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Finally today, just three days before mid-session break is over.. I started on my work xD

Negotiations really seem so complicated o.o


penat, penat, penat... penat fikir

nanti sikit-sikit cerita sikit, gambar dah banyak kat fb

Lil Bro's Visit! ^^

Anuar has arrived here today :D:D:D

Time to go jalan2 around hooray! :D

And maplestory server is down for patching/maintainence

So much work in uni already blaaaaaaaaaaaaa

And I'm sleepy o.o

Dear dearest

Sometimes, ever so often,
I'm afraid of giving so much,
Scared that in the end,
I'm left with nothing but air to touch.

Yet life is not a smooth ocean,
At times it can be really rough,
Good and bad things take their turn,
But always do hang in tough.

Trust yourself, like I do of you,
Open up your mind, your heart and embrace,
The feelings that you hold true,
Going through any obstacles that you face.

People's greatest enemy, is often themselves,
Their desires, blinds them against simple happiness,
It's not easy, it never is,
But never run away your test.

I believe in you, all of you,
I believe, nobody is without fault,
What matters to me, is what you do,
What you strive, and not stop.


Week Zero

Humorous Pictures
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I'm a sucker for cute sappy lolcats :P

Anyhow, it's been Week Zero, first time ever in UNSW.. more like a new term for "O-Week" which is still pretty much the same anyway.

So this week, lots of things are happening so fast, that sometimes I can't even remember what I did this week.

Let's see..
Monday~ lunch with Unc Norman to catch up with things.. Sindy also came back to Unit 29. I also got my gym passes today o_o here we go~

Tuesday~ House-sat wh's house for a bit since the Telstra ppl was gonna be there.. then rushed to mandarin class o_o tiredness has just begun

Wednesday~ morning gym (pilates) ouch ouch, i can still feel it today x) then volunteering at the ASOC stall till eve ^_^ Cooked dinner that night, just to fill in happy ^_^

This morning was also at the ASOC stall later I have gym again... This semester is gonna be really interesting..

Other than the mundanes of everyday chores, I've also learnt new things but not surprising. I've also lost control a bit here and there D: sorry gals x)

Neo is starting to sux more and more.. trying out maple story now :D it's just a cute game, 2D version of WoW x)

"You win some, you lose some"

This week in a nutshell & injured ;o

Yesterday was the last day of summer officially, but man it's already cold!

I was freezing at sea o_o and I bled.. twice. My knee hit hard the side of the coach's boat where there were little bolts, and bled. Now it's swollen.

Also during sailing, during one of the tacks, one of the sailors elbowed me right at my mouth.. xD Ouchies.. it bled a bit, but it's alright. I could just taste the blood for awhile ;p

During the weekdays, pretty much I just went jalan-jalan a bit.. But the highlight was Thursday, where I went to the DFO in Homebush with Pann Pann...

Man.. I splurged o_o I shopped.
Backpacks, clothes, dresses.... omg, hahahaha dresses xD

Anuar, don't click this, else, you'll see your birthday present:

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