Happy Halloween!

A month rushed by and all sorts of things happened.

Let me start with a summary:

  1. In office: Switched portfolios. To a certain point, it's like getting a new job. It somewhat feels like I'm starting from scratch, except that I know where the folders are :P
  2. In sailing: I went for and secured fifth position with Team RSYC at the Malaysian Match Racing Champtionship 2010 in Kuala Terengganu. Being a crew is rather exciting xP
  3. In life: I'm feeling so fickle. At times I'm longing for someone beside me. At times I feel like I should appreciate some alone time.
In office: It's somewhat like a rollercoaster ride in the dark, not knowing what's gonna hit you next. Just when you're settling down and bracing for a turn, you get a drop :P But I'm not gonna elaborate on how I feel about it. I've ranted enough about it to some people :3 I do know Monday's gonna be a headache tho.

In sailing: 2010 sailing season is already over, and it's only October. But it ends around this time anyway due to the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta being held in November. I still want to sail tho, hopefully will do some dinghy sailing :)

In life: I like how I'm spending time alone today, except for having lunch with some family members (aunts & cousins). It's not often I get this alone time, and having this opportunity allows me to focus on things related to me. Like my laundry, cleaning my room, sorting out documents and such.

Oh that reminds me, I have some research to do by tonight @.@

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