Becareful what you wish for..

Funny, just about two days ago I was wishing to have a day off to sleep in. Yesterday, I overslept :P Usually, I'm off to work by 7.15AM during Ramadan. I woke up at 7.20AM.

In addition, I had to drop by the ATM to get some cash to exchange for new notes, which was something I had to do between 8 - 10AM. The new notes is for raya. What's raya? See here.

Yesterday evening was rather interesting. We (the new trainees) were having some buka puasa event, and there were VVIPs. So we were assigned places onto three tables, where one VVIP was seated at each. I'm not assigned to the most VVIP of them, and I felt rather funny and somewhat underperforming. That's because sometimes.. or most times, I'm rather critical of myself and always want to look the best. (One of the ways is like being assigned to the most important table). Anyhow, blessing in disguise, since my table's VVIP had to leave early, and most of the others too, except the most VVIP, I get to leave early too :D

So? Becareful what you wish for ;)

Cats make me jealous

Something "serious" for a change. ;D

funny pictures of cats with captions
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*pokes my latest twitter about wanting to sleep in*

Random Thoughts

There's always something in my mind. At times, I'd think of something and tell myself, I should blog about it. Then at the time I come on the computer, I totally forget what it was.

People make me wonder a lot. Especially on why they do things. How they view the world. I believe in empathizing with other people to understand them. Yet there are times I still can't.

In some ways, everyone needs help. For any kind of reason. Some people can easily receive help, while others are more resistant. Eventually I think it all comes down to them, whether they want to help themselves.

Like sometimes, I get upset. And I stay upset. And during that time, sometimes no matter what anyone does to cheer me up, I reject that effort. Many times I'm being stubborn or more demanding, feeling that the effort is not enough. It has happened before. But perhaps, I did not want to let myself be cheered.

So when it comes to self improvement, it's eventually up to the person itself if he or she really wants to. Though still, outside factors and motivations still play a big role.

I don't really know what I'm going on about here right now. Can I believe, that on top of all the outside factors and our surroundings during our upbringing, the moment where we can start thinking for ourselves, we are responsible for our own living, and how we choose to live life?

I think, that's the thing that makes me wonder...

Personal Time

I was out for buka puasa with my friend/colleague, April. We always have lots to chat about, no matter when. Hahaha, if it's not about work, it's about something crazy or funny like lolcat and FML. There was this one topic we talked about: Personal Time.

To me, Personal Time is pretty much my private time. For me, myself and I. It would be the time I spend doing whatever I feel like, even if I feel like doing nothing, in my own personal and private space. My room. Of course it can extend to other parts of the house, but you get what I mean (I hope :P). But, when? While I'm still waiting for the opportunity to have personal time for a full 24 hrs, mostly it's at night after the daily rituals. Work, dinner, training, etc.

But do what? Sometimes with that personal time, people don't know what to do. Nothing good on tv, no books to read, etc. I'm rather thankful that I'd always have something to do. Besides my tendency to play games, I've started reading books again, thanks to the discount I've received from BNM's Knowledge Fair. I'd list down the books I bought, but Adik borrowed one, and I can't remember the title name (it's a long title! :P). So I'll list it later.

Of course, there's the physical and mental factor. Sometimes we're just too tired to do anything in our spare time. For some reason, I tend to feel that way every night. That really limits my socialising time. I guess that's what working life is all about. (*sob sob* haha)

I'm certainly looking forward to my personal time always. Not that I'm pushing everyone away! I still need to try harder to strike a balance with everything.

Meaning of Doing what You're Doing

This sorta stems out from having a goal. Now, when given a task, I try to find the meaning of what I do. Sometimes things seem so.. basic, and we feel like doing something 'more meaningful'. But is the other something really more meaningful, or is it just us failing to see the reason and meaning behind doing something basic.

If only I step back and give it a thought. What is this basic thing I'm doing, and what is it for? Is it something I can improve on, does it require more technical skills? Sometimes, I actually wish I did programming :P I know it's not too late to learn. And I'd hate to say this, but there is a need to have more hours in a day xP

I don't like saying 'no time' as an excuse, yet I do that all the time. Thus I have this urge to manage my time well, so that I have ample personal time to make me happy with how I'm living. Sadly, I have very very limited time for family and friends. Hmm, maybe it's my diet. If I maintain a healthier balance of diet, perhaps I won't feel exhausted too easily and be able to stretch the day longer. Maybe!

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