This paints quite an accurate picture of what I've been living with for some time now

aside from the jetlag, that is. But currently, just over a week since I got back from Europe.. I think there's some jetlag lingering in my system.

While some people say it's due to waking up around 5 am for sahur but this is definitely not the first time I practice fasting during Ramadan and I don't recall having this sleepiness problem before.

Almost daily now since my return, my head and my eyelids become really heavy in the mornings. Now Belgium is six hours behind. While I was there, I had the tendency to wake up around 6 AM earliest before continuing to snooze. Mornings in Malaysia pretty much means sleep time in Belgium. Only close to 12 PM Malaysian time (6 AM Belgium time) would I suddenly awake from my morning daze feeling wide awake. WHY WHY WHY?

Speaking of jetlag, somehow no matter what I try, like adjusting myself before traveling, or using the flight to either stay up or get some shut eye.. I will still go through some form of jetlag. My first night in Belgium, I awoke at 3 AM local time (9 AM Malaysian time), and even though it's summer, it's still dark at that time, and everyone else is asleep. Oh gosh, what do I do.... was my thought for several more hours before I dragged myself outta bed just because I had to use the loo.

Aside from all that, I had one of the most splendid holidays ever. First time in Spain. First time hiking. First time kayaking downstream for 16km. I would do it again. But next time, I'd be better prepared :P

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