Food for the Heart & Soul

Things I'm saving up for!

Big things (cost exceeding 1000)
  1. A house on land in a good location or a unit in Titiwangsa Sentral, The Greens TTDI, Surian Condominium :D
  2. Trip to China/Italy
  3. Bathroom tiles & shower doors (basically to renovate my bathroom a bit)
Medium things
  1. A pet cat
  2. Bloch ® Adult Wave Sneaker (Silver/Graphite/Purple)
  3. A hot water heater tank YAYAYAYAYA!
  4. A new radio + speakers for my car I actually got a new car instead o.O
  5. Rollerblades!
  6. The oh-so-cute! new iPod nano (green/orange/red)
  7. A good squash racket Now I need the time to play squash o.o
  8. Day curtains for the room
Small things (costing less than 100)
  1. Food undeez/Foot glove :D such as Bloch ® Soleil Foot Glove or Capezio ® Unisex FootUndeez™
  2. Sailing knee pads! :D Now where did I put these...
  3. A small wallet. Don't like big ones anymore. And a card holder for the cards. Got my wallet here
  4. Travel items like padlocks
Immaterial things
  1. Happyness
  2. Sleeping in a couple of mornings weekly
  3. More patience
  4. Someone special with me always
  5. Assertiveness
  6. "true" friends?
Things I like to have
  1. Bed stuff: Quilt sets, bed sheet sets, etc.
  2. Chocolates!
  3. Magnets for the office cubicle
Things I usually don't like to receive as gifts =p
  1. Photo frames, albums
  2. Key rings
  3. Soft toys

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