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Well... I've decided that I won't be updating as much, until Zaid has left for America... hehehe... I'd probably pop in and post a while... ;)

Latest Update:
Quiz on Monday and Tuesday
Sailing tomorrow...
Hopefully car will be ready soon
Done with organising the banner competition (yay)! To view them, click here.
Starting to feel sick... had a sore throat, an ulcer and a splitting headache.

Busy week

I've been pretty occupied with stuff this whole week... So my posts may be a little slow... and empty :D

Well, I'll try and update my blog this weekend about what's been happening throughout the week, if I want... haha... Well, it's like two more weeks left before Zaid leaves to continue his studies in the united states... so I want to spend more time with him.. haha *duh* :P I hate that word usually :D

If you're bored, go click on the Daily Kitten, the neopets link or just go to the anime-source and read some manga =^_^=

Harry Potter

Yeah... I finally got the book myself about 3 days ago... and I'm still halfway reading it... I like it better than the 5th book... some nice humor in this one... ;)

Back at home today after a week in college, and I already have a quiz scheduled on Monday... oh well...

Not going to say much for now, since it's already midnight... So... bbl =^_^=

Back at home

No internet since Monday... Sad.

I've been sleeping a lot in college, and I'm starting to feel depressed because of that accident... Although sometimes I seem happy and cheeky as usual, I always feel upset when I spot any red Kelisas and Proton Wajas... Argh... I really hate proton now...

No update about the accident besides that guy not reporting to the police station within 24hrs of the accident... Car repairs yet to begin... I think I'll only get my car back in about 2 months... Maybe longer... I don't intend to drive any other car but mine.

Being away from my online friends was one thing... I haven't even seen Zaid since the 7th of July. Yes.. I hear him everyday... that's what everyone says... so?

Yesterday I just signed up for wireless internet connection in college... The person in charge doesn't seem to know anything about the technical stuff.... So I don't know if it'll work... I'll just have to wait and see if I can connect to the internet from my room in college... I'm feeling pessimistic about it somehow...

Overall, I think I had a bad week... Everyday I wake up thinking about my car... Everyday I wonder.........


A light blue Proton Waja hit my car when I was driving on the middle lane of the federal highway at about 80 km/h... I was heading home from UiTM with four classmates (all girls) because we had about five hours to spare before the next class. After that car hit my car, I immediately pulled over, and so did he... He told me that he didn't see my car due to an eye injury, then he showed me his bruised right eye...

I called my dad for instructions, and later passed the phone to the guilty driver... While he was speaking to my dad, I looked at the damage on his car... Then I told my friends to take down his car registration plate... thankfully i did that... because...

After he passed the phone back to me, my dad was telling me to get his details including drivers licence, id details, etc... but as i hung up the phone, my friends just noticed that he already got back into his car... I turned around to see him take off... just like that.

Still shaken due to this accident being my first auto accident, I called my dad again... Soon, a few mechanics tried persuading me to take my car to their workshop... But I called the highway patrol instead... Later, we called up another friend to bring 3 of my classmates back to college, while Nads kept me company... (thanks Nads & all!!) My dad finally came a couple of hours later with a friend... Then we headed to the police station to make a report...

The number plate I took was the most important detail I took, because my description of the car matched the one in the police's record... So we can track him down :)

My car was towed to the workshop, because the bumper and whatever's behind it, was crushed onto my right rear wheel, therefore obstructing the rotation of that wheel... So tomorrow I have to drop by the workshop with my dad to access the situation and figure out how the payment involving insurance and stuff will be like... the initial estimate: 2000MYR

A lazy Sunday...

Spent the morning on neopets :D Created a new banner with the help of faustus... Tee hee hee...

Now I wish I can enter the banner for the big giveaway... :D But I can't award myself a prize :p

By the way, I went to college to register my room... I got the same old room and the same old bed that I've been having for the last two semesters... I hope this time, the traffic outside my room will notice the bump on the road and stop making to much noise when approaching that bump...

I also met up with Fhad and Shairah, and a few other acquaintances, while registering the residential college with Nads... Then I headed home... hehehe... I don't think I want to stay much in college, but I still want my room just in case :D

Now I better check my course schedule... Classes are starting tomorrow, yet I have no clue yet what time my classes are ;)

Early saturday morning

It's almost 2.30 AM in the morning... NO I'm not playing neopets right now! :p

I'm just chatting with a dear friend... :D

Friday just went by... I spent Friday cleaning up my messy room... Besides my family members, Zaid and Nads are witness to how messy my room was... :D Hey... it's clean already :p

Thursday was supposed to be registration day, right? Well... apparently our faculty became smart enough to have "automatic registration" (meaning no need to register) for old students and fail to notify us at all... Ironic... Because fortunately, Nads came to my house late... so our friends who was already there, check mizzbalqis' blog, managed to notify us before we left...

So we saved ourselves the long ride to the university... and instead, we spent the day at midvalley megamall where Nads got her hair cut for only 12 ringgit... and finally i get to put some cash from the ATM machine into my wallet.

Thursday blues...

Today is the registration day for a new semester... Finally I'll be in my 5th semester before I start a semester doing practical training...

Internship sounds interesting... :D Now, all I have to do is wait for Nads to come, then we'll head to UiTM and joined what should be a very very long queue... After that, we'll probably hit the malls... hehehe... and try to get her hair cut ;)

It's also a 'reunion' with my classmates, since we have not seen each other for about 3 months.... Yeah! Those three months holidays.... :D

1, 2, 3 *poof*

Woke up early today... Zaid had an early appointment with the dermatologist somewhere in Ampang... and his car keys are missing... So I had to drive to his place first... Luckily he offered to drive there... I hate driving into the city... :p

It was my first visit to a dermatologist... even though I'm not a patient, it was fun... the doctor had all sorts of equipment that you don't regularly see in a normal doctor's clinic.... they even had a fridge in the room for some chemicals... a laser machine... and all sorts... so, a the count of three, i'm supposed to close my eyes when they're using the laser...

interesting... ;)

bad sailing day

last last. no need to say more.

sleepy. last night : wedding

just now: cousin's farewell gathering

in between: neopets and napping

so now, good night :p
my first try at a banner :D neopets related, of course ;) Posted by Picasa

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