Blog On Hold


#1 I'm lazy
#2 Exams
#3 I'm more occupied with other things than posting in my blog
#4 I'm just plain lazy

A month before I came to Aussie...

REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER as I'm too lazy to shift the pics around :P SO read/view from bottom to up :D

One of my most proudest moment... And one of my favorite picture too.. Me and my mom, after the prize awarding ceremony... Nobody expected me to win a single medal, and that the best position they tought i could get was 4th... *Hugs silver medal*

Singing the State song... if only i won the gold medal... hahaha

Me, Ain, and Vivian...

This is the whole sailing team from my state =) Note that I'm the only girl in the team xD Can you find me? ;)

Finally launching the boat into the sea~!

When the boats are ready, and there's no wind... This is what we do... :D

Almost done with boat preparation! :D I'm so tanned after sailing and training so much xD

Still preparing the boat... my teammate is preparing his boat next to me =D

Long ago, I wouldn't be able to lift up nor balance the mast with the sail on it... and now i can! :D

Chilling out, and taking pics xD

More of the team =)

Me, my teammate (Hafizi) and coach (Sahril, who's only 2 yrs older than me)... Notice that my hair was very long... I had it cut just after his camp =D

During athlete's preparation camp, organized by our state :) My coach, teammate and me, with our State Flag (Selangor). This is the Laser Radial Team, and the other sailors you'll see, is the Optimist Team... Optimist if only four sailors under the age of 15 :P

A month before I went to Aussie, I was involved in the Malaysian Games, and won a silver medal in the Laser Radial Ladies category =)

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