The Games I Play Lately

Ramadan and Raya came and left. If you were on my facebook, you'd probably know that Steven came by Malaysia to celebrate one of the most festive seasons in Malaysia :) I seriously believe men in 'baju melayu' look sooooo hot and dashing!

And now he's back home :( Can't wait till the next meet. But I don't know when yet... :(

Anyway, just wanna share some of the games I've been playing on and off recently. Some iPhone games is listed here as well, but not all.. there's too many. lol! But I say, iphone apps make waiting sooo much more bearable now.

  1. Dragon Saga: To me it's something between Maplestory and WoW. Lag is not bad, I probably have much better connection if I ever upgrade to Unifi. Steven found this game while looking for a game that both of us could play, since I can't play Maplestory anymore :( Stupid region block.
  2. Transformice: It's a simple game, but sooo entertaining. It's short 2-3 min rounds makes it a good time filler. But it's hard to get off it as well, making me procrastinate at times XD
  3. Epicmafia: Realtime mafia/"werewolf". Practise lying acting skills here.
  1. Plants vs Zombies: Used to play this a bit, till I got all the achievements. But now it's updated with tonnes of mini games and more achievements, it goes back to the main list :D
  2. Monopoly: On of my fav time fillers.
  3. Bakery Story: Cuz the food looks yum. Some colleagues were playing this, and now so am I :3
That's all I can think for now. Too many? I dunno :o *thinks about the outdoor activities I'm up to as well....*

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