MS Wedding

Hehe, remember how myuu would post stuff about his WoW gaming? Here I am posting about my Mapling xD

Wedding happened this morning, about Sunday for most people =)

Here are all the screenshots I took from the wedding:


"MS is a trap!" ~numerous people of IDB

Two mid-sessions are coming up, and even tho I'm not studying as much as I intended to, I started earlier than I would've so I'm kinda content with the amount of materials I've covered so far.

In between studying, I go on maple :D hehe

Here's a screenshot of the wedding invitation one of the IDB-ers got in the game ^^

Eek, it's a little fuzzy but yea, our characters are getting married xD Thanks to Francis for the screenshot and congratulations to him also for his upcoming marriage on MS with Nannerz xD Fun to have back to back weddings xD That heart on the lower right corner was something I added on my own because I was playing with the photobucket spiffey new image editing stuff xD

Now back to studying D: (damn, it's such a good day at 25 C and I'm stuck at home studying x.x)

What he says! :P

Hehe a funny MSN Conversation with some online friends. We used to chat like this a lot, then we somewhat started doing our own things.

So anyway, this is sclazzy (Thomas) xD saying something about studying law (which is what he's doing) and it's half similar to what my dad sometimes say xD

Sclazzy says (9:45 PM):
law is for ppl who arent smart enough to study anything else xD
*unicef Bram<< says (9:45 PM):
Bram<< says (9:45 PM):
yeah people always tell me
*unicef Bram<< says (9:45 PM):
*unicef Sclazzy says (9:45 PM):
like fail in math? fail in lit.? fail in physics,bio, chem? go study law xD
*unicef Bram<< says (9:46 PM):
Sclazzy says (9:46 PM):
and the best thing is you are seen as someone important when you are a lawyer xD
*unicef Sclazzy says (9:46 PM):
and there are tons of hot girls you can make job interviews for the secretary position ;)
*unicef Bram<< says (9:47 PM):

Cuteness, cats, kittens are always cute!

humorous pictures

Mew! I'm still yet to be able to keep a kitten/cat again, since I was 10 years old. That time of course, I wasn't responsible enough to keep one, even tho I did, but I'm really hoping to keep cats again ^_^

Workload this semester is still overwhelming. Even though I have only one assignment due next week, but there's so many coming together the weeks after, that I know that if i don't start now, I'll totally stress out myself. I'm glad I've talked to my mgmt2101 groupmates to start doing our group assignment soon. I have a good feeling about this subject.

On the other hand, there's still another essay to work on for mgmt2106. Having done badly in the presentation last week puts us under pressure to do better.. Well for me at least, I hope this time our group really gets together...

This week I even missed sailing and jazz. Just to try and squeeze more time for uni work. The assignment due next week is extremely tricky tho. An intergrative negotiation or distributive? It seems more like mixed motive to me, but where do I draw the line? What's my target?

Then there's two assessments to fit in somewhere.. somewhere... I'm hoping to do one now, before I totally get overloaded.

So cold D: For awhile I had no long pants to wear at night, since I was at the gym so often I didn't have anymore to wear... So yesterday I bought myself a pair of pyjamas :D yay!

With You - Chris Brown Cover - Justin singing

Thanks Sheera for sharing! :D

So cuuute! XD

One of the most tiring weeks ever D:

Had a presentation at 6 pm, but group has only met up once, and I don't really know that morning either what we'll be presenting (basically which part). Meet up with one group mate at 12 noon, then another at 2 pm, then another at 2.45 pm, then the other one at 5 pm (there's 5 of us in the group) and only around 5.30 pm did we finally get all the slides compiled (yes, 30 mins before presentation).

Working with people can be so hard at times T_T

Then because we didn't prepare a summary of the presentation, I was passed the task to provide it to the tutor that night before midnight, even though I have dance class right after that tutorial which ended at 7.30 pm. Dance ended at 8.45 pm. Was a really tiring day, managed to get the summary and bibliography done and e-mailed at 11.45 pm.

Was supposed to send a hard copy of the summary, but after all the stress the night before I was too tired to do anything. Luckily one of my group mates helped out with that. Even tho the both of us missed our 9 am lecture. I knew I'd be too tired to go.

Of course, Tuesdays are my long days.. I went to my 11 am lecture, which I often find interesting, then a 2 hr workshop at 1 pm. (Instant noodles for lunch! hehe). Then another 1 hr break before another tutorial at 4 pm o_o and the double lectures was right after that class.

Apparently the double lecture was moved to next week because the lecture hall was booked after the first lecture (haha, and i didn't know this because i left early :P srsly i can't sit still, plus i don't think he's time efficient.. oh, and i was really really hungry too :P)

Slept in! Well for a tiny bit, since I have class at 11 am. I had the afternoon free, so I just sorted out my notes and all that stuff and ms a bit, since i'm expecting a trade from someone who never showed up T_T. Then I went to the gym, before cooking spaghetti for the whole house for dinner ^_^ Yum!

As I've made plans with MC, we went out to Coogee for another coastal walk. It was a good day, thankfully, and I'm really putting in a bit of effort to be outdoors more. I kinda like doing physical activity, sports, gym, sailing, dancing.. =)
The bus to Coogee beach was really late tho T_T we waited like 30-40 minutes before one actually came (was 10 mins interval). Then we completed the walk in just over an hour :D (First time took me 2 hours, second time 2.5 hrs since I was with mum, thired time 1.5 hrs). Ended that part with a tiny bit of shopping in Bondi Jn before arriving home. Then I was so sleepy, i napped till about 1 hr before my jazz dance at the gym xD
Happily dinner was prepared once I was back from gym =) Thanks hc & sindy!

Friday friday friday.
Well I stayed up pretty late, so I knew I'll be skipping pilates the next morning xD So I slept in a bit, but I had to be up by 11 am and make lunch right away, pack up and head to sailing. It takes me about 1 hr to get there, and we have to be there at 1 pm. I was a bit late again. But I was put into the last boat which was cool, and all of us have sailed before. So I got the opportunity to helm a bit more, and I steered upwind towards Rose Bay =) With the pleasant weather, it felt nice ^^
I reached home about 5 pm, wondering why the ride on the bus feel soooo long xD I tried reading the book that mum sent me while Anuar was here, but I got dizzy on the bus x.x
Again, spent a bit of time online, I can't remember doing what exactly, but I think it was fb-ing and youtubing (oh yeah, youtubing ANTM 10 xD), then showered then watched Cheaper By The Dozen on TV while having dinner :D It's ok movie, but I kinda expected something else...

Saturday is now here. And I gotta study for my mid-term X_x this morning was spent grocery shopping. Man, my skin is so dry lately =/ and my headaches still about. I think I took meds about 3 times this week. *wants a good massage...* *hugs Van* I do visit, I just don't know what to say =/ All I can do is apologize I guess =(

Time flies, but i guess no use thinking about it. In life, I want to move forward and forward, and hopefully I'll be able to pursue my dreams one day =)

12 Weeks is just not enough T_T

Basically UNSW has shifted from a 14-week to a 12-week semester, and now everything that is usually taught in 14 weeks are cramped into 12 weeks x__x

So much workload, it's really stressing me a bit. I'm already discontinuing Mandarin classes (until about July) and not taking ballroom this semester. But I've been going to the gym often and there's sailing.

I wonder if this worrying is what provoking my almost daily headaches now :(

Nothing much to write at the moment, but..

Sailing has started again, I hope it'll get more interesting.

Much photos taken while Anuar was here has been posted on facebook... Didn't tag everything to, too much and can't be bothered to

It's getting colder and colder in Sydney, ahhhh, 18 C as I type this.

I've signed up for Latin Dancing again, even tho it's on mondays right after my class... oh well.. but I don't think I'll be doing ballroom anymore...

I've also discontinued Mandarin classes for now..

I'm still going to the gym at least once a week for jazz, and hopefully for anything else I can, like pilates and such.

I'm a tad worried of uni work, especially with only 12 weeks and so much to cover... I can't believe there's double lecture next week x.x making my tuesdays 9 hrs of lecture/classes, grrr

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