldn't start either, for another 30 minutes.

It's with me at the moment, since they needed to order the motherboard (they're gonna replace the whole thing), and that it would take time to arrive, so I'd take it back meantime and endure with the problems, since I really need to work on my assignments and essays and all. Library computers are pretty back these days.

Btw, it's sooo cold now D:

Video Blog 1 - Wacky Housemates

OMG, yes, here we are, embarassing ourselves xP

Dying laptop?

So suddenly, I've been having issues with my laptop, starting last night, when it just hung, with a funny screen. Funny, meaning this:
Naturally when computers hang, I attempted to restart it, but every time I restarted my laptop, that 'black/white screen of death' appears, and I'm unable to do anything. (Except to turn it off). So I let my computer shut down and leave it a while.. Pondering my options if indeed my laptop broke, and what to do.

Since it happened around midnight, I then went to sleep, hoping it would be okay in the morning. However this morning, I was still greeted by that 'friendly' screen. I was extremely worried and unsure, especially when I have major assignments due within three days, and all my research data and stuff, was scattered around the desktop on the computer.

Another thing it kept doing is restarting itself, while that screen is up. It does go black again when it restarts, then it shows that ugly scene again. While hijacking Sindy's laptop for awhile, in hopes of finding out service centres or call centre for support, I was advise to do something, that left me having my laptop on for a slightly longer period, where it continuously restarted itself.

However suddenly at one point, it restarted and started up normally o_o I was so relieved. First thing I did was back up all my research stuff x) And today, spent the day working on one of the essays due Tuesday.

Then barely 30 minutes ago, it happened again. And this time I managed to get a picture of it...

I still don't know what's wrong.. is it my laptop? Windows Vista? *shrugs*

One Week Done, Another Mad Week to Go

Now within one week,

Three major essays,

Incl. 2 group essay,

1 individual essay,

+ Negotiation planning D:

*hugs* ty for the well wishes ^^ gratz for finishing, Nads :D ganbatte!

Bah, uni

Two weeks.

Five Essays.

One Exam.


SYTYCD Australia Finale Group Dance

I can't stop watching this o_o one of the best ever openings

May 3rd

May 3rd

Twenty-one years passed
A miracle, on this day
Came shining through birth

You appear in many forms,
Kind, awesome, amazing,
Is just a few of them
as the beauty you radiate
is impossible to embody within words

Just to let you stop kicking me
My focus of writing will change
I hope you don't really mind me
Attempting something that may seem lame

I can't remember when I first met you
I can only recall searching you for answers
That moment I knew
That you are different, unique and special

Nevertheless, weird things brought us closer
Undeniably some were unpleasant experience
But you had faith in me, trusted me forever
Words cannot explain how grateful I am

Did I ever mention
how often envied you?
So I followed you, to many places,
Not wanting to lose you
Wanting to learn from you
Not wanting to lose you
For where else can I find a friend
ever so talented, a friend
whom gives me such inspiration

On the third of May, 1987
Every third of May, I am grateful
For this day, a wonderful event
the birth of one of my BFF!

Happy 21st Birthday, Nannerz <3
Best wishes,

ps. Zaid, pls spare me any critisms for now D:

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