It happens.

Shit happens. (Bad things)

Love happens. (Good things)

That's like, the opposite ends of the things in life. Ahaha. Sometimes, things happen, that you have no control of. Sometimes you do.

Regardless, it's always a series of change, that we change and grow. Whether we grow to become who we are, or become someone that we're not. Frankly I don't know how one defines itself. What is one's identity.

Over the course of life, and up to now, I've seen a lot of change. In other people and also myself. Looking back, I realize that there's so much things in life, that I thought wouldn't have impact me in anyway and that I'd still be myself, did have an impact on me afterall.

And then I wonder, if me changing, is me becoming someone I'm not, or am I just growing?
Who am I?

Taronga Zoo and Eastwood

Yesterday, met up with cousin Eng Siang and his wife, Su Ann in Sydney. We went to the Zoo! :D

Koalas are so fuzzy!

Coincidentally we went there the same time Wei Hon and his gf went, so we even bumped into each other, but I forgot to get a photo of us three together... Plus I didn't charge my camera the day before, so it only had 9 minutes left... Thus the photos I took using my camera isn't much, just those that I uploaded here.

We did meet up again tho, together with hc, for dinner at a Korean Restaurant in Eastwood... So near Epping ^^ The journey there was filled with so much laughter and teasing in the car, but on the way back, everyone so quiet d.. Too tired, hehehehe... We did take pics tho, even tho it's not together, but w/e, I don't even know whose camera we used.. either hc's or wh's.

Just to annoy Sean :D

Cups with labels :D Saw this in the kitchen, and just had to take a photo =^_^=

Killing Still Snaps

I'm too lazy to maintain that blog anymore, especially since it's pretty tedious to actually upload photos there one by one.

So for now.. I'm sticking to facebook, since it's so easy to upload, tag, and all

Find me there if you have it o.o I'm using Ayin Ghani as my name there as usual

I luv my housemates ^^ Last night, we took in two mattresses into my room to resemble a 'sleep over' :P

*points to my bed* I get to sleep with a teddy bear!! :D:D Sindy was first to rise, despite being the last to sleep o.o
I'm kinda amazed that we could actually fit in two mattresses into my room.. darn, it's messy tho o.o (even before the mattresses :P)

Surf's Up!! Luna Park and Lachlan

Nice movie =) Loooove the penguins! ^^

All that I planned to do today was thrown away (since the weather wasn't appealing for a coastal walk) and we (Lachlan and I) end up doing other stuff instead.

Watched a movie, then we walked across the Harbour Bridge, roamed around Milson's Point, got lost, went through Luna Park in an attempt to backtrack our last trip there, ended up going in a circle back to where we started, gave up and took the train to North Sydney (just one stop away xD).

Then back home.

Hehe, but it did take a full day... It was a damn nice scenery across the bridge, even tho I was so afraid of heights... but the view was remarkable.. no pictures tho, I forgot to bring my camera.. I did take some shots with my phone tho.

At Luna Park, idk how, but Lachlan managed to persuade me to enter this 'Coney Island' place that has a bunch of rides in it... Here's one of them:

Here's Lachlan *bullying the others* on a ride 0:-) ok ok, I went on this thing too.. just once tho, it made my head spin.. :P

It was interesting enough =) It was a good day, hopefully next time I can catch the Sculpture by the Sea doing the coastal walk...



















Chocolate ^^'

Car Sickness

I really hate it... puts me in a bad mood, and no mood to do anything else. And sometimes I get bitter and all. Meh, I'm just a terrible person x.x

On Saturday I took the bus and train over to my informal guardian's place. They then took me to a Turkish (well, they said it's Turkish, but frankly idk the difference between Turkish or Lebanese) restaurant in Auburn for break fast. It was great food.

I'm drinking this drink that I forgot the name.. it's kinda like yoghurt o.o it's interesting, but not my favourite =P It's Uncle Norman and Auntie Yokelin's favourite drink tho...

After dinner, we had dessert! Man, the stuff there was awesome... I'd certainly go there again. It's called El Sweetie in Granville. Of course, pretty far from where I live, but once in a while would be nice...

Mmmm... hot chocolate!

Sunday, I actually went to the Blue Mountains o.o I wasn't expecting that at all, but Auntie suggested it, and we went... Pictures will come a week later, since uncle is aware of our diminishing upload/download quota for this month... But there's this wood craft shop there in Leura that I absolutely love, so many interesting things!! Damn, I should've taken a photo...

Went back to Epping after Blue Mountains, to pick up my stuff, then headed home. It was the ride home from Epping to Kingsford that made me carsick... :K

wtf friday :P

Yesterday, I had like, 4 events on my diary

Only 1 event went on as planned :P

First event, was mandarin class.. I didn't receive the notice that it was cancelled, so I trudged to the place where our class is, and ahh... damn good thing it wasn't that far :K apparently 老师 left a voice message in my phone.. Heck, I haven't even activated it :K I only found out after I got home, and had to go through all that introduction thing and setting my own personal greeting.. And I sound damn weird x.x

Second event was a doctor's appointment, which was postponed to Monday because the doctor didn't turn up at the clinic :K *piak* At least my headaches have subsided for now

Third isn't a biggy =) but just to add to the statistic.. hehe, friend was gonna drop by to pick up her book, but she forgot, and so I hope to pass it to her today, I feel terrible for forgetting all about it

Oh, and the event that went on as usual is my ballroom class. It was great ^_^ Viennese waltz is so tricky tho :S

And today, I'll be staying over at Unc Norman's place after break fasting with them =) (No, they don't fast, but we'll be having early dinner)

Happy Ramadan Everyone =)

So, the fasting month is here again, and it's gonna take a bit of adjusting as usual ^_^

I even dreamt that I ate during the day o.o

Selamat berpuasa :)

My sleeping habits is out of hand again.. one day, I'm sleeping too much.. then the next day I'm sleeping only two hours.. o.o

Received another exam results back yesterday, thankfully I passed =) Altho barely.. not good, but I'm still thankful.


今天我没去上课。因为我和老师和同学去吃饭在Anzac Parade.我们吃牛肉和菜。牛肉很好吃。中饭完以后我们去Easy Way就买饮料。我买一杯茶。那杯茶很好喝。太薄了。。。住你生日快乐,Yoke!



Oh, I'm also addicted to facebook now o.o Must bite more.. Must defeat Steven and Wei Hon in Traveller's IQ :K

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

I got full marks for my first math assignment, which is data management for statistical analysis... which carries 10% into my final grade

But it's not something I would or could gloat about, being that the majority (I'm assuming) of the class got full marks too (yes, it was an easy assignment)

The Bad:

I failed my actuarial quiz.. again o.o; although I did better than my first quiz last semester; but still, especially being in a class full of outstanding students of the course, the pressure is there, and I can't help feeling how useless and hopeless I am day by day.

Then and Now...


About 15-18"/40 cm or so, with dials o.o no input/output for *any* cable, and it USED to be colour... :P
(obtained early 2007, given, second hand)

51 cm colour flat screen, with REMOTE CONTROL!! XD
(obtained Sept 1 2007)


It's so easy to hope; and so easy to get disappointed... So at most of the time, I try not to hope at all... Yet sometimes, you can't help hoping for something good to happen, hope for people to do what they say they will do, to be what they said they will be... Or am I just expecting too much out of others...?

Yet at the same time, there are people who hope that I do well in my studies... People hoping I'd put all my effort in climbing up the career ladder... For me to be what they want me to be...

Thus in all the circle of hope and expectations, I tend to feel like I've lost my own sense of being my own person. While by doing as I am hoped to do gives me some sort of direction in life, I also feel like I don't have the power to decide on my own without having to consult 'the expectors' first.

Meh. Why do I even try hoping from people? I'm just liable to be disappointed again.. and again.. and again.

^btw, this is not directed to anyone; i'm just 'withdrawing' myself so i can cope better...

thinking about it again, now i realize why i just love surprises...

Happy Independance Day

It's a bit late, but whoahness.. sometimes it seems like I don't really have much to do; yet at the same time, it seems like I have so much to do...

Or maybe... ;)

Anyhow, life is still full of things to do.. So much to tell, so much to say, and I'm just glad I have some people to share it with :)

Thank you so much ;*

Btw, the oven broke 0:-) And it happened when hc was using it *grins* similarly to what happened here

Tonight gonna make spaghetti for dinner.. I hope I get it right.. hehe ;D

AND it's spring! yay! or sorta..

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