I am.


High temperature

Today I'm not at work due to a fever. Last night I apparently reached to 38.9 C

(ok, so technically i stopped writing after that and saved it as draft, and only just looking at it now, on Sunday 9.30 pm, but continuation after this)

It was one of the days, where time in the office feels like forever. Often it passes by rather ok, not too fast, not too slow either, but feeling sick since lunch-time made me keep a close watch on the clock, waiting for it arrive at going-home time. Tho unless I'm mistaken, I could take time off to see the doctor... But I felt like, it's just the second half of the work day.. I can manage.. Don't know when I've ever felt that cold because of sickness xP

And because of that.. I've totally lagged in doing some stuff I wanted... And still having the aftermaths of the illness still drags this further... Oh well, I get to rest for once! ^_^

Effective Communication

comes by talking!

But not talking alone. Trust, sincerity and openness helps build effective communication. Oh, and also respect.

Without respect, it's hard to be able to listen to the other speaking.
Without trust, it's hard to believe what the other is saying.
Without sincerity, it's hard to bring the message to the other.
Without openess, it's hard to accept what the other is conveying.

But having full open discussion ain't simple. For myself, I have to gather the courage to speak out, and hear what others have to say about myself, be it nasty or nice.

But to be able to do so in the end.. feels like an achievement for me =)

Musicals, musicals~

I have Phantom of the Opera stuck in my head at the moment. Triggered by watching one of the finalist on Britain's Got Talent through youtube. I remember mentioning at one point that I went to watch the musical while they performed in Sydney. Can't recall if I posted about it.

Anyway, loves it!! =D If I had the chance, I'd so go to more!

Sunday's racing wasn't so good (was really bad in fact). I still need to get used to the boat. And to communicate to the crew. Anyhow, seems like we're gonna start training again soon =)

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