Mid-semester break

is finally here.

But in a way, there is no break T_T

My shin got bruised from sailing today, but it was worth it.

Random: if i said i'll hurt myself physically to make myself happy, would that be ok?

S.A.D. is not Sad

Eh, but I can be sad anyway. lol, now I sound emo too.

Anyway, S.A.D., initially meant to be Single, Available, Desperate...

It then was adjusted to Single, Available, Desireable (just to not sound desperate)

Anyways, since then, all sorts of variations came up to suit different situations or statuses of people. For example, for those 'not single', they go by Super/Sexy/Smart, whatever...

Usually it's positive. But today I just thought of a negative of that. Stupid, Absent-minded, Dreadful. I actually thought of different er.. adjectives? for A and D, but I forgot them. But they work. Now that I put more thought into it, there's so many ways to use S.A.D. as an acronym.

"I don't care enough"

Hehe, I'm a very confused person now...

On the plus side, CYCA's Australian Youth Match Racing Regatta is done, and I experienced a lot helping out the race committee. Despite coming home really tired, sore and burnt, no regrets there... Especially with all the new opportunities present. Should be awesome.

Now, back to work.

Resigned to some facts

It's been really tiring, the past few weeks, including this one. I've done my best, and is still trying. Just some things, seems too late to mend, so I'll just do what I can...

Some obstacles turn out good, but at the expense of almost failures in others. I try anyways.

So there are some things, which I don't think I can better in time, and neither will I overdo myself to the point it becomes hazardous to my health =p So yeah, I just do what I can..

Now, let's be s.a.d.~

I'm joking, haha, after dinner, we came out with s.a.d. as abbreviations to something.. but lemme see your guesses first ^_^ I'll write out what we meant sometime in the next blog post or so...

Happy Ramadan ^_^

Finally spring! (idc if it's official or not or anything, but it will get warmer!)

I managed to get all my puasa ganti in time before Ramadan 2008. This year I'm gonna see if I can puasa for the full month or not :P It can happen.

Anyway, I'd like to wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa ^_^

In other news, I passed my first class test for actuarial o_o I'm very happy with that.

For the next three weeks, university is a nightmare o_o

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