Talent Hub: La Senza Pin-Up store launch performance

Talent Hub: La Senza Pin-Up store launch performance: La Senza launched their latest Pin-Up concept store in One Utama on 3rd November 2011. Our 20 dancers performed an upbeat and exciting dance...

I choose you, Pikachu!

Say hello to Pikachu!

Bright, loud, and full of power!

I got this SE 1.5 Myvi towards the end of September and I'm loving it. Sure it took a bit of getting used to. I'm still working on the handling of the car, but at least, after her first service, she doesn't guzzle as much petrol anymore. I used to have to refill her tank within a week. But now it's definitely over.

It's funny switching from a 1k cc engine to this 1.5. The change in fuel consumption is very very obvious, and bear in mind that I've been driving my old red kelisa for 8 years before I got Pikachu.

The story of getting the Myvi:
When the new Myvi 1.3 was launched back in June, I placed an order for the sleek purple Myvi elegance. I wasn't too impressed with the exterior facelift, however, I was enchanted by the new interior design. Prior to this, I never had a GPS device, so I was bent to get the built in navigation system on the Myvi, which led me to the Elegance.

A couple of months passed, and no news on the delivery of the purple Elegance. Then they launched the 1.5. After being convinced to switch to the 1.5, I requested for the purple one again, or silver, whichever comes faster. Within a week, I received a call that my car was ready to be delivered. Since I sorta requested purple or silver, I asked what colour this one was. Imagine my surprise when I was told that it's yellow. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate yellow, and I think the yellow is a beautiful shade, and it really stands out on the car. But that's also the thing.. I didn't quite want to stand out. The colour is loud, and I didn't feel like being so obvious that I just got a new car.

I had like, two-three days to decide whether to take the yellow or not. Upon hearing several advices, I went with it since it's already available, wherelse there's no telling when the purple SE 1.5 will ever emerge. And here comes Pikachu!

The name Pikachu was suggested by Steven. People used to ask when I was gonna get my Barney (during the time I was expecting the purple).

I do know that there has been more purple Myvis out there now, but I'm glad I got my Pikachu. No regrets there :)

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