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i ish not hyper xD

i ish just uncomfortable xD

about two more weeks left in malaysia, and i'll be back in sydney :o

just came back from cousin's son's wedding and his wife is quite pretty :o A Sabah-an girl, whom converted to Islam just to marry him. So it was my first time witnessing the 'akad nikah' ceremony :P and the bridegroom, (somewhat my nephew and he's my age! xP) seemed pretty nervous before entering the house, hehe ^^

but boooy, the weather in malaysia is just so hot. so humid. so sweaty. i used to avoid going to weddings, i hated going to weddings :P weddings usually bore me, and it's especially true when you hardly know anyone.. not even the bride/groom. but when you do know the bride or groom, now that's certainly a must go.

there's sooo many customs tho, so many traditions to follow, etc, for malay weddings. it's much different from chinese weddings. even the food served is way different. at chinese weddings, you use chopsticks. at malay weddings, you use your hands to eat :P (unless they provide cutlery)

but i'm not gonna look/update the post of things to do before i go xP too lazy. nowadays, i'm pretty much back and forth between my mum and dad's house, cleaning, settling in, etc.. i need to buy a desk for my room in dad's house xP

weekends are still pretty much occupied.. sighs.. i wanna go sailing xP

oh, and congratulations on your marriage, syahman & marissa ^_^

oh oh, and also, since it's a bit of time since my last post, i also wanna say happy birthday to:

Aida, ichaya, Miraz, Max, Lachie, MakTam, Zaid, Balqis, and anyone I accidentally missed as I can't think well in the heat xP

and r.i.p. Heath Ledger :(

New Shoes :D

Dance shoes, dance shoes!

If only I can purchase a dance partner too.. :P

For those of you who're looking for dance shoes, you can go to :

San Lee Shoes
No. 11 Jalan Midah 5,
Taman Midah, Batu 5,
Jln Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 91303236

Things to do...

in Malaysia while I'm still here.
  1. Pick up my shoes xP
  2. Apply for YHA membership
  3. Meet up with fellow sailors Went there once, but didn't sail.. next time must sail!
  4. Meet up with old unimates Rabu tak jadi.. grr @ headaches.. *sighs* *tries to relax*
  5. Exercise, maybe o.o
  6. Meet up with schoolmates Done once so far
  7. Watch as many movies as I can x) Done: AVP2, I am Legend, Stardust, Game Plan
  8. Clean up the kitchen
  9. Stay in my own room Tonight, and gotta measure for cupboards.. Managed to do it that night :D and cupboards arriving tomorrow, yea!
  10. Go sailing *missed the regatta that is happening right now*
  11. Shop a bit
  12. Help adik with job/uni applications He has applied for a job in The Curve =) *is proud of him* he's starting work on the 21st of this month
  13. Attend weddings o.o 12/13 Jan - Hafiz (cousin) | 27 Jan - Syahman (my nephew/cousin's son xP) Attended Hafiz's wedding in Raub, met a lot of relatives there.. ^^
  14. Take diving lessons Just inquired today, pricey and bad timing.. so probably in Australia :K
  15. Buy plane ticket to go back to Australia Done.. going back early Feb
  16. Get broadband for dad's place Seems like he got it himself already :P

*stares at the stuff I'm doing/done/gotta do...* Really gotta get a job when I go back to Aussie o.o


Can I give up yet?

I'm tired. I don't know what to do. I don't know anymore. I try, but it doesn't work. I tried and I failed. I try and I fail. Should I just give up? Can I? Please?

Why, why.. why did I agree to sacrifice my summer holidays for this? Why am I still struggling to feel homely in my own 'home'...

Maybe it's time. But whatever, I'll just stay put. I'm tired anyway, I've got nowhere to go.

...*sighs*... I'm just that hopeless.

On a lighter note, after braving the roads and traffic of KL, just to get to Cheras, well, I'm always intimidated to drive to the other side of town, where the roads are not maintained (like here as well) but the drivers are scarier. Saw a motorcycle almost getting knocked by a big car, we've arrived to the shop we were looking for.. a shoe shop. Not just any shoe shop tho, they make custom dance shoes. My current pair of shoes that I use to dance in, is not actually built for dancing. Besides, it cost me like 100 aud but it is pretty comfy. However, in this shop, I could get a custom made pair of actual dancing shoes at around 130 ringgit.

Firstly you just look at all the assortment of designs on display on the shelves. Then you pick the colours/glitter you want, and also what kind of strap you'd like. Seriously it's so much easier to wear this pair than my old pair. I wasn't an expert in choosing/buying shoes, so I just went along with what looks cute and chose to have it in black + black glitter. The display was silver + silver glitter. Then, they measure your feet. In a week's time, the shoes are ready to be picked up. Once I collect it, I'll take a pic of it.

I'm wasting time

Staying at home pretty much during summer break

At least tetrino's room has been cleared, not fully, but decently...

I guess I'll start on the kitchen today



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