Life goes on

In the last 4 months, I've lost 3 relatives. Two to cancer, one to old age.

Some hits you harder than others, regardless the cause. Yesterday's loss was one of the harder ones.

Some things are unpredictable, life and reality can hit you at any random time. When that happens, choices have to be made. These choices will affect others. I used to worry about the consequences of my choices, but now I tend to believe the best of others. :)

I was definitely not prepared for yesterday. But at least, I believe I made the right choices. If there was a right choice or wrong choice in the first place :P

Anyhow, I marveled at the fact that the rest of the world is oblivious to what's happening to a little family, showing how relatively minute we are in this big world.

How can I ever be prepared? Regardless on how big or small chances are for tragedy to strike, the chance is still there. Would that be enough reason to get some things in life done fast?

I remember once participating in a Relay for Life back in UNSW, and if there was one nearby KL now, I'd definitely try to go for it. There's one coming in June, but it's in Penang. So those nearby there.. try going for it!

Screw the assumptions

I can't be bothered to rethink stuff at times :P But anyhow, assumptions can be really dangerous, and should be treated with caution! With that, I won't elaborate further on my last post! :P

On the other hand, experiencing work is very life changing. One of the most challenging tasks for me, is prioritizing. Especially with many different stakeholders, I've gotta learn to understand the matters to attend to. And how to attend to them.

It's a very steep learning curve. I can only hope I'm forgiven for being darn slow :P

Seeing the world get darker from behind the office window, is certainly a weird feeling. To have most people still around, having dinner with you, also gives me a weird feeling. It's like, I've finally started to belong to the FS department.

Two steps at a time ^^ (or maybe 3)

The "Danger" of Assumptions

Lately you may see me often asking many questions in a conversation. It may seem like dumb questions or rhetorical questions. I like to clarify better now. Because I've been experiencing all sorts of things go wrong because of assumptions. They may be small incidents, but still, it's no fun!

Once was the assumption that I was in P16 instead of Surian. Rudy was waiting for me in P16 lobby, while I was waiting at Surian lobby. I assumed he knew I was in Surian, while he assumed the other. Luckily we didn't miss our movie.

I had more examples, but I forgot them right now. tbc

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Mah point~ don't assume!

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