The Illusionist and Lindt Chocolate Cafe

So today's the 31st of March. I've made plans to meet Lachlan in town for a movie and also meet my housemates for ice chocolates at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe. It was yummy!

Ok, so met up with Lachie at 8.30 AM at Central.. as I arrived there and didn't see him around, I looked into Hungry Jack's to see if he's lining up to grab a burger, as he always does before this :P He saw me checking out the restaurant for him xD

Watched the 10.30 AM show for the Illusionist. I enjoyed it a lot, good movie!

After the movie, we went for chocolate!!! Met up with Sindy, Hui Chien and Sheera near Market St, but it took them awhile, since the variety of shops there has a greater attraction.. XD

Here's Sheera, Sindy and Hui Chien in the Lindt Chocolate Cafe. YUM!

Lachlan, being the only male and only Caucasian definite was the odd one out. But it was fun, nevertheless.. xD He learnt some Malay words =D

And also, the usually awkward question came out again. "How did you guys meet, actually?" We just looked at each other, and I just burst out laughing... I know most guys would never want to say that they actually played what Lachlan calls a "kids game"...*kicks* *stares at some people* :P

Another funny bit was when we're talking about our age.. They were shocked to learn that Lachlan is only 17 yrs old, and we're all 20 and above xD

After Lindt, Lachie and I walked around the harbour.. as we were crossing this bridge on the harbour, the bridged was closed of for awhile to supposedly make way for a ship to pass =o *but no ship was sighted* but anyhow, it was my first time seeing a bridge move.. so I kinda got excited XD
As it moves.. xD

Ok, stop laughing at me :P

We didn't do much then, but we just talked and talked, and caught up with a lot of things since we last met, since we've both been pretty occupied, me with uni and him with work.

Around five or so, as it was getting dark, went home from Central Station, this time, him seeing me off, rather than me seeing him off as he takes the train. I took the bus home. Reaching home, apparently my housemates weren't even back yet, rofl. See how girls can shop xD

On the way home, I came across this big advert on a building.

It reminded me of someone :P

Also, it was Earth Hour today... where we're encouraged to turn every light/electric off for one hour to raise awareness for Global Warning... It didn't seem like a lot of people did it, tho

Had dinner with Wei Hon, his brother (Wei Liam), his bro's gf (Aivy), his flatmate (Lawrence), and his flatmate's gf (Lily)... Damn spicy food xD

Another long day..

Sunday is rest day! xD

Slow - Quick Quick - Slow - Quick Quick

Today's latin dance class was great. Truly enjoy it, we mostly focused on salsa today, doing some half turns, which were awesome moves.. Then we did something to do with the rumba, or something, I couldn't actually recall what he said, but it was fun too... There were four guys, only three girls.. and the guys mostly couldn't get it.. lol

It was kinda tiring today, tho.. Started the day doing my Mandarin class homework... writing Chinese characters which I could only understand half.. =P Then it was class.. All the way till 12.40 PM. Went down to Kingsford to collect my ink cartridges for my printer and grabbed some lunch to eat at home.

Reached home around 1.15 PM with an empty wallet (I only brought just enough to pay for lunch (in coins xD Australian coins are damn big and heavy) and for the cartridges). Ate lunch while chatting with two of my housemates (or was it three? I can't remember). Then at 2 PM, me, Hui Chien and Sindy (all housemates) went out in the rain (with umbrellas, of course :P) to the mall for grocery shopping.

We spent about two hours there, and reached home with HEAVY HEAVY groceries, incl one 3L full cream milk and a big bottle of juice (they won't let me buy chocolate milk :P). My legs were killing me xD I only had about 10 minutes break, so I took out the stuff I needed to cook spaghetti later, then just lounged at the couch while the others unpack the groceries.. Then, I sped off to class.

Danced for an hour, I had lots of fun xD but hey, it's still tiring.. and knowing that I'm gonna cook today was like 'uh oh.. why did I take on this task on a busy day?' But oh well, I still went ahead.. and this is the first time I cooked my own spaghetti sauce since I arrived in Aussie.. that is, not pre-made sauce.. So we diced the onions and carrots and also mushrooms and tomato (ahaha yea, ONE leftover tomato) and I cooked. Tomato puree, some cheese.. mince beef... it's almost like the ones I used to cook at home with my brother and mum, altho not quite.. xD But still, it tasted good :D

And now, I'm just damn tired. And my thoughts are so occupied >.<

It's So Cold!

Well, to me it is! Kept getting teased by those ppl on the other side of the planet :P MEANIES!

Just booked my plane tickets today.. I'm going HOME for winter break... So myuu better get my *new* notebook ready by then 0:-) I can't stand this computer anymore with only 256 MB of RAM >.<

Tomorrow's my last presentation for the whole semester.. Thank goodness.. Got to try harder for my actuarial studies.

Mandarin classes are going great, often getting compliments *grin* but yet, still hesitant to speak... takut salah :P

Ballroom is going great, love it, latin dance too ^_^ I just love dancing.. *nudge nudge* 0:-)

I never thought I'm artistic.. xD

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a creative hotbed of artistic talent.
You're always making pictures in your mind, especially when you're bored.
You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts.
And although it may be hard to express these thoughts, it won't always be.

I like being 'sporty' xD

Well.. I do want to know how to be girly as well, tho.. well.. in a way, I'd like to know how to look good.. basically just wanting to have a better self esteem..

Oh well.. At 22... I still have no inkling on how to put make up.. I don't wear heels, altho I may have to start soon, seeing that I'm keen into dancing... After 8 months of living in Australia, the only footwear I have: my trainers and flip flops... as Kris said "even I have more shoes than you"

Ahahaha.. But I don't think I can even be 'sporty' anymore.. It has also been like 8 months since I sailed, the only exercise I do now is walk up the hill to my Mandarin class, and dancing about 3 hours a week... and also walking all over the place in uni to get to class... rofl

I was just thinking about sailing this semester, but with the workload I have, I can't.. Dancing lessons and mandarin classes are enough...

And I have my A y i n p i r e s too 0:-) rofl *huggles them so much*
and *pokes, bites* the Baby hard :D I'm sure you'll see this.. XD *zoom*

Daylight savings tonight! (I think) whoooo, i get an extra hour of sleep.. but knowing my body clock,, I'm almost sure I'll be up around 5.30 AM now.. :P

Can't be bothered.. o.o

To do those things I got tagged for.. xD Sorry ppl..


Even after a semester, even tho I feel more prepared to take up the courses here.. It still proves to be difficult.

I know I failed my actl quiz today... oh well, hopefully I'll do better next time... I don't know why it's so hard to recapture what I've actually learnt before...

On another note.. observing others is quite intriguing... altho sometimes, it can be really annoying... But one thing for sure, I'm not used to "PDA"s; whether it's online or offline... o.o seriously

Guys are weird creatures.

But it's so nice when they act very gentlemanly... But as most guys like to 'flirt', makes you wonder... well, makes me wonder... are they genuine?

It's so hard to believe people now.. well, someone, but that's partly of the stuff that's eluding my mind at the moment... Why do I feel like things are pretty complicated for me? =/

And it sucks when it feels like there's nobody to talk about this either...

School Rumble Ending Theme

Previous post based on this video xD

Nice lyrics... xD

Obtained from HERE

from watching School Rumble, courtesy of Wei Hon xD

the translation goes something like:

Boys are always chasing after girls all the time
All day long, girls are all that guys think about
However, boys really are a little bit stupid
They never understand a girl's feeling

Uu, that's really not good, Mr.Stupid
Do you wish me to teach you, Mr.Stupid?
That's right, in this world,
the most important thing
really is timing, I think

Girls also don't know why they like boys
They often get transfixed to the point that they can't sleep all night long
However, boys are always stupid
They never understand a girl's heart

and more... XD


We have bugs in the kitchen! xD *cleared*

We are sharing cooking and meals 3 nights a week! Yay!

There's still so much work to do in uni :K

I got my new Logitech Spot Mouse! :D

My hp has a new clear casing! :D

My two great friends got their accounts back!! :*

It's raining...

I hate reading articles o.o

I'm Still So Busy

and tired.. tired.. x.x

this week is one of my busiest week.. ahhh.. next week's gonna be hectic too, with one presentation and quiz :K

Did a CRAS assessment today.. interesting stuff o.o

Anyway, Zaid sent me some old photos of me.. I don't even remember when this was taken... or how it was taken.. xD

This one is apparently in November 2002... according to the time stamp on the picture xD I kinda like it, even tho we're just friends right now, but it's still a good pic.. lol.. He was so much cuter then :P but now... o.o xD jk :P

Doesn't have the time yet, to upload more pics to my other blog.. Will do so one day =P

Combo dance class has started.. did more variations of the cha cha cha.. quite fun, but harder... harder than ballroom xD Hopefully the class for ballroom level 2 beginners will still be on

Now I'm off to do my mandarin level 3 class homework... *stares at all these characters*

Oh, and I wasn't aware, till Wei Hon pointed it out to me, that it's already autumn since the beginning of March xD been watching some movies with him and his friends xD






Sore throat.

Bleh =P

Tagged... will do that when I can =P *bites Rudy*

Friday Walk

with Irene, from 9 pm till about 12 noon was amazing... started off from Coogee Beach, all the way north to Bondi Beach

We ended the outing at Bondi Jn Mall; where I bought a t-shirt at a bargain price! :D

Here's a goofy picture of me xD I'm not even sure which beach is behind me xD

Was quite a tiring day, after the outing, met up with Bal and Shazwi, then went over to Wei Hon's place to help him cook some stuff for tomorrow's lunch gathering.

Saturday... I got a new phone xD Basket Wei Hon for tempting me into getting one xD Nokia 6300... slim and sexy xD

My schedule's a bit of a mess atm.. Will try and sort that out soon

Week One is Done xD

Here's the pic taken at the Chinese Restaurant in Kensington with my classmates, except Valerie =) Standing at the back is our teacher, Qianbo
From left: Gus, Irene, me, Yoke, Cheryl

I have the pics of the visit to see the QM2 with Irene in a CD, but my computer is being annoying and won't read anything in the CD ROM at the moment :@

On another note, Week One is done! xD Now trying to plan up a dinner with Muzi, Kris and Fiony; something like a reunion.. haha, even tho it's been only 3 months since we all last get together... Classes are ok... Some are really boring... Yesterday, a group of us couldn't find the silly Red Centre Theatre xD

Hooray for 3 Day Classes!

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