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Some while back... I mentioned to some people that I've decided to discontinue updating my blog. And indeed, I had not try to find time to update this at all. But things change. And being partly nostalgic humans often are... I chanced upon some old comments which made blogging fun and funny in years before. That made me look upon this page again, noticing that I've had this site up since 2005... 2005!!! And this is when, I have decided to reverse my decision to quit this blog. Let's see how long this will last though... :P

Going for Fitness

Sometime back in October 2012, or perhaps end-September, Lol-Friend signed up at Fitness First Manulife which is super near her current workplace.

As a joke, she referred me and several friends to the gym.

To summarize, me and about 6-7 friends joined in after her.. :D

We both earned this pretty t-shirt for referring people :D

But why on earth would I, someone who has access to a gym at home, and office, sign up for a gym outside?

Two words: Group exercises :D

I'm now in my third year dancing with Talent Hub. But I realise my fitness is severely lacking ever since I stopped sailing competitively. Not like it was any better during that time. I wanted fun classes to help build up my cardio/endurance and stamina. My membership consultant at that time, knew just how to pitch the membership to me. We never talked about the gym itself, just the classes, the type of classes, the costs, and such.

And for me, as long as you're able to commit for classes, cost per class is quite reasonable. Of course, commitment is always an issue, thus I signed up for a shorter membership tenure at first. Within two months, I moved on to premium :D When you discover how enjoyable classes can be, commitment won't be an issue. You'd drop everything else to go.

My main gym hangout is the Fitness First in 1 Mont Kiara Mall, despite signing up at Manulife as well. The friendly staff there made every visit much more enjoyable.

Classes that I enjoy going include Shbam, Body Jam, Body Combat, Core Flow, amongst others :D One that I'm yet to try, but hope to someday is Body Step.

The improvement, is indeed noticeable :D

ICS to Jellybean

My last post ages ago, I just made the leap to ICS.

Now, with a little hand-me-down from the awesome big brother, I now have a "little" jellybean to play with :D while he plays with his new Samsung Note II.

I got the HTC One X.

And now I'm in love with HTC... yes, battery still goes down, but that's nothing new to me, from my old Iphone 3GS (see last blog post). It doesn't go down as fast, and it's nifty that the charge cable is the same with many other phones including the Note, Kindle, Blackberry and such.

Jumping from iPhone 3GS to HTC One X gives a superb feeling. My friend says her iPhone 5 is still superior, but so what.. this is from 3GS! XD

There's several things that happened since October.. but let's slowly update.. shall we? :D

Ice Cream Sandwich

Just upgraded tabby's operating system from honeycomb to ice cream sandwich :-)

Now I understand why people say to upgrade whenever possible  :-D

Doesn't work with the iPhone tho, iOS 6 seems to drain my battery like drinking water

Also, finally synced my blogger to my tabby, so I can start blogging a little more now and wherever I am  :-D

Chewmil loves my hair


This paints quite an accurate picture of what I've been living with for some time now

aside from the jetlag, that is. But currently, just over a week since I got back from Europe.. I think there's some jetlag lingering in my system.

While some people say it's due to waking up around 5 am for sahur but this is definitely not the first time I practice fasting during Ramadan and I don't recall having this sleepiness problem before.

Almost daily now since my return, my head and my eyelids become really heavy in the mornings. Now Belgium is six hours behind. While I was there, I had the tendency to wake up around 6 AM earliest before continuing to snooze. Mornings in Malaysia pretty much means sleep time in Belgium. Only close to 12 PM Malaysian time (6 AM Belgium time) would I suddenly awake from my morning daze feeling wide awake. WHY WHY WHY?

Speaking of jetlag, somehow no matter what I try, like adjusting myself before traveling, or using the flight to either stay up or get some shut eye.. I will still go through some form of jetlag. My first night in Belgium, I awoke at 3 AM local time (9 AM Malaysian time), and even though it's summer, it's still dark at that time, and everyone else is asleep. Oh gosh, what do I do.... was my thought for several more hours before I dragged myself outta bed just because I had to use the loo.

Aside from all that, I had one of the most splendid holidays ever. First time in Spain. First time hiking. First time kayaking downstream for 16km. I would do it again. But next time, I'd be better prepared :P

The heart bleeds

the hands cover the ears,
eyes shut tight.
the scream is silent,
hiding from the light.

the light shines between the fingers,
but the grip tightens.
the truth just lingers,
while you stay frightened.

the mountain of paper rises,
while the tray shrinks.
the oceans aren't enough
and nobody can think.

the silence is deafening,
as the mouth chose to shut.
while the finger starts pointing,
the cuts reach the heart.

I'm not a total newbie, but I'm not intermediate either

That's my level of mandarin. I still want to master that language some day. But my problem is, I want to master so many things. So my limited days per week is often filled with a variety of stuff. It used to be sailing, and due to the sport being rather demanding in terms of time, effort and commitment, I've pretty much stopped sailing and went on to do other things.

Now, I rekindled my old love for dance back from the schooldays when mum enrolled me for traditional dance. Now I don't mean to imply that dancing doesn't take time, effort and commitment. It does, and a lot of hard work must be invested if you wanna go far. But the plus point for dancing, is that I don't have to travel all the way to Klang each free day and stay there from morning to evening. (plus, paying Penchala Link toll is much cheaper than NKVE to Klang ;D )

So after a year of doing street jam at Talent Hub, I picked up contemporary at the same studio to see how far I can go with the technical parts of dancing. While I still miss doing ballroom and latin stuff from unidays, doing contemporary is so fulfilling. I'm far from doing splits or kicks, but that's the challenge doing contemporary is giving me, and there's like a goal I wanna reach.

But it wasn't enough, I wanted to do more. I wanted something related to performance, so I picked up Broadway Dancing from Broadway Academy. We just finished doing Saturday Night Fever, and despite the slow start, I'm loving how the end result is.

Now that's three dance classes per week. That's about RM330 per month. And I wanna continue to pick up mandarin. It would certainly be a waste to have learned so much mandarin back in uni and sometime in KL if I don't practice or master it. Given the environment, it's definitely not easy, perhaps because I don't socialise that much anyway, haha. Definitely a long trip to China to immerse in the culture and language is suuuper ideal. As for now.. I'll have to see if my monthly budget would allow me to retake classes. Problem is, I can't start as a beginner, nor can I join an intermediate class. One-to-one would be ideal, but it's suuuuper pricey (obviously). So having a class that is flexible enough to work around my schedule.. is a task on its own. Haih~~

Anyone wanna sponsor me? :D

So here's another day turning younger

I came home after a long day while it's my birthday. Dad was sitting on the couch, having biscuits for dinner. After some small talk, I mentioned that my boss told me I should've taken the day off as it was my birthday, and my dad was like OH! (Yes, he forgot, but it's not surprising :P ) I then added that I've turned 27 (WTF!).

*a brief pause*

"It has been 27 years already??" exclaims Dad. xD


Initially I planned to take today and tomorrow off, but decided to take it last week instead. Since there's a cluster of public holidays within this three weeks, taking that two days gave me a 7 day weekend :) Besides, my lil bro was flying off on the 4th, so I thought it would be nice to spend some extra time with him.

So yes, I was at work. It's fine, as I felt I managed to get a lot of things done today.

And I had Broadway Dance Class :) So there was definitely something to look forward too. The pace is now not too fast, not too slow either, and seeing the piece come together is very exciting!

Here's a promotional video for the class:

Birthday well spent. ^^

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