My Head Hurts...

Most people around me knows how often I get headaches, and not migraines, but tension headaches T.T

Anyway, I always wondered what causes mine. It mainly attributes to stress, but sometimes even when I'm not *too* stressed, I get them. Well, usually when I wake up or so. With the doctor's advice, I try to relax more and exercise (which I'm failing the exercise bit atm), and dad tells me not to worry so much all the time. (ilu dad ^^) Doctor also tells me to watch my posture, sleep on a firm pillow and all that. I love my pillow. (Even if it's hard for some people).

From thinking that my posture might be the root of the problem, I adjusted my desk chair to make sure it's on a better level relative to my computer. But the headaches persist. Then it was only recently I realised that my sleeping posture does not seem right. While I have nice pillows and all that, with one that is shaped like those contour pillow things, I noticed that I tend to curl up sideways in my sleep. So that was keeping my head facing downwards, rather than facing sideways.

So yeah.. uhh... o.o *is trying not to curl up when sleeping now*

Ps. winter please go away and let spring come!

Frustrations :P - Continued

Realization - one of the possible reasons we easily get those little frustrations:


On another note, I wanna take part in some sail training this summer o_o Can I stay in Australia a bit longer?

Frustrations :P

Things are often hectic and busy. This semester I know will be one of my busiest, if not the most. Usually in general, we are able to deal with tiny frustrations in various ways, whether it be getting angry, or venting, or ranting, or eating, etc. :P

I think these past few days I kinda bottled up some of my frustrations that it kinda reached the boiling point. I'm not really sure what I can do to release 'em, but sometimes it helps to talk :)

However I've learnt, that you just can't talk to anybody, and I mean it towards people who are close to me, or I thought was close. I thought/think we are, but often it doesn't seem so.

In fact, sometimes the people who are close to you are the ones that give you frustrations. And I don't mean the kind that deliberately back stab or hurt you, it's just the kind that sometimes takes you for granted or do things that feels like they're disrespecting you but do it anyway thinking that it's alright since we're 'tight'.

Maybe, like I was telling someone, is that when someone or friends are so close to you, that you expect more out of them, like more empathy and understanding, at the very least, to appreciate your efforts and such.

On the other hand, there was this feeling I had, that sometimes in the initial stages of friendship, the wanting to keep the friendship makes me more tolerant to others, yet after a longer while, some stuff starts to feel irritating to a certain extent, and things start to go wrong.

So anyway, just pieces of stuff from my mind at the moment :P

Tomorrow I'm gonna try swing dancing :o and I just bought tickets to Phantom of the Opera. I keep hearing soo much about it, finally got a chance to witness it for myself.

And current song in my mind:
Song: A New Day Has Come
Artist: Celine Dion

I love the dances to the song (sytycd), and the lyrics too.

I Luv Cats

I think I've mentioned this many times. I've always wanted to keep a cat.

I wanted to elaborate more on this, but I think I'm too tired and sleepy to do so xP

Short story, I wanted to keep one, but haven't had the chance yet.

OMG I have a teddy bear!

Don't know...

I've passed the point where I'm just feeling like giving up. Part if me is unsure what to do, the other part of me just wants to end it now.

I don't know if I can continue like this anymore, I don't think I can.

Maybe it's time to start letting go many things...

End of Week One!

Nuff said, basically uni has started. Final semester, hopefully :o RAH!

This literally made me lol:

more cat pictures

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