Almost passed out, but I didn't... I think :P

So on Monday, I called up the Uni's health services to make a doc's appointment. I won't say what's wrong here, that's my business 0:-)

Anyway, my appointment was today at 2.30 pm... I was there about 5 minutes before that, filled up the form and it wasn't long at all, I was called in.

The doc is nice and friendly, I had no discomfort telling her the problem ^^ But to ascertain the problem.. I had to get some tests done... A blood test and a scan... For a scan, I have to make another appointment with the hospital/centre, idk what it is, actually, but I was to do the blood test on the same day :P

Now then... I'm not afraid of needles (but I am afraid of getting my teeth pulled out). xD But I was a little nervous, since it's been ages, since I had my blood drawn from myself... So I was happily sitting, and not looking at the needle, I felt the prick, and I felt the drain... All was well...

Then... after it seemed like a while, and blood was still being taken, I started to feel light headed, my heart was beating fast, I knew it's because of the blood being taken, that I was feeling faint xD (Mind you, I've never experienced this when getting my blood extracted before :P)

So.. feeling extremely weak, was at the verge of passing out, I couldn't summon any energy at all... I was still conscious tho :P Then I had some water to drink... Then out came my lunch xD

Oh well.. so I was given a bed to rest on for awhile, and they did more checks, especially on my blood pressure and heart rate xD Later, they gave me gummi worms to eat as well, yummy! :D Makes me feel like a kid again ^^

Anyhow, next step is to do the scan... and I got a letter from uni, regarding my rent x.x what's up? I've submitted the sponsor letter two weeks ago :K

Ignorance is Bliss =D

For some reason when I type that, it always turns out Bliee xD

Anyway, I'm just using that phrase... to hide, to forget, to ignore, and to try not to care. But it's not really working =P So it comes to another big decision, tough, but hopefully it'll fix things up. It just hurts to see it go on like this.

Friends forever... right?

Other stuff:
- Got messed up trying to connect my h/mate's laptop to the network.. Not working =/
- I've a doctor's appointment tomorrow, oh joy...
- Summer sessions are fully running, so uni is somewhat crowded again

Sensitivity =o


I'm somewhat sensitive =o

But too lazy to elaborate. I just notice a lot about some ppl's behavior.

Oh well.


It's all in the mind *tries to blank out*

On another note, tomorrow starting next level of Mandarin =o

Yellow Fever

Thanks Nan for sharing this with me. I just find it totally awesome and hilarious, a must watch! xD

Life is like a rollercoaster

Is what we always here, full of ups and downs... But I know I don't really enjoy rollercoasters, eek! xD

Anyway, after a terrible terrible Tuesday, Wednesday was a great and awesome day. Finally I received my modem and I'm now connected thru ADSL2+, whatever that is...

Trying to set the modem up was hilarious.. I opened the manual, and it's like a foreign language to me. Paged someone on my MSN, but he didn't know how xD

Good thing for IRC, thanks a million, wired =^_^=

Also thankful for a certain and very special friend, for listening out to my problems and caring for me ^^

So much to do still, I need to do shopping and household chores, but I'm just hopelessly addicted to the internet xD

Today was the last day of Mandarin 1A Class. We had a substitute teacher, but she was fun, lol... Hope to see some of my classmates again... Altho I do know I'll be seeing some of them next week, when we move on to our next level =^_^=

Zai jian!

A somewhat bad start to the day

Following a somewhat already bad night, or yesterday...

While I was sleeping, I don't know when, but I pulled a leg muscle again... Was my left calf this time, and I'm trying to recall why it happened...

Vaguely, I can recall the phone ringing, I think, and I stretched to get up to answer it, but when my muscle pulled, obviously in great pain, I laid back down and tried to bear the pain till it was gone. I don't know if the phone really rang or what.

Then in the morning, I received a pleasant surprise on MSN. But I'm not gonna elaborate on that.

Walking to and back to class wasn't pleasant, with the slight pain still lingering on my calf, as I walk, especially when going down the stairs.

Again in class, I was highly distracted, and unfocused.

I also arrived there, tired, mentally and physically, I just felt like going home and sleep, but I just went ahead with the class anyway.

Till next time...

Hi Nan, btw ;)

What makes me happy?

Is it sacrificing myself for others? Is it forgoing all my own thoughts and feelings, just to make other people happy? To burden myself, for the good of others?

Lots of things are confusing me, lately...

There's so many people I care for, but only a handful that I trust. And the people I trust, I care for, the most. All I wish for, is them to be happy

So many things seems so unreal to me at the moment, especially when I think of the future... Perhaps there's no point thinking of what can and what may be, but think of what I have now, or what I can do now... *is confused*

I keep telling myself, I'll follow wherever the wind takes me, thus, sitting back, and see what comes along my way...

I'm trying my best

I think I lost weight..

maybe, maybe not xD who knows... but someone has to teach me to cook =o

anyhow, been busy a bit, with fixing stuff with my account... and mandarin classes as well... it's great, i'm soo glad i took up the course.

also this week, someone claimed i stole her identity xD w/e...

and found out today, my adsl modem hasn't arrived/shipped yet because i haven't even paid for it xD!!

my phone bill has arrived tho.. x.x

zai jian!

Jazz, oh yeah~!

Last night, I joined the ISS to the Jazz in the Domain... Sydney Festival 2007

It. Was. :

Damn Crowded.
Damn Crowded.
Damn Crowded.
And such... lol

Pics... later when I'm up to it.

Now I just need to get my room vacuumed, and have lunch later with Uncle Norman ^^


Today didn't start off good... so i went to class with a cloudy mind, but thankfully, it didn't dwell in my head that much...

Class was awesome, tho, we had a little presentation, and my group was chosen as the best ^^

I came back anxiously, tho, pondering over the situation i had in the morning that came to be just 5 minutes before i left for class... everything seem alright, as I talk to Nannerz, then I checked my e-mail...

Another autoreply came from TNT, saying that I can't get my account back, however, as I checked it, it was uniced!

Thus, my account is unfrozen!! :D Best news I had so far this year.

Then, I received an e-mail from my ISP that my adsl provision is ready, so all I need now, is the modem, and i'll be on broadband!!!! wheeeee

And also, i bought a table light, fan and mouse pad, finally XD thanks shazwi for accompanying me to the mall ^^

Bad... bad... bad... day


Today. Bad Day.

Got shouted at. (not literally)
Cried. (meh)

And after a nice hot shower that was supposed to help my mood, I came back and found my water jug on my table toppled over.


Water spilled all over my desk. On my desk, I had:
My laptop, my printer/scanner, my digicam, my calculator

So far everything seems to be ok... Everything tested but the printer...

Oh, and also, my bottle of sprite spilled onto my carpeted room :K


I'm Wrong.

I know I'm not perfect. I know there're many flaws about myself. I've lost the route of actually not blaming myself for everything. So now, I shoulder all my wrongdoings myself.

To me, things can't really be compared... Person with person, situations with situations... Lifestyle with lifestyle... there's always a good and bad in everything, and what we do, or at least, what i try to do, is try to correct our flaws...

I want to grow up. To be more matured, while retaining the so-called happy kid inside me. I want to be able to take care of myself, on my own. I want my actions, achievements to speak louder than words. I want to prove myself.


Bleargh @ Independancy...

Lol, being on your own is great... and of course, there are things that are not so great as well... hehehe... but one thing for sure, I'm learning, and I'm moving on =) With classes started, I've at least have a more proper routine, and I can see how it will be like when the actual semester starts.

Mandarin Class has been good so far. The teacher is very energetic and laughs a lot... actually, almost all the time.

The not so fun part: Walking half an hour upwards just to get there and back xD

Hmm.. Monday I found out I can't do anything about my visa until it's 28 days before it expires.. :P meh; there goes my study plan xD at least today, i got my visa stamped into my passport so ppl can stop asking me about it :K Tomorrow, need to go to the bank... and possibly the student centre to work on my messed up study plans xD

Thursday... shop for groceries x.x

Oh, and a bunch of birthday presents as well =S

Ni Hao again... =P

Back from my first class in Mandarin today =o

40 min walk to the place, because I got lost :P next time, it'll just take 30 mins... I do wonder how long it'll take by bus, tho =p

2.5 hrs of class. incl 30 mins break o.o

first half, we learnt a lot about China... the population, provinces, and such

second half, we attacked the pinyins... and it's hard x.x

hopefully, i'll be out of the house more often or so, so my mind is not always attached to the internet... it's not good for my health anymore xD *hides from Nads*

the class has 14 ppl... mostly multinationals, about only 5 ppl are chinese... and out of the 14, 8 of them are guys 0:-)


Earlier today, finally sent in an official complaint about my neo-account... we'll see what happens... I'm eager to see the reply.

Anyhow... when someone likes you, or cares for you... yet never bothered to check or read your blog unless told to do so... is that normal? Or what does it imply? Even tho he knows the existence of your blog for ages, probably buried somewhere in his memory...

Ah well... things to do on Monday...

- Go for Mandarin Class
- Go to the Student Centre regarding my CoE
- Possibly extend my visa

Things to look forward to...

- ADSL2+ broadband connection
- Something that Miraz is sending me =D (I don't know what, yet)

Confusion, confusion, confusions...

And no.. I'm not going to elaborate. Trying to learn to keep my mouth shut, or rather, keep my fingers from typing stuff that I should not share, or do not want to share.

Ok. So. I finally got my room line connected... quite expensive, but oh well, it's a lot better in the long run. Now just waiting the go ahead from myuu to confirm what ADSL modem to get =P Btw, the technician that came was pretty good looking ^^

Still no news on neo, about my account... sent then an official letter asking for a refund =P I wanted to quit, but I don't think I can... Not because I don't have the will to quit, but I don't have the heart to quit and leave all my friends.. >.< (plus semalam kena guilt trip gile2). If no news on the refund, then I'm gonna file in a complaint at :K

Anyhow... how many of you actually read my blog? Do comment on this post if you actually read this. I'm kinda experimenting on something...

A New Year, A New Beginning

Well... 2006 is done.. and there's so much to think about, so much to look forward to, in the new year...

I've made some decisions, which I may, may not regret, but it definitely kept me thinking every single time I have... I just need time.. time to think, time to find out what I want, what I like... Making that decision and actually delivering it to you, was really the most awkward thing I've ever done so far... Time will tell :)

So. This morning I called up Telstra again, and I'm gonna get a room phone connected xD Can't wait! can't wait!

Also, I read from myuu's blog about my dad involved in an accident... Immediately I texted my dad and at the same time wish him Happy New Year, and he called me up and we talked about it... Darn driver who red-lighted :K:K:K and also lied in the police station! :K:K But thank goodness, my dad is injury-free, altho not the same for the passengers in the other car... And now the blue car is a wreck again... just shortly after it was fixed.... *sigh*

Happy New Year~!

A very Happy New Year to everyone... Hope the new year brings happiness and prosperity... :D

Too bad for me, I was supposed to go to the city to see the fireworks and such, but my friend had to cancel out, so I stayed home... Was having a good chat with Steven, Nannerz, Jack, Java and Reece... till about 10.30 PM, I was feeling terribly sleepy... wahahaha... Guess it's a good thing I didn't go out afterall... So I went to bed, and slept thru the new years...

Not surprising, tho.. considering that almost everyday of my holiday, I've been waking up between 6-7 AM in the morning... Especially since the sun is up so early, and my room is facing east x.x ah well... i still have black cardboard/paper in my shopping list ;)

Anyhow, I talked with Zaid around 2 am my time... made me a bit confused... especially since I was 3/4 asleep when he called... *shrugs anyway*

After my last post, I had a good chat with my dad and brothers on the phone... Mum's in Indonesia with my uncle for the new years... Then, I had a lot to think about... But looking beyond 2006, I start to recall why I decided to do the things I did... I start to recall why I took up actuarial science... I remembered a lot of things, look through a bunch of old stuff in my computer, and realized, that I'm just going through a bit of a 'down part' in life, and entering the New Year, I'm gonna look at things in a more optimistic view.

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