Is the trend building up?

I remember someone (who was relatively a lot older than me) told me once. At around my age, we go about attending weddings or parties of newborns. Wherelse, people her age go around attending funerals.

And yet another person I knew since young has passed on. Sudden like the last? Perhaps so, but in entirely different circumstances. This time from a motor accident (Tho the actual cause may be surgery complications). The date of departure was yesterday, exactly a month after the passing of my aunt.

Often I'm reminded that my life here is a gift. And anytime, it may just disappear. All of us assume that it will last a very very long time. How safe is that assumption? But to be fair, what else can you assume?

Then come the quotes. Live today like there's no tomorrow, and such.

Nevertheless, life again, goes on. But it is always changing, no matter how much we resist naturally. Does embracing and adapting to change makes one live a happy life?

Axis Of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song with song titles

Thanks Steven for sharing! XD

Questions and Painful Legs

*how was hockey?

Despite the annoying delay of all the matches by 40 minutes, and the fact that I'm so unfit, I did not faint on the field, and I really enjoyed the game. We came out 3rd out of 3 teams, but I had a lot of fun. I know I'd do it again next year.

Why did I take it up? I remembered holding the hockey stick once at school, and tried to stop a ball and hit it away. I quite liked that feeling. But never had the chance. And here, the girls team did not have enough players to even make a full field team. That's where I come in.

*how was the party?

The hockey matches delay and the captain's insisting on me staying for the last game (which weren't ours), caused all my plans on Saturday to go whacky. So doing all sorts of stuff in between, for the sake of getting things done at a cheaper 'price', totally wore me out before the party.

Because of doing errands, I caused April (who carpooled with me) and myself to be late for the dance class (part of the hen party). Thankfully, the trainer was late too, due to a flat tyre. We danced to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce, I've the video.. not sure if I'll upload it.. hmm ;o

Then rushed to Azura's place to shower and change for the dinner. I was famished by then, cuz of the hockey, I kinda missed lunch.

Dinner was ok, just thought my portion was a bit small, even tho it was one of the more expensive stuff on the menu. I was famished okay.. The place didn't really do much dancing.. But I was fine with that, I'm just too tired by night time.

*how was sailing?

Sailing started off ok, after a rough bump with arrangements. Imagine trying to arrange time and transport and stuff in the party while there's loud music and lots of people chatting around you. I felt a bit bad being antisocial.

The hectic part partially comes because I was taking Anuar sailing as well. Besides him getting back into sailing, he has to complete his CAS stuff for his International Baccalaureate by collecting more Activity hours. I couldn't confirm till that night if he had a spot on the boat as it was subjected to the owner's approval...

Then sailing itself was ok, we managed first after a long 1.5 hr race, but only fared 2nd in the 2nd race. At least it was a much shorter race back to the club.

Hurriedly ate some snacks, then drove back, stopping by at KFC for some dinner.

And so here I am, back at home, preparing for work and other things.

What the heck am I doing?

I remember giving up a bunch of stuff. On the basis that I lack time, now that I've started working.

And here I am, trying out and being committed to new stuff. Well, and some old stuff too.

Like this week,

Monday - Squash
Tuesday - Chess
Wednesday - Squash
Thursday - Chess (which I kinda skipped today)
Friday - Chess
Saturday - Hockey & Hen Party
Sunday - Sailing

Then there's still next week
Monday - Chess

And I'm too tired now to think beyond that. :P

Then again, I realised today, that some of the activities I've given up upon, lacked one important factor: friends

Is it peer pressure? I don't think so. I do admit I do enjoy these activities. And often I'm envious of some people in my department who seem to be doing twice the stuff I'm doing. Some with families too! How does one juggle the time? How much sleep do they get? o.O

Maybe if I had a cat! I'd be compelled to go home earlier :D

Still, I'm questioning myself: Lots of people say my health issues is due to stress. Are all these activities relief the stress, or add to it?

Back to the [Chess] Board

After 8 years since the last competition I joined for chess, I'm back in it :o Really one of the things I love about working in the Bank is the activeness in sports and other activities. This year I'm hoping to be selected as one of the 3 girls going to the Inter-Central Bank Games (ICBG) in May. I hope I could pick up the skills again and stuff. My colleague says a bit of practice and training would do me lots of good. After many rounds of chess since last month, I'd ask, why did I ever leave this game again? (Tho I do know the answer.. I started sailing again competitively XD)

At least, looking back at my past involving chess wasn't too hard. And I doubt that the rules for competition have changed much. I'm most glad to be able to find my old scorebooks o.O

It feels rather nostalgic to go through my old games. May give me an insight, to how I used to play last time. Now I just have to look for my chess board and pieces :P

I was such a kid when I played actively back then o.o

And I'm loving it! :D This calls for a new tag!

Love Mistakes

Now I'm no guru, so I do enjoy reading from time to time articles from MSN's lifestyle section on the subject matter. I like to read these things and work out what's best for me, and what I can do better. Let me make it clear tho, while there are lots of positive advice, I don't necessarily agree with all. But that's rare too :)

The latest article I read, which was today, was on Love Mistakes and I was just looking at the 5 items mentioned. How true! There was so much stuff there so relatable, just the idea itself, not necessarily with the examples. And not necessarily from personal experience either. I'd so share more, but doing so may have to end up with me making this blog private :p

Three visits, one week

Quick weekly update is me finally going to see the doctor for continuous nausea that's starting to get more frequent. After many throwing ups, I went to the doctor whom was very keen to believe that I was... well, what do you think of generally of women having nausea :p Anyways, after confirming that it's impossible unless with divine intervention, she changed my medication, in which I seem to be responding better to.

It's now been two days since I've stopped puking :) All that irritation to the throat has caused a sore throat and subsequently a flu :( And so I missed sailing today *cry*

Eek, work tomorrow.

Anyhow, I managed to at least celebrate April's bday yesterday with a bunch of friends :) Watched Clash of the Titans on Gold Class, and now enjoying a series of Glee thanks to her ^^ I must say, I'm blessed to be around friends like her :) Hoping all the best and goodness for the years ahead, and Happy Birthday! ^_^

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